The motto was SUCCESS today!  — woke up thinking about it, & then set out to achieve it.

Today started with BREAKFAST, whoop!

april 23 005

april 17 004

Light-N-Fit Strawberry Yogurt + Plain (not vanilla, as pictured) Greek (FF) Yogurt

I dipped my fresh Pineapple & 1/2 a sliced Naner in my yogurt mixture. 

Hit the SPOT.

Went to work at the Y this morning for a bit, but didn’t do a workout while there because I was gearing up for the long mileage RUN with Megan after I got off!  — We met in Dale & drove down to Lincoln State Park.  Ran together for 1 hour & 20 minutes + a little walking at beginning & end.  She has a faster mile pace than myself, so she was pushing me!  I wore my heart-rate monitor & when I do long runs I like to keep a steady 171 BPM once I’m warmed up and going.  Meg had me keep a steady 177-178 BPM.  Thanks Meg!  — and I mean that! 

We talked & listened to tunes from my iPhone the entire time, while enjoying the AMAZING views.  The weather was freakin’ PERFECT! We estimated a total of 9 miles — Maybe even a hair more. A great RUN for a Monday.

After the run, came LUNCH & a little break.

Whipped up a little something different today!

april 23 009

BBQ Chicken Pineapple Pizza! Scrumptious!

Ingredients: NAAN Bread, Sweet Baby Rays, Grilled Chicken, fresh Pineapple, Italian cheese blend, & LF Parmesan

This lunch will definitely be appearing again.

I also had a XOCAI Healthy Dark Chocolate NUGGET to follow.

Spent the remaining break working on this little ‘cheat’ toy.

step cards 001

Cheat cards for STEP-IT-UP class since I have such a horrible memory!  They have each COMBO I do on different cards.  They proved to do wonders – step was fun & I felt so much more confident tonight.

Especially with these babies!

After finishing the step cards, my break was over & I had to head over to the Y to do a little practicing before the big night of STEP-IT-UP, followed by BodyPUMP Launch Party got underway.

My afternoon/evening in a nutshell:

  • Practice Step routine (45-50 minutes)
  • Set up weighted bars for BodyPUMP
  • Taught STEP-IT-UP (FUN + Sweaty Mess = the Step workout)
  • Blow-dried the sweat out of my hair (literally) & changed into outfit for BodyPUMP Launch Party
  • Had a BLAST teaching BodyPUMP 81 with three AWESOME Y Gals up on stage! Lol.

body pump 81 001

Not a great pic by any means, but check out the AWESOME out-fits & rockin’ up-dos – We went all out. Winking smile

Between all the festivities – I was chugging H2O like it was my job, & also downed an energy drink before STEP IT UP & a protein Cookies-n-Cream Shake (made before I left for the Y today – planned ahead!) during BodyPUMP to keep me going strong.

This day went SO FAST!  But I loved every minute of it. 

Since I had already drank a protein shake during BodyPUMP, I decided to just have a small salad for dinner tonight to get in a few veggies.  I also am planning to nix the ‘sweet treat’ tonight.  I’m trying to cut back on those these next two weeks, as it is INDY MINI CRUNCH TIME!

april 16 blog 010

april 23 010

Romaine Lettuce (not by choice, but all we had.) Broccoli Slaw, Purple Onion, Craisens, Cashews, & LF Parmesan

april 23 011

FF Italian Dressing (sodium content isn’t good on this stuff, but it is FF & tasty!)

On my drive home tonight I read a text from a good FRAND of mine that I had gotten at some-point this afternoon amongst all the busy-ness.

I made sure it was okay that I shared it with you all tonight.  It gave me chills when I read it. —

“Happy Monday FRAND! I wanted to share my morning ~ I ran 1 mile & thought I was going to die, so then I walked and prayed that God would give me a peace of mind if running wasn’t going to happen ~ after walking a mile, I had the idea to remove the ankle brace from my left ankle & put it on my right ankle.  I attempted to run again & guess how far I ran (without pain I remind you) ~ 7 miles!! With a GRAND TOTAL of 9 today – needless to say, ask & you shall receive! Hope your hike/run is going well! Thanks for the never-ending support.”     — my AWESOME FRAND

The moral of her text was what everyone needs hear.  Some people far more often than others.  — “Ask & You shall receive…Knock & the door shall be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7.

Having Faith is so important in daily life – this example just relates it to exercise, but you should turn to him in ALL YOU DO.  Trust in Him.  Believe in Him.  And allow Him to be the one ‘in control.’  — I suppose I needed to be reminded of those words of advice today, & that is why my FRAND was kind enough to share her experience today with me. 

After reading her text, I spent the remainder of my drive in silence, simply thanking GOD for my body (even though I have my qualms with it!) & its ability to move and exercise and enjoy each day.  Sometimes we need to take time to remember how fortunate we are to take RUNS anyday we want, or do STEP routines & lift weights during BodyPUMP.

Often times I get so caught up in the negatives of my body, I forget to STOP & take a look at ALL the Positives.  I am BLESSED to be so motile & I need to start being more THANKFUL with the abilities I DO have, & not dwell on the ones I don’t have or wish I had.

So tonight, or tomorrow morning…I hope you look past the ‘I wish I could do this…’ & the ‘I would like it better if my body looked like that…’  and all the critiquing you may do to yourself on a daily basis.  Look past those things & point out all the positives of your body.  Be GREATFUL you were given this life & the ability to enjoy it. – Then, maybe you will begin to look at your body differently & understand the true meaning behind ‘your body is a temple.’  —We take it for granted almost daily.

Starting tomorrow, realize you have ONE LIFE, so you best live it up. And, the best way to do that is to:  ‘Ask & you shall receive,’ to ‘knock & the door shall be opened to you.’ – Let HIM take over the reigns & help you find your way…& live-it-up each and every day. Smile

On a final note…Did you ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ today with your work-out & eating habits?  If so, YOU ROCK!  If not, hey…tomorrow is another day, so GET ON IT!

Your PINTEREST MI for Tuesday…

embrace your body

And you only get ONE.

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Who is your somebody?

the only bad...

True dat.



every damn day nike

Love it.

hard to beat a person

Never. Give. Up. – Ever.