Today I woke up at 7 & hopped out of bed to grab pen & paper.  Then returned to bed to make out my ‘Tackle-It Tuesday’ List!  I was super pumped about going for a nice RUN this morning because the weather was perfect.  And because the INDY Mini is less than 3 weeks away!  Cannot wait. 


I also have the reward on my mind for meeting the INDY Mini goals I set…

garmin watch

New GARMIN watch, GPS & Heart Rate Monitor!

Hope I achieve the goals. If not, no watch. 

However, once I got up I realized my knees were SUPER sore from all the STEP workouts yesterday.  Made me opt to postpone the run & get started on my TO DO list. 

First up on the list was unpacking all my bags from INDY yesterday, since I had only managed to carry them in from my car to my room yesterday.  After unpacking, I straightened my room then moved on to task two.  Vacuuming & cleaning out the inside of my car.  It needed it horribly. 

Before I tackled the inside of my car, I made a pit-stop in the kitchen to prepare a quick breakfast.

april 17 002

Other half of the BB Bagel with a little Roasted Red Pepper spread (Lite)

april 17 003     A combo of Light-n-Fit Yogurt + OIKO’s Vanilla FF Greek Yogurt.

It was DELISH!april 17 004

Lunch today was at Old School Café with a friend.  I had never dined there – it’s a tiny local restaurant on 4th street.  Lots of things to choose from.  I went with a grilled chicken wrap (the wrap was a spinach wrap! YUM.) with lettuce, tomato, and a little cheese.  I also used FF Ranch to dip it in for some added flavor.  It was very yummy.  They served it with chips & a pickle spear…ate the pickle, didn’t touch the chips. 

After lunch I was back to business.  Since I did the inside of the car this morning, I tackled the outside this afternoon.  Soph sat outside on her leash while I washed my car & got some sun grass stains.  She rolled around in the yard the whole time.  Crazy pup. Speaking of crazy pup, check out this pic from the weekend…

soph 001

I was brushing Soph & decided to give her a little up-do. Hah!

Rest of afternoon was spent organizing spring clothes & picking up the house.  I was a cleaning/organizing machine!

Snack time this afternoon consisted off…

april 17 006

Serving of Special K cereal & a few chocolate chips + the rest (a small bit) of a dark chocolate Easter bunny.

This was after I had already enjoyed my XOCAI Healthy chocolate Nugget a little earlier. 

The nugget just didn’t tame the sweet tooth today.  Bummer.

Went to the Y this evening to give a lady a personal training session.  It is her fourth session & I can tell such a huge difference in her strength already!  Which I’m SUPER excited about.  I can tell she loves working with me & I enjoy working with her as well because she is determined & dedicated to reaching her fitness goals!

After work came the dentist, & after that came dinner.  Dinner tonight consisted of a wrap and salad.

april 17 again 002

All the ingredients I need to make a YUMMY turkey wrap.

april 17 again 003

Halfway finished. Base = Whole Wheat Tortilla, LF Light Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Purple Onion, Sweet Pickles, Broccoli Slaw

on top of that I put Honey Roasted deli Turkey & Romaine Lettuce.

april 17 again 006

Finished Product. Mmmm!

I took this wrap into my grandma and grandpa’s house to enjoy because I almost always eat dinner with them on Tuesday evenings.  Well, she had salad waiting for me as usual.  So I had a small bowl of salad to go with my wrap.

april 17 again 007

Grandma’s mixed salad with FF Italian dressing & LF Parmesan

As if I didn’t have enough to eat today, my grandmother had a sweet treat waiting for me (Ugh! Why do you tempt me grams?). I told you I need to work on WILL POWER.  I really tried to resist, but it looked too tasty. And I love Apple Pie.

april 17 again 008

I will say (in my defense)…this was a small plate (like one you put a coffee cup on to serve) & my helping of Apple Pie + Vanilla frozen yogurt was just enough to satisfy me.

At least I used the ‘moderation’ rule tonight! – But still, the dessert was not needed…& now the feeling of REGRET has set in. 

Therefore, I need to work harder on DISCIPLINE & WILL POWER.

 blog pics for wed and thurs 006

(Ring a bell?…Easter post, perhaps? I haven’t forgotten this one.)

I’m gearing up for an EVENING Workout tonight since I didn’t get much of one in today.  I got some arm exercises, lunges, and squats (with a medicine ball) in tonight when I was personal training, but other than that, I allowed time to slip away today. Tonight will be an AB workoutP90x ABS — and perhaps also a Brazilian Butt 20 minute workout I brought home from Ann’s to try.  This is my ‘easy day’ & tomorrow I shall return to business. 

I guess I used my ‘Tackle-It Tuesday’ attitude to tackle everything else on my TO DO list, so left myself zero time for a workout – Super unusual for me. But enjoyed being productive all day long!

Hoping everyone else out there was able to get in a kick-butt workout today & also managed to eat healthy. 

My meals were yummy & HEALTHY — I just need to cut out those sugary, empty calorie snacks & I’d be good to go.  Looks like I have another goal for myself.

Can I interest you in a little PINTEREST MI to get you PUMPED-UP for a ‘sweaty-mess’ Wednesday workout tomorrow!?  I’m definitely going to make mine a good one. Hoping for ARM workout, BodyPUMP practice, & a nice run in the beautiful weather scheduled for tomorrow! Excited just talking about it…Whoop!

good one for blog

This is what I like to call ‘A TONED Back!’ ~ Impressive!

quote for pinterest

take pride

This is definitely one of my FAVS!

Take PRIDE & have FAITH. – Remember that Winking smile

Off for a little toning session with Tony Horton & Leandro. Night ya’ all.