Sorry for the lack of Blog Post last night.  I was too exhausted to get off the couch & write anything.

So I have some filling in to do…

Saturday night turned into a bit of a different plan than the original.

The plan was to go to dinner, then out on the town.

What ended up happening…

* Sushi (which was DELICIOUS!)

* Cheesecake factory – to get pieces of cheesecake TO GO

  We ran 13.1 miles that day, so we decided to TREAT ourselves…to our OWN slice of Cheesecake. We basically ate in ONE cheesecake slice the number of calories we burned running the entire race.  Wow.

Was it worth it? Um, most definitely…I think.

My Red Velvet Cheesecake was YUM…and so was Megan’s Peanut Butter Chocolate. We ended up dividing ours & splitting with each other because we neither one could decide which to get!

blog monday may 7 002

* Movie Night at Meg’s apartment – watched Crazy Stupid Love (with HOTTIE Ryan Gosling)

crazy stupid love

This was a GOOD movie! Especially with Ryan in it!

Sunday the three of us (me, Tiff, & Megan) stopped by B-Town on our drive home from Indy for a nice walk along the B-Line trail.

Breakfast Sunday consisted of a Naner & 1/2 a package of Fruit + Nut Trail Mix (from the gas station we stopped at to fill up in Martinsville..yes, you can find healthy things at a place like a gas-station if you look hard enough!)

april 30 monday 018   blog monday may 7 008

Ended up walking 9.5 miles at Bloomington.

For a grand total of logging 22.6 miles in two days. SWEET!

After the walk, Tiff & I grabbed a bite for Lunch before heading home.  We ate at a local place called Scholar’s Inn Bake-house

blog monday may 7 003

I got a spinach salad with sprouts, tomato, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, and cucumber.  With Balsamic Vinaigrette.   Delish.

Since Tiff has never experienced Jiffy Treat & Only 8 yogurt (if you can call it that), we also opted to pit stop there before leaving town. — It’s a BTown monday may 7 004

Tiff and I both got a small Only 8 – flavor was ‘Coney Island Custard’ – and had Strawberries mixed into it. 

It was so refreshing…and guilt free!  Why Guilt-Free you ask?  It’s called Only 8 because there is only 8 calories per ounce & 8 ingredients in it. Cha-Ching!

only 8

only 8 nutrition

Tiff & I plan to make sure Only 8 somehow makes it to our area this summer, so we can have guilt-free “ice cream” on HOT summer days!

On to today…

I slept in…and it felt awesome. Didn’t set an alarm because I didn’t have to be at work this morning, just slept until my body was rejuvenated & ready to get up.

Breakfast was a Naner, eaten with some Peter Pan Natural PB 

blog monday may 7 010

blog monday may 7 011

I spent the morning un-packing all my weekend baggage & doing laundry. Then ran a few errands for my mother + to GNC to pick up more Acetyl L-Carnitine & Chromium Picolinate. 

vitamins 001   vitamins 002

Both are helpful for glucose metabolism & balancing blood glucose levels.  The L-Carnitine is also used to boost mood & rev the metabolism. Whoop!

Lunch was SHAKEOLOGY.  Greenberry style.  My FAVORITE.  Oh, it tasted so awesome to enjoy a healthy, yummy Shakeology. I just got a fresh bag of Greenberry & I am super excited to start enjoying it daily again. 

blog monday may 7 012

blog monday may 7 013

Ann & I both decided we are getting back on track with our Shakeology shakes, since we have both strayed from having them routinely the past few weeks.  We can both tell a difference in our moods, cravings, & the way our bodies feel because of it.  Therefore, we are getting back on track with our SHAKEOLOGY starting TODAY!

This evening was a Y night.

Taught STEP-IT UP..a great, sweaty workout, followed by BodyPUMP 81.  I had a full class for both, which makes it so much more FUN & EXCITING to teach — Definitely get into the workout when the room is full of participants!

Dinner after the work-outs

blog monday may 7 015

The salad starts out boring, but I fix it up nicely!

blog monday may 7 019

Add Broccoli Slaw, Crasiens (Blueberry flavor), Purple Onion, Honey Roasted Almonds, & LF Parmesan!

These are the Almonds I used…

blog monday may 7 016   blog monday may 7 017

I won’t be having any Sweet Treat tonight. 

Not really craving anything.  Probably because of the Shakeology. – It seriously cuts the evening cravings when I drink it. 

Plus, I’ve had plenty in the last few days with Cheesecake + Jiffy Only 8 + some Puffins & Chocolate Chips last night.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.  AKA = ‘Tackle-It Tuesday!’ , so get a game plan tonight for tomorrow’s workout and eating schedule, then stick to it. 

Healthy choices + a sweaty workout during the day before work is in my books.

Summer is right around the corner.  I’m hoping a daily Shakeology will help get my eating habits in check & get me ready for summer! 


get fit lose weight

I need to remember this one!

i can do this

if not now, when

It’s your choice.  I choose now…time to get in SHAPE for Summer-time!

hard is what makes it great

A hard workout = a GREAT workout.

march 29 maybe

Isn’t that the truth.  ONE choice at a time – keep it healthy this week.  I definitely need to.