Breakfast today = NONE.  — Bad start to the day.  Meant to take a Cookies-n-Cream Protein Shake with me to the Y this morning, but walked out the door without it & didn’t realize until I was half-way there that I had forgot to make one. And wasn’t turning around.

Workout was basically strength training (Arms, Back, Inner/Outer Thighs) because my body needed a break from cardio — I am planning my last long run before the MINI to be tomorrow morning…weather permitting.

When I got home from the Y, I was ready for lunch.

tuesday may 1 008

Used some of my NEW Laughing Cow Cheese Spread I picked up at the last trip to Wally.

tuesday may 1 009

Start of wrap (1/2 whole wheat tortilla – toasted), LC Cheese Spread, Sliced Grilled Chicken…

tuesday may 1 010

Then added on Sweet Baby Rays, Pickles (sweet) & Mixed Greens

tuesday may 1 012

To go with my wrap I warmed up a little home-made VEGGIE soup! YUM!

Not pictured = A Naner (actually ate this while preparing lunch)

After lunch, Sophie got a little BRUSH-ID & FLUFFINS…plus got a little BOW in her Hairs.

tuesday may 1 006

Innocent pup.

Snack Sweet Treat before heading back to work…

 tuesday may 1 016

35 calorie wheat toast with Natural PB & some Dark Chocolate Chips

After work, Dad & I hit the driving range to work on our golf game.  It was a great evening to be outside.  Temperture felt AWESOME.

Then, we stopped by Mama & Papa’s house for a late dinner. – I tell you all that she always has salad for me…well tonight, she DIDN’T!  (geez, can’t remember the last time she didn’t have a salad mixed up & waiting for me!)  – I was a bit disappointed, but what I ended up eating was still yummy.

tuesday may 1 018

Green Beans, a small piece of Ham, & raw Cabbage.

Not a huge Ham fan, but I usually like my Grandmas. 

Not pictured = a second large helping of Greenie-beanie-weenies.

For Dessert at Mama & Papa’s was Fresh Strawberries. Perfect!

Tuesday is already here & gone, and that means tomorrow is HUMP-DAY!…and also means 4 DAYS until the INDY MINI. Whoop!!


Here is a bit of PINTEREST MI to help you (and ME)  ‘keep your (and MY) head up’ …

tuesday may 1

may 1 number2

Defeat is only an Option.