Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday.  There was just not enough time yesterday to fit it in.  — Ann & I spent the morning and most the afternoon at the St. Francis Hospital Women’s Day talking to ladies about – 



After we left the hospital, we had to run a few errands — to Panera for lunch to-go & to MARSH grocery to pick up a little cake for my Mom’s birthday we celebrated last night.  She and Dad drove up to Indy yesterday & spent the night with us at Ann and Ben’s house.  We took Mom out for dinner, then enjoyed a bit lot of cake & ice cream for dessert.

Yesterday was a full blown REST day from exercise.  I did not even get in a leisurely walk.  I wasn’t exactly stoked about it, but it is good to take a day off here and there so I don’t feel bad for doing it.  However, it is crazy to think that my yesterday is how some people live everyday – with zero exercise! HOLY COW. Could never do that.

This morning started with a little breakfast my Mom whipped up.

sunday apil 15 013

Scrambled eggs that I topped with home-made Salsa, Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, & LF Parmesan 

Also had 2 pieces of whole grain toast that I decked up with spray butter, some sun crystals (a sugar substitute), & cinnamon

I also had…

Thursday Blog pics march 1 010

1/2 a yummy NANER

After my parents left, I went with Ann & Ben to do a little grocery shopping at Meijer.  I will update you on some of my buys in tomorrow’s post.  Megan met us there & did some shopping also, then came over to Ann’s house to spend the afternoon with me!

We started out with a RUN/WALK in Eagle Creek Park!  It was an excellent day for an outdoor adventure.  We took off on a paved path, then ventured into the woods on a mulched trail.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Meg led because the trail wasn’t wide enough for two.  I told her she was my ‘trainer’ for the day! She put me through all kinds of stuff…

        * hurdling over fallen trees

        * balancing on skinny tree branches to make it over a small water-way

        * climbing wooden stairs

        * running up ‘mountains’  (aka = a huge hill)

         * ducking under branches

         * some plyometric work

         * long jumping over a mini river

          * etc. etc. etc.

   I’m telling you, it was an EXCITING trail run.  After we made it back to the paved path, we walked-it-out for a while longer as we finished our chat.

Once back to Ann’s house, I ate the other half of Naner for a snack.  Then, Ann joined us for an AB workout! – Brazilian Tummy Tuck – part of the Brazilian Butt Lift workout series


It was some AWESOME AB work!

We followed up ABS with a little BodyPUMP practicing.  We only did certain tracks…the warm-up, back (which we all LOVED), biceps, and shoulders.  So we got our ARM workout in today, also!

Overall, it was a fun-filled day of exercising with some wonderful gals & filled in the holes with some relaxing tasks. My kind-a Sunday Funday!

Meg & I went to SUN TAN CITY for a free tanning day, & followed that up with making a healthy meal.

Dinner tonight…

sunday apil 15 016

Pre-baked Veggie Pizza that Meg & I shared

How we made it – Whole Wheat NAAN Bread, pizza sauce, mushroom (something new to me!), broccoli, yellow pepper, white onion

topped with Italian seasoning

After it was basically done baking, we added a bit of Mozzarella cheese on top & then LF Parmesan 


I thought I took a pic of my plate with the finished product on it, but it is no where to be found now.  So guess you won’t see how professional it looked…and tasted! 

Besides the 1/2 of pizza for me, I also had a baked sweet potato (used ketchup to dip it in) & fruit off a fruit tray that was left-over from the health fair yesterday.  Everything tasted SO GOOD tonight!  Guess I was hungry after the day of fun.

Tonight I’m skipping my ‘sweet treat.’  Feel like the cake & ice cream I had last night is enough to hold me over for two nights…probably ate enough to hold me over for ten. Hah!

Hope you all had a productive and enjoyable weekend and now you are ready to get back down to business!  Let me help you start the week off right by providing you with a little PINTEREST MI.


embrace your body



if you skip

This is an EXCELLENT one!

hello motivation

More FIT-spiration!

I shall leave you on this Sunday evening with a little laugh…


I LOL-ed on this one Winking smile

Have a ‘Make-it-Happen’ Monday everyone! Night.