Sorry to be MIA for two days.  Just has NOT been time to blog amongst the weekend work & play festivities. 

LUNCH FridayWhole Wheat Turkey Wrap (3 pics showing the building process!)

DINNER Friday nightVeggie Pizza using whole wheat tortilla as crust

BREAKFAST Saturday – protein shake

LUNCH SaturdaySUBWAY Veggie sub (but added to turkey to it at home!)

DESSERT Saturday night – Blonde brownies to celebrate Megan’s B-day

LUNCH Sunday – Snacked on a Banana, then made 35 cal. wheat toast with Natural PB & SF Jelly

Dinner & Dessert tonight after Step & BodyPUMP practice…

Sunday blog 002

Grilled BBQ Chicken (made with Sweet Baby Rays!) & Grilled veggiesBroccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Red Pepper & Purple Onion with Italian seasoning

Sunday blog 004

Special K, Puffins (of which Sophie stole two of!) & Dark Chocolate Chips (more than necessary, but it has just been one of those days.)

Now, a few exciting things to fill you in on from the past two days.

First, this came in the mail Friday…

blog pics for fridy, sat, sun 011

Confirmation Postcard for the 2012 INDY MINI ~ Whoop!!

Ret to Roll.

I got my bib number & found out I am in corral I…Megan is in corral E, & not sure where Tiff is yet, or the others that I know who will be there.  Basically, this means we are going to have to be sneaky & find a way to get all three of us into the same corral (either I or E, since both are fairly close to the start).


The countdown = 2 weeks

Second, I wanted to tell you about dinner last night!  Megan, Tiff & I tried ZUKI, a sushi & hibachi grill in Evansville. — I just wanted to make sure to recommend it to anyone who likes loves sushi/hibachi grills.


DELICIOUS! Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!

I had…Sweet Potato Roll, small salad with yummy Sesame dressing, & veggie rice (with zucchini, broccoli, mushroom, & onion)

Ate only half my rice helping, then packed the rest up in a TO GO box…then left it there. Wow…Smart.  Oh well, I guess I spared myself some added calories today.

After dinner, we went back to Tiff’s for a while & the game plan was to go see ‘The Lucky One’  since I love Nicholas Sparks books.  We had some time to kill, so decided we would go enjoy a (also meaning ONE) margarita at La Hacienda  because it was right next to the movie theater.  Talked Tiff’s room-mate & her boyfriend into going with us, too!  


After one Kiwi/Banana mixed with Strawberry margarita (one was enough!  tasted like pure sugar with a little alcohol mixed in) followed up by a Captain and diet (my usual), I was having too good of a time to head over to the movies & so was everyone else!  We decided to ditch the movie & just stay at the Hacienda bar for a while longer. 

Ended up ordering one more Captain & diet to end the night.  I can’t really remember the last time I went our for a drink, so it was nice to change things up a bit – plus, spending time with Tiff & Megan is always enjoyable! No matter what it is we find to do! 

After all the great eats + sweet treats this weekend, I am ready to get back to routine tomorrow as I will start fresh on Monday slowly trying to

  1.  eliminate the ‘crappiness’ from my daily diet (AKA = the sweet treats!)  & make other small changes as well…such as
  2. trying to watch the carb intake (eating too many lately)
  3. get back to SHAKEOLOGY full time!

With the INDY MINI only two weeks away, it is time to kick it in HIGH GEAR & keep pushing hard through the the gym workouts.  That is, after I get past tomorrow with teaching step for only the second time & then having BodyPUMP Launch party directly following (meaning a new routine) – a bit stressed with all that.

Today I gathered some PINTEREST MI to aid me (and you) in the start-up of a new week. 

The motto this week is “Go Hard, or Go Home.”  — but also not forgetting that a 20 minute power workout is by far BETTER than no workout at all!  So whatever you have time for, make it happen!

 nt good enough

blog friday

Def-in-ition! – I want ABS, ABS, ABS!

“Just keep swimming crunching, just keep swimming crunching!”  (Finding Nemo ring any bells?)

monday april 9

Some of my food choices this weekend definitely put me further, rather than closer – but, tomorrow is another day. Smile 

good for march 29

I. Love. This One.

like it

Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat.  <—Add work in there somewhere for most people.


Put this one up to motivate me on my LONG runs with week – have one planned for tomorrow morning with Meg!

determination is

Fit-Spiration with a great quote attached — Perfect.

Tomorrow is Monday – remember to start your week with a BANG.  — “Go Hard, or Go Home.”