* NOTE:  This is yesterday’s (Wednesday) post.  The blog writer wouldn’t allow me to post it last night for the life of me.  So, you may get two posts today! Sorry for the delay…

Today started out by getting SHAKEOLOGY ready to mail out to interested peeps.

shakeology picI also packaged my BodyPUMP Assessment DVD & put the mailing labels on it, so it was ready to head to the post office as well.

Next came GYM time.  Used the Elliptical to warm-up the muscles, then spent the remainder of my time there doing ARM, BACK, and SHOULDER work…oh, and one inner thigh exercise on the CYBEX machine that I LOVE

Breakfast was a Cookies-n-Cream Protein shake that I took with me to the gym for during/after the workout.

april 16 blog 010

Lunch was 3 pieces (fairly thick) of Honey Roasted Turkey Breast from Norm’s Market in Jasper.  It is my favorite place to buy deli turkey becuase it seems to be the least processed & has the best nutrition facts of any I’ve ever tried  — I always get the Honey Roasted when I go there!

Wally-World trip was on the agenda for today…& so was

sun tan city

Tanning!  Since I had a free tan to use at Sun Tan City, which is right near-by Wally-World

I snapped some pics of groceries I gathered shopping today.   The fridge is now stocked full of YUMMY FOODS & HEALTHINESS once again.

april 25 003      april 25 004

Fiesta Ranch dip mix + FF Sour Cream to make FF Delicious Veggie dip

april 25 005

Blackberries, because the Blurps didn’t look too appealing.

april 25 006

    april 25 007

SF Chocolate Pudding (for a ‘sweet treat’ at night in order to keep away from the chocolate chips)

april 25 008

Light Laughing Cow cheese spread (maybe for some pizza toast!)

april 25 010

Impulse by here.  — Sweet pickles!

april 25 009

Spaghetti Squash  – to make more AWESOME spaghetti  Smile

april 25 012

Greek Yogurt – Plain & Vanilla

april 25 013

Some ice-pop containers to make some frozen pudding pops & yogurt pops!

Got this idea from THE BEST SISTER EVER via her blog!

april 25 014

A sweet buy on a ‘jumbo’ bag of Peppered Beef Jerky

— Some of the beef jerky became my afternoon snack on my trip home from running errands, because the turkey at lunch didn’t hold me over. —

It tasted GREAT!  — Low in FAT, high in PROTEIN, not many CARBS…only fault = sodium content…it is HIGH.

Wally-World buys not pictured…

  • Tropicana 50 OJ – for SHAKEOLOGY
  • Skim Milk – for protein shakes
  • Pizza Sauce (made special stop for it at BUY-LOW)
  • NAAN Whole Grain bread
  • Spinach + Spring Mix Lettuce
  • SF Jelly (for toast)
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots

Before heading to work, I grabbed a handful of CASHEWS & a Naner to keep my hunger from hitting while I was playing with the kiddos in Youth Fun Fit.

april 6 005

april 25 016

Check out Soph in the background.- What a little crazy pup.

By the time I got home from work, I felt like crap.  Throat hurt, & energy was no where to be found.  –  I HATE sickness.

Mom & Dad were walking Soph at the walking trail, so I text Mom to ask if they would run by CVS and get me some AIR BORNE – med to help STOP sickness from coming on full force!

I didn’t have much of an appetite for DINNER, but did eat a little roast & carrots my Mom had made in the crock-pot (something I only recently realized I like).  I thought I wanted a Sweet Tater, so sliced it up & popped it in the oven for a while.  By the time it was done, I wasn’t much in the mood for it.  april 25 018

Sweet Tater…ate half, saved the rest.

Then added one of these due-dads to a little water & chugged it. – I want to feel betterNOW.

april 25 020

I just finished up some DESSERT.  I had a bit of a sweet tooth, so decided to eat a little Light–n-Fit Strawberry yogurt because it felt good on my throat.  Well, I also needed chocolate tonight. Reached for a XOCAI Healthy Dark Chocolate Nugget & a small handful of dark chocolate chips.  <—craving was just ‘that bad’ tonight!

Tomorrow is already Thursday.  I’m going to take it easy the rest of the night because my agenda for Thursday was to do a 12 mile morning run….pretty much run the MINI (H-burg style) a week before actually running it, so that in my head on race day I could remember that I’d already proven I could do it.  At this rate, the run may have to be delayed.  However,  the AIR SHIELD may work wonders, allowing me to be good to go!…Who knows!

A little PINTEREST MI to take you (and myself) into Thursday strong, determined & MOTIVATED to do your best.

have a strong day

love those legs

I like her shoes…I LOVE the definition of her hamstring muscles.

i am who I am today bc


some day


i hope one day

The newest FAV.