Today was RACE DAY!

mini 500 festival

I have been PUMPED about this race for weeks now!  I cannot believe it is here and past already.  Bummer.

Check out what I got in the mail yesterday before I leaving for INDY.  I bet you can guess who it was from…THE BEST SISTER EVER (aka = Miss Creative!)

indy mini 005

indy mini 002

After getting this card, I was super excited about race day, but wished Ann would be there beside me doing the race, too!  I’m going to make her join me next year for sure.  

Here’s how race day went down…

Let’s start with Pre-Race Dinner…it was from BB & Panera! Two of my FAVORITE places to eat.

april 16 blog 019

Eleven Grain Bagel w/ Roasted Red Pepper Lite Spread

from Bloomington Bagel (BB)

Bagel I ate on the way to INDY.

may 5 blog 027

Fuji Apple Chicken Salad

may 5 blog 029

Piece of Wheat Baguette

Panera I ate at about 8:30 once I got to Megan’s apartment.

Race day…

Got up at 5:30 & picked out what running gear I was going to wear.  Basically packed every piece of workout gear I own because I just didn’t know what I’d feel like wearing. 

Then munched on a Naner + a few Raisins.  This was my pre-race breakfast.

Race started at 7:30, so we got there by 7 to find our spot amongst the 35,000+ other runners.

It was so HUMID, I was a sweaty-mess after only one mile.  Ew. And definitely had to hit about every water/Gatorade station available on the course.

Crossed the finish-line right at 2 hours, 4 minutes, & 13.1 miles later.

indy mini 006

Had a little help with some energy along the way…

clif block

Took two little CLIF Shot Bloks before entering the speed-way at mile 6, then downed a PowerBar Energy Gel pack to keep me going to the finish at about mile 11. – They did the trick & got me to the finish without stopping or walking. Whoop!  Winking smile

power bar gel

I picked up this SWEET-THANG after I crossed the finish-line…

may 5 blog 032

Plus stocked up on tons of water, more yellow gatorade & other things they were handing out…like NANERS!

may 5 blog 037
Nothing tastes as good as a FRESH NANER after running a half-marathon.  I ate one right away & took the another to-go Open-mouthed smile

After the race, I was craving a little Starbucks.  Hadn’t been to a Starbucks since I left B-Town, and it sounded so yummy.

may 5 blog 035

Grande Light Frappuccino 1/2 Caramel 1/2 Mocha

No whipped cream or dessert sauce for me, I passed…who needs it, anyways?  It is delicious as is!

Hit the SPOT.

Lunch today post-race…

may 5 blog 036

Every-Seed Bagel I got yesterday at Panera

eaten with

may 5 blog 038

Megan’s yummy PB she let me use.

Nutrition Facts are good on this, & it is YUMMY stuff, let me tell you.

Megan actually picked up my Panera salad for me last night before I got in town, & she said the Every-Seed bagel just kind-of jumped in the bag, like it was just ‘called’ into MY bag…even though I didn’t request it. — Haha, I’m so glad it found its way into the bag now, because it tasted delicious today!

I also ate my other Naner I picked up after the race. YUM.

Now Megan, Tiff & I are just chilling after the long run.  Trying to figure out a game plan for tonight. 

And I’m missing my little Sophie-bug (aka = crazy pup)

tuesday may 1 001

I love her SO MUCH!

Hope you all are having wonderful weekends. 

If you have been thinking about doing a MINI Marathon, but keep procrastinating then stop & sign up for one already!

You won’t be disappointed you did.  The feeling you get when you cross the finish-line is so worth the 13.1 miles you run before you get there. Serious.

Do IT.

Until next time…I’ll keep the PINTERST MI going to keep us all motivated to push through each workout & each food choice we make.

then do it again

And again, and again, and again!

when you finish

I finished a great workout today & feel great, have you?


PS ~ did you take note of the number of Bananas I ate today?  I had three!  Wow, got my Potassium fix for the day.  – I do LOVE Naners!