And the MONDAY starts off…EXCELLENT.

Monday’s are usually filled with exercise for me & I LOVE it. 

Morning workout at the Y that included intervals on the upright bike + abs, shoulders, & inner thigh exercises.  Followed up with STEP-IT-UP class this evening (which always makes me a sweaty-mess) & ending with BodyPUMP.  I taught both classes back-to-back tonight – no, I did not do it without the help of an energy drink!


BodyPUMP was super full tonight, which made it all-the-more EXCITING to teach!

Eats today included:

Breakfast —

* Cookies n Cream Protein Shake

Lunch —

april 30 monday 036

Spring Greens + Spinach salad with Broccoli Slaw, Craisens, Cashews, & Sliced-up grilled chicken + LF Parmesan

Dressings included:

april 30 monday 039 april 30 monday 040

First, I used a bit of Light Balsamic, then opted to finish off the rest of the salad using Fat Free Italian. 

april 30 monday 038

Also ate some Special K Sour Cream & Onion Crisps today.

They were QUITE TASTY.

april 30 monday 041

These have also become part of each of my meals.  The Chromium I only take with 2 meals, but the L-Carnitine I make sure I get 4 in each day…for 2000mg total.

Both help your body utilize glucose & keep blood sugar levels in check.  The L-Carnitine is also supposed to BOOST the Metabolism! Whoop!

Afternoon Snack before heading to work —

april 30 monday 044

Two of these little babies…POWERBALLS!


APRIL 30 PART 2 001 

SF Jelly Toast  (with 35 calorie wheat bread)

Dinner tonight, post work-out round two:

APRIL 30 PART 2 006   APRIL 30 PART 2 004

Carrots with FF Fiesta Ranch Dip (da-bomb! seriously!)

APRIL 30 PART 2 008

White meat chicken (rotisserie…took skin OFF!) + Wild Rice

dipped chicken in…

APRIL 30 PART 2 005

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce – my FAVORITE!

Dessert tonight did NOT include chocolate chips, Puffins, or Special K! Changed it up….

APRIL 30 PART 2 010

april 25 006

SF Chocolate Pudding + FF Cool Whip

Hit the spot tonight!

I love how little Soph always weasels her way into my pictures! – Crazy Pup.

continued as “PART II”