Now a bit of news to catch you up on!

First off, the weekend was jammed packed with: a quick trip to B-Town Friday to have lunch with a great friend (and past boss) + hit the golf course while I was @ B-Town + involved lots of work @ the Y on Saturday & Sunday + a fun ‘FRAND’ get-together with Tiff on Saturday evening.

Tiff and I went outside our ‘boxes’ this weekend, for sure. I can’t tell you the last time I went to see a movie (since the last attempt a few weekends ago fell through & was replaced with margaritas at the Hacienda!) & I DEFINITELY cannot remember the last time I had…


And neither could Tiff. We were both craving Ice Cream for some reason, so instead of trying to satisfy the craving by eating many of other things (only to still have the craving lingering with us), we decided to treat ourselves to a night of ICE CREAM & a movie!

I didn’t just get any old ice cream. I milked it for all it was worth….a medium Chocolate-Marshmallow Sundae. — talk about satisfying a sweet tooth.  

We savored EVERY BITE of our Sundaes, then vowed to run a high milage the next day (Sunday!) – which I did manage to do…9.5 miles, before Church. Whoop!

I just kept telling myself on the run ‘you have tons of extra calories you can use today because of that Sundae (and the other sweets through-out the weekend)! so just keep on running!’ – It worked. Ran the whole time. Maybe I should eat Sundaes more often…or NOT!

Tiff and I went to see 21 Jump Street after enjoying our Dairy Queen visit.


We were laughing practically the entire time.


After the weekend filled with not-so-great eating habits (mainly too many sugar sweets & un-necessary calories), I was ready to get back to routine today & have some great workouts. I’m pleased with how the day turned out.

How did your Monday turn out? Did you get your work-out in & get back on track with healthy eating habits if you fell a bit off track like myself this weekend?

One other piece of news…


INDY MINI is…What?! – 5 DAYS AWAY!

OMG. I cannot wait to run with my FRANDS Open-mouthed smile — definitely praying for NO Rain & Blue Skies on Saturday AM.

Well, it feels good to be back to the blogging-world. Hoping you all had a kick-butt Monday & are ready for ‘Tackle-It Tuesday.’

Get your GAME FACE on & get GEARED-UP with some PINTEREST MI


This pic includes some rock-solid abs & oblique muscles!




Very IN-SHAPE Legs & Abs!




Don’t Give Up. – Three very IMPORTANT words to remember.