This Tuesday morning started a bit on the…STIFF side.  I didn’t exactly ‘hop’ out of bed today, like normal – I about went crashing to the ground, actually.  This was because my knees were tight, tight, tight! (could have something to do with the run + step + lots of squats yesterday).  The knees definitely took a pounding yesterday.  

Once I got up & moving, however, my body loosened up nicely.  Once the stiffness in the knees left, I was surprised by only the minimal soreness I felt. 

Research indicates you should not ‘not do anything’ the next day following an intense workout-day like my Monday.  Therefore, I opted to head to the Y for a little cycling before I had to work at 10.  The biking felt good on my knees – much less pressure than the ARC or Elliptical would have been. 

I managed to do a  40 minute Interval program on the upright bike.  My legs were screaming at first, but after about 15 minutes I could tell I was working the soreness out…exactly what I was trying to accomplish!

The only other things I did in the gym this morning were ABS & 2 different shoulder exercises – why? Because you can basically work your ABS daily if you want because they are super quick to recover/repair themselves.  I did the shoulder exercises because I did not do an over-abundance of shoulder work yesterday, so knew it would be fine to incorporate them in to today’s workout.

I made a Cookies n Cream protein shake to take with me for breakfast this morning during/after my workout.  I knew I wouldn’t be lifting much though, so I decided to half the quantity I usually prepare. — I used 4 oz. of SKIM MILK instead of 8 & only a half scoop of protein powder

optimum nutrition

I use Optimum Nutrition – Whey Gold Standard Protein.

Why?  — because it is super LOW in SUGAR & FAT, uses 100% Whey ISOLATE, plus got great reviews online. I did my research before picking this one.

I am almost out of my Cookies-n-Cream, but have a Strawberries-n-Cream flavor that I’m PUMPED about trying next!

Once I got home from the Y, I finished up analyzing my BodyPUMP video that I am required to send off for an assessment on my coaching.  It is much more time consuming than I anticipated to watch & critique myself doing each track (there are 10!) of the BodyPUMP Release 80.  I am so glad to have that finished & ready to be mailed off tomorow.

Lunch today was …. SHAKEOLOGY.  I must have a thing with ‘halves’ today, because I only made a half of a Greenberry SHAKEOLOGY for lunch.– I actually did this because I knew I would want to have a little snack before heading back over to the Y around 5 for a Personal Training session followed by a Fitness Orientation.  Once again, just thinking ahead Smile.

april 24 004

Mixed my Greenberry Shakeology with: 

  • Spoonful — Plain Greek FF Yogurt
  • 2 Spoonful – Light n Fit Strawberry Yogurt
  • Frozen fruit (4-5 small pieces)
  • 1/4 cup – Tropicana 50 OJ

It tasted healthy & delish…as always.  — so ready to hop back on the Shakeology band-wagon & make it part of my daily meal selection again.  If you want to hop on the band-wagon with me & join the many who use Shakeology to feel healthy, alert, energized & ‘craving’-less (aka = don’t have the dreaded sweet tooth on a daily basis!), then let me know via email or Facebook so I can get you hooked up with some samples ASAP! 

Snack this afternoon…

wednesday april 016

Handful of Cashews

monday 4-2 001

35 calorie Wheat toast with spray butter & SF Jelly

This afternoon I whipped up a small batch of Powerballs before leaving for work. (halved the recipe today, imagine that!). You can find this awesome recipe under my ‘MUST-MAKE RECIPE’ tab.   They are a great snack that is natural, healthy, & satisfying.

I like them because I know all the ingredients in them have health-ful benefits.  They are called POWERBALLS because the ingredients are loaded with ‘energy-boosting’ nutrients.  Each ball has the optimum  Protein: Carb: Fat ratio for your body. —  Just don’t overdo a good thing, because even though they are natural & healthy, they ARE NOT Calorie Free!

april 24 006

   Those should last us a while.   Open-mouthed smile   YUM.

Don’t be fooled by the cookie-sheet.  There is NO baking involved!

After powerballs I was off to the Y for work.

After work came another cycling session! – It just sounded so good, & I figured I might as well make my trip to the Y even more worth-while by hopping on a piece of equipment for a bit.   I did intervals & hills for 40 minutes.  It was a nice leg workout!

Came home & was ready to make a little dinner.  Decided on…

april 24 round 2 002


april 24 round 2 003

1 Yolk,  3 Whites, + Skim Milk –> scrambled up

april 24 round 2 007

Scrambled eggs (mainly whites) with home-made Salsa & 1/2 whole wheat tortilla

Made it into breakfast burrito

Dessert tonight was a change-up.  I told you I’m trying to add variety… And I’m trying to steer clear of the ‘sweet-stuff’ as much as possible these next two weeks.  Not to say I won’t eat any, but trying to only eat it when the cravings are just ‘that bad!’

Instead of sweet, I opted for salty.

april 24 round 2 009     april 24 round 2 010

april 24 round 2 011

One serving was 27 special K chips! for 110 calories & 2.5 grams of fat – not too bad.

april 24 round 2 012

Also indulged in a Caffeine Free Diet Dew because it tastes best with something salty.

This Dessert was enjoyable, but I do not know exactly how I feel about it just yet.  Why? — Because there is nothing ‘whole grain’ about those Special K chips.  They are just straight up simple carbohydrates.  However, if I would have eaten fruit & yogurt (I was contemplating this choice) I would also have been downing simple carbohydrates as sugar (fructose in the fruit). 

Plus, I’d already eaten fruit today with my Shakeology.  The Puffins (my usual evening snack) are composed mainly of simple carbohydrates also, but at least they don’t have a ton of added preservatives & un-necessary additives in them like the Special K chips likely do. 

The Diet Dew definitely isn’t something that should become a daily indulgence, but I think it’s okay every once in a while because it does do the trick of satisfying a little sweet craving.  —  So I THANK YOU Dew, you helped me survive the night without chocolate chips (Shakeology probably helped with that, also!)

Well, that’s my day in a nut-shell.

Tomorrow is ‘Work-Hard Wednesday’ on my calendar, so it looks like I will be planning a Kick-A ARM/BACK/AB workout for the gym since I worked my legs today biking.  Don’t forget…try to plan your workout into your schedule ahead of time (aka = the day before!) because you will be way more likely to complete it that way!

I have some PINTEREST MI to take you into your Wednesday with the ‘work-hard’ mind-set!

Enjoy! – and remember this week’s motto is “Go Hard, or Go Home.”  Got it?

sexy face

I want her shirt. Open-mouthed smile

check out legs!

Check out those LEGS…can you saytoned?’

i can do this

…and I will.

love for april 24

Ability, Motivation…& it’s all about ATTITUDE