“Winners Don’t QUIT!”  Those are the three words I always scream at my class on the last set of 16 push-ups in the shoulder track (8th in the series) of the BodyPUMP work-out. 

Tonight I am screaming it at myself

In the last two weeks, I feel as though I’ve noticed only regressive changes in my body’s shape & strength level.  If I were weighing myself like I said weeks ago I was going to start doing routinely, I know the number on the scale would be only gradually increasing…and all of this is annoying the CRAP out of me.

The past week I couldn’t figure it out. — With the amount of exercise I have been doing (especially with the increased mileage of running lately) & mostly healthy eating habits (with the exceptions of some ‘sweet treats’ & a few weekend mishaps) there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be seeing regression! Seriously! None!

I think I’ve pinned the cause down to a change in medication my doctor made for me 3 weeks ago.  I didn’t notice any difference the first week I switched over, but the past two weeks I have definitely noticed changes in myself.  — This is SUPER DISCOURAGING when you spend ample time in the gym & consistently try to monitor what foods enter your body. 

I know the amount of work I do & amount of effort I put in daily, yet I am seeing NO results from what I consider to be hard-work & dedication.  Again, DISCOURAGING.  All likely because of one switch in medication.  Needless to say, my doctor got an email from me today. – I would really like it changed, & I would prefer it be done quickly.

Do you take a medication that has dumb side-effects like gaining weight or holding water-weight?  Any suggestions on how to help DEAL with the issue? If so, please pass on your advice…ASAP.

The point of giving you all the whole run-down above is this: 

I know what effort I put into each day to make my body as healthy as possible, but putting in the repeated daily effort only to REEP NO BENEFIT starts to weigh on a person after awhile. – It has begun to weigh on me heavily tonight. 

I FEEL like QUITTING…Saying ‘heck with exercise & all this dumb hard-work because I’m working my ASS off & seeing no change.’ 

However, my inner-strength stepped in tonight as the above thoughts entered my mind & those three words rang in my head…Winners Don’t QUIT!  I tell it to my BodyPUMP participants, so I need to practice what I preach.

Therefore, I have decided to not become a QUITTER.  I will keep trudging along & hope that progress will be made (and seen!) in the near future. 

Whatever your circumstance, remember  this:  WINNERS DON’T QUIT. 

winners don't quit

Keep your head up & keep pushing through.  — Continue on the quest & surely you will get to the POT of GOLD at the edge of the Rainbow. 

pot of golf

Or in my case…get to the strength level & body image I’m working hard to have one day down the road.

Also, Eats from today are still to come.