Drove home from Indy this morning. Didn’t want to leave.  Miss Ann, Ben & Lil lots…and Megan, too!  I was hoping to see my old roomie & best friend Katy while I was there also, but that ended up not working out.

Before I left Ann & Ben’s I had a Naner & a few slices of deli Turkey I picked up at Meijer on Sunday.  The Naner was the perfect ripeness! Mmmm.

april 16 blog 015

Honey Roasted Turkey Breast

Once I got to B-Town I stopped at my apartment to drop off a key & pay a rent check, then made a pit stop at…BB (Bloomington Bagel).  My car just drives itself there every-time I visit B-Town!  I just can’t help it.  Lol.   I got the same thing as Friday – A whole wheat with local honey bagel & Lite Roasted Red Pepper Spread.  Can’t bring myself to try anything else.  I also just could not resist the AMAZING looking M&M Blonde Brownie sitting by the check-out.  Just sounded so good today.  I got it. 

So on my way home, I managed to eat 1/2 the bagel with a little spread (tasted as AWESOME as Friday!), plus about 1/3 of the M&M Blonde (managed to finish the rest off this afternoon, after I finished practicing step.  Reason I ate it then = the metabolism was up & going — Know it was better to eat it then vs. as my ‘sweet treat’ later in the evening when I couldn’t burn any of it off through exercise) 

april 16 blog 019

Nom, nom, nom. – the best bagel & spread. Period.

When I arrived home, I got TONS of kisses from Little Sophie because she missed her mother! I unpacked all my baggage I ended up bringing home, including the GROCERIES from Meijer! Here are most of the buys…

april 16 blog 001

Use this in my SHAKEOLOGY shakes.

april 16 blog 002

Freshly cored PINEAPPLE! – one of my favorite fruits.

april 16 blog 005

Some more Greek yogurts to sample for my breakfasts.

One vanilla + 2 plain (that I will sweeten myself with Stevia Agave Nectar)

april 16 blog 006

PUFFINSTwo boxes, but I was buying one for a friend to try!

april 16 blog 007

These looked mighty tasty for a little snacking.

april 16 blog 008

More L-Carnitine — I ran out today!

april 16 blog 009

Co-Q10 — it was on super sale, so bought 2 (it is sometimes a bit pricey)! Good for your heart & is a key part of the body’s metabolism. Won’t last long though because got 30mg tablets & recommended dose is 100mg/day.  At 3 tablets/day, 2 bottles won’t even last a month!


Whole Wheat NAAN Bread for veggie pizza crust!

Meijer is AWESOME. Plain and simple

Hit the STEP after I unloaded my car.  I set up shop outside in my backyard.  Pulled my car around so I had my music & went to practicing.  I practiced for about 2 hours before I had to call it a day to get ready to head to the Y. 

After I got to the Y, I ran through more STEP for about 40 minutes before class started.  Let’s just say, I had my fair share of STEPPING action today!

Taught STEP-IT-UP, my 45 minute class.  We stepped for about 35, then did ABS & ARMS for the last ten.  It was a GREAT class! Definitely a sweaty mess when it ended.

Followed step with teaching BODYPUMP! It was a super FUN workout tonight! I had lots of Huntingburg people there, which made it more exciting.

Had a Fitness Orientation to do after BodyPUMP, but while I did it I drank my Cookies-n-Cream protein shake I made before heading to the Y.  I definitely needed it today after all the cardio + BodyPUMP.  Muscles needed some re-fueling!

april 16 blog 010

When I got home, I analyzed what I’d eaten thus far today & determined I needed some VEGGIES in this day! So, that is exactly what I had for supper…with a tad bit of smoked pork chop (not something I usually would ever touch, but Mom made them for she & Dad tonight.  She left a piece laying out for me, so I tried it to be nice.  Ended up being pretty tasty, so I ate it.)  She also had a few Asparagus stalks saved for me.  — Ate this while I prepared my wedgies!

april 16 blog 014

Asparagus & Smoked pork chop

april 16 blog 011

Pre-baked Wedgies! – Red pepper, Broccoli, Carrots, Sweet Tater

drizzled with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Italian seasoning. Baked at 395 degrees for about 25 minutes.

april 16 blog 018

Finished product.  I realized I definitely made too many.  So had a few left-overs for tomorrow.

Everything tonight tasted DELISH! – I think I was hungry. Metabolism was revvin’. 

No ‘sweet treat’ tonight.  I had the exceptional tasting Blonde Brownie today, so that was more SWEET than necessary.  But tasted oh.so.good.  — have to splurge sometimes I guess. Right?

Hope you all had a kick-butt Monday workout & healthy eats (with perhaps a little sweet treat!).  Tomorrow is Tackle-It Tuesday – so step it up & tackle a goal you have yet to accomplish.  Be it an eating habit, such as cutting out a snack; or, a workout goal such as increasing your running mileage or adding in ABS to your workout!  Whatever it is, tackle it tomorrow!

A little PINTEREST MI to get you geared up for Tackle-It Tuesday!


Be AWESOME.  You’ll be so glad you did it.

fit is not

Love this one.

holy cow

You guessed it…definitely FIT-spiration! – talk about ABS!

quote for p1

I need to work on my WILL POWER! Why? – because SUMMER is QUICKLY approaching! YIKES.

Tackle-It Tuesday…Make IT HAPPEN!