Today started out at 6, with Soph waking me up to potty.  I could have stayed up, but opted to hop back in bed for another hour until my 7 o’clock alarm sounded.  That extra hour of sleep was GREAT!  When the alarm went off, I was ready to get up & start the day.  Had made a list of TO DOs I wanted to tackle today before I went to bed last night. I had already decided I wanted to have a GREAT morning at the gym – so I got up to start the FUN.

Gym workout today was warm-up on the Elliptical (since I kindly gave up my ARC TRAINER to Mr.Schneider, someone who I know religiously uses it…& the other two were already taken.  I didn’t care what I used, as long as I got my blood pumping & muscles loose).  I did about 5 minutes on the ARC before switching to the Elliptical for another 25. Then I was warm & ready to get to ARMS!

ARM workout also consisted of a few BACK exercises & an INNER THIGH exercise using the Cybex Cable Machine (my favorite!)

After my workout, I ended up walking down to the gas station by the Y to get some skim milk for my protein shake since we didn’t have any at home this morning.  Walked down there…no skim milk.  Only 2%. Ugh. Didn’t want it, but got it & then mixed half milk & half water with my Cookies n Cream Protein.  Pretty much made my own skim milk.  Whoop!

april 16 blog 010

Finished off my protein shake while doing BodyPUMP (practice) with the other instructors at the Y.  We are having a ‘Launch party’ for the new release this coming Monday night at the Y!  We wanted to have a few practices together so we can make it FUN & EXCITING!  I’m pumped about it.  I love…


Went home after the workouts & got right to business. – Swept the house, then dusted the bedrooms & started a little laundry.  By the time I finished up all that, I was getting a bit hungry.

Snacked on some Cashews & a couple small pieces of Peppered Beef Jerky while my snack size VEGGIE PIZZA was baking in the oven! Mmm mmm good.

wednesday april 016

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Wednesday April 18 004

I used a new LF Parmesan container & it went crazy on my pizza! haha – but tasted great!

Wednesday April 18 005   Wednesday April 18 007

Wednesday April 18 001   Wednesday April 18 002

Once again, the AMAZING Pizza sauce that is so yummy & so healthy that I use on my pizzas. Mmm, mmm good!

After lunch Soph and I went outdoors for some laps around our house.  Soph added in some sprints to the mix, too!

Wednesday April 18 008

And decided to check out a bug in the landscaping.  Crazy pup.

Soph & I spent the remainder of our afternoon with my Mom running errands before I had to head over to the Y for work.

I was somewhat hungry before I left for work, so decided I would make a ‘snack-size’ Shakeology for my drive to work.  It hit the spot.

Wednesday April 18 012 Snack-Size SHAKEOLOGY…the entire serving was about half the shaker-cup

When I got off work I had planned for a little RUN to enjoy the awesome weather, but my legs were NOT feeling a run, so I opted for a 45 minute POWERWALK on the trail behind the Y.  It was a lovely evening for some tunes & some thinking. 

When I got home, my Mom had made a little dinner for me.   Both the tilapia & the green beans were things I hadn’t eaten in quite a while, so they tasted pretty delish.

Wednesday April 18 013

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia & Greenie-beanie weenies. YUM.

The ‘sweet treat’ was back to its norm tonight, but still hit the spot like always.

Wednesday April 18 014

Some PUFFINS, just a bit of Special K, and some chocolate chips

Still have one more thing left to enjoy gulp down tonight…

colon pure


This day flew by. Cannot believe tomorrow is Thursday! — I’m going to give my legs a good rest tonight so that the game plan for tomorrow (a nice morning road RUN to start the day) can be tackled first thing.  What is your game plan for tomorrow?  Do you have one?  If not, MAKE ONE!  You are more likely to get the workout in if you plan it into your schedule beforehand!  Serious!

The choice is yours, make it happen!  — Even if it is only a short 20 minute workout.  This has taken me a long time to realize because I’ve always had the “go all out or don’t go at all” attitude about the gym/work-outs.  Ann BEST BIG SISTER EVER finally helped me to realize that I couldn’t keep having this dumb attitude.  Now, if I only have 20 spare minutes in the day or at the end of it, I use it to squeeze in a work-out…and you should, too!  Because a little workout is better than NONE!

With that in mind, get in your Thursday workout as you get one day closer to the weekend, & keep the eating habits healthy.  Don’t let little slip-ups ruin the whole day, just keep on trucking & end the day feeling good. That is my two-cents, now let me give you some better motivation with a little PINTEREST MI.  Enjoy!


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This one made me LOL.

tuesday april 16

I love this quote. Best of the night, by far. – I need to always remember it, especially when I feel like grabbing un-needed snacks!

Happy HUMP DAY, all!