Today started exactly as planned…With a RUN.  Weather was GORGEOUS – made the run feel AWESOME.  I went for right at 1.5 hours on the back-roads & little town streets of good old Huntingburg.  I wanted to go on longer, but I had a TO DO list to tackle.  Probably managed about 8-8.5 miles.  Only 2 weeks til the INDY MINI…and the count-down continues.

I ended my run at my grandma Nanny’s for a little visit since I hadn’t seen her in a few days. 

When I got home, it was basically lunch-time already! Therefore, I bi-passed breakfast today because I hate eating before I exercise.  I chugged some H2O while I figured out what I wanted for lunch, & munched on some…

jack links jerky

Decided on a new menu item today! – Spaghetti Squash.  I’ve never had it before, but I had bought one a week ago to give it a try. Today was the day, my friends!

thursday 009

First I halved it, cleaned out the seeds, sprayed it with Olive Oil & spiced it up with Italian seasoning, pepper, and a bit of garlic salt. Then stuck it in the oven to bake for about 45 minutes before I grated it up into what looked exactly like spaghetti! It tasted delicious plain, but I wanted to go one step further & actually make it official spaghetti…so I did!

thursday 011

thursday 014

Put some in a small oven dish, then topped it with YUMMY Pizza sauce & some LF Parmesan cheese.  Stuck it back in the over for another 10 minutes & Wha-La. One AMAZINGLY delicious meal!

I liked it better than normal spaghetti. Everyone needs to try it, seriously.  So GOOD!

Post lunch came a trip to the store for some SKIM MILK so I am able to make my protein shake in the morning. I also got some peppers & a purple onion for making veggie pizzas! Also needed more deli turkey.  I was out.

This afternoon I was in baking mode, so whipped up some ‘healthified’ Brownies. How?  A brownie mix, 1/4 cup Light-n-Fit Vanilla Yogurt, 1/4 cup Greek Vanilla Yogurt (OIKO’s), 1 egg white (NO Yolk), and some water. Talk about yum.  In addition to a little left over batter that I purposely left in the bowl (who doesn’t do this, honestly?! It’s the best part), one of the brownies became my afternoon snack to curb my sweet tooth.  And it did exactly that.  — Oh, I forgot to mention the brownies have dark chocolate chips in them. YUM.

thursday 020

Didn’t take anything to eat at work because knew I would have plenty to keep me busy the whole time.  Therefore, when I got off (at 9 tonight) I was a bit ready for some dinner.

Dinner tonight…

This was Mom & Dad’s Dinner…

thursday 017

This was MY Dinner!…

thursday 019

Veggie Pizza — NAAN Wheat bread, broccoli, red pepper, purple onion, yummy pizza sauce, Italian seasoning, Italian cheese blend & LF Parmesan. — Talk about Restaurant worthy…it was.

Does that not look 100x more tasty than the other pizza above?  Yea…it was!

thursday 018

Picked this up at store today! – Looked like the perfect cheese for some veggie pizza!

I opted NOT to have a ‘sweet treat’ tonight because 1. I didn’t really have the craving for anything sweet & 2. I already had the brownie as a sweet treat this afternoon & knew I didn’t need anything else. 

— Let’s change Subject.  No more Food for a minute. —-

Tonight I turned down my tunes on the way home & talked to GOD on my drive home.  I created this habit when lent started & I had made my ‘Lenten Sacrifice addition’ to grow stronger & deeper in my Faith by adding extra silent prayer time in each day.  When lent started I began driving to work every morning in prayer, then ended up driving home doing the same thing most days.  Now, it is routine for me.  My to or from work (or sometimes both) are spent in silence praying for those in need. 

So many individuals I know are in need of prayer right now.  My Optometry school friends are finishing up their last weeks of school with much preparation for their cumulative finals.  They have definitely been on my prayer list these last few days, as I know they are under a LOT of stress at the current time; in addition, my bestie Kate is ending her first year of Medical school, and has asked me to keep her in my prayers as well.  I actually pray for myself daily too – continually asking God to “Lead Me” where it is I’m “Called to be.”  — Have you ever heard the song ‘Lead Me’ by Sanctus Real?  If not, you should download it & give it a listen — Great song.  Especially for someone like me who is patiently waiting to figure out what I am “Called to be.” 

Point of the past two paragraphs is this…I stopped to think about how much my relationship with Christ & my strength in him has grown since I started adding in extra prayer time with him on a daily basis.  I know there is a plan for me, so I am allowing him to ‘Lead Me’ to it (or should I say through it?).  Is it returning to Optometry School to finish out the next 3.5 years to become an Optometrist?  Is it returning to school to further my education in Nutrition & Fitness?  Or is it simply staying where I’m at while continuing to grow & prepare for the next part of the journey?  Whatever the answer, I am confident that He will lead me to the right place. 

Tonight, you should give your worries to God, because He’ll be up all night.

                                trust in the lord

…and He will LEAD YOU.

Well, tomorrow is Friday!  Can you believe it?  I hope everyone got in a FANTASTIC workout today & kept the healthy eating habits going strong.  Get your head in the game & gear up for another GREAT workout tomorrow, as you make your way one step closer to the weekend! 

Here is some PINTERST MI to PUMP-YOU (and ME)-UP!



thursday bog

This is for all your CARDIO-AHOLICS out there.