Today was a wonderful day for being a Friday & the 13th!

Started out teaching ‘Get on the Ball’ class this morning & practicing BodyPUMP.

Had a Cookies-n-Cream Protein Shake during/after the morning workout.  Guess you can consider that my breakfast.

Snack before I left for B-Town…

friday blog april 13 002

Cashews + 35 Calorie Wheat Toast with SF Jelly

Stopped at my Nanny’s for a quick visit on my way out & to drop of this precious toot to Grams (who was at Nanny’s visiting also) so she could watch her since I was leaving town.

friday blog april 13 001

Isn’t she the cutest thing you ever did see?

Soph got a “brush-id” today before I left, then I snapped her pic & sent it to GRAMS to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on her phone!

GRAMMY loved it!

Lunch was

     *SUBWAY! Since I went off and left my Shakeology in the fridge due to being in a hurry & having 100 bags to load in my car (might have exaggerated a bit).

I got a six inch on wheat with turkey, NO cheese.  Veggies = Lettuce, Spinach, Pickles, Banana Peppers & Green Peppers, Onions, Jalapeños, and almost forgot CUCUMBERS!  

Also added a bit of Honey Mustard Sauce (it’s either LF or FF…can’t remember which).  The sandwich tasted AWESOME

     *also ate a Naner after my sub, during my drive to B-Town

moday april 9 014

This afternoon was a fun-filled day of GOLF at Stone Crest golf course in Bedford, then trail walking at the B-Line Rail Trail. 


This is part of the B-Line Rail Trail.  It was a LOVELY walk today. One of my favorite trails ever.  I missed it so much.  I was definitely a frequent visitor to it during my time at IU.

The weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for ‘outdoor activities’ today! So I could think of no other way I would have wanted to spend my Friday!  I golfed & walked with a friend from IU Optometry School, which was super enjoyable since we were able to fill each other in on our lives & the last several months since I left Bloomington.  The day flew by.  

After the walk, I stopped by my apartment to pick up a few things, then hit the road for Ann’s house in Indy. 

Oh, but made one last pit stop for my dinner @ Bloomington Bagel.  I splurged —

friday blog april 13 006

Whole Wheat & Local Honey Bagel…My FAVORITE from BB.

(please don’t ask why the bagel has no hole in the middle – I’m still trying to figure that one out.)

Torn off & dipped in…

friday blog april 13 005

Lite Roasted Red Pepper spread…the best spread, EVER! Not joking.

I couldn’t postpone having my bagel until I got to Ann’s house, so I ate half of it on my road-trip from B-Town to Indy & saved the other half for tomorrow. — It tasted just the same as I remembered it:  Oh, so, good!

friday blog april 13 008

Cranberry Walnut Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese & house dressing

I also got this yummy  side salad (huge for a side salad!) that I was craving from BB.  Had to wait to eat it until I got to Ann & Bennie’s house (duh.).  They had some grilled chicken left over from last night, so I cut just a few slices up to add to my salad. It was quite tasty.  The house dressing came on the side, so I opted to just dip my fork in it before each bite & use it sparingly because I have no idea what the nutrition facts are on it, but my guess it that is a dressing which is NOT low in FAT or Calories! But using just a tad is OK by me – no need to overdue a good thing.

Dessert tonight was a change-up! HOLY COW! Can you believe that? NO special K, or Puffins, or Chocolate Chips!

I went with another Naner because they looked the perfect ripeness (and it was! Cha-ching!) & some yogurt I froze in the freezer shortly after I got to Ann & Ben’s. 

I was planning ahead in my head.  I knew I would need my ‘sweet treat’ & yogurt frozen in the freezer for a while tastes like ICE CREAM! – It is delish! – I used Light-n-Fit Strawberry.

friday blog april 13 010

Hit. The. Spot.

Oh shoot — One thing I left out.  I had one of these on my way to Indy as well…

friday blog april 13 007

A Diet Dew.

I used to drink Caffeine Free Dt. Dew quite frequently (meaning 1 every other day –ish) but over the past several months I’ve broken that habit & only drink them on occasion now.  I think Shakeology helps you to NOT want them or crave them. 

The Dew today tasted extra yummy, or I was just super thirsty from all the walking during golf & trail time that it quenched my thirst.  Whatever the reason, the diet dew curbed my sweet tooth & helped me enjoy the drive to INDY a bit more!

Ann & I spent the entire night getting ready for the Women’s Health Day at St. Francis hospital in Indy tomorrow.  I think we are set & ready with all our stand materials!  I’m excited about it, and I know Ann is also.

Well, I’m off to bed for the night since we have to rise & shine quite early in the morning!…but I’ll be whipping up a dose of psyllium husk first!  Part of the nightly routine now.

Hoping everyone had an AWESOME Friday the 13th & that you were able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather! Let’s pray it sticks around for a while. – Have a great weekend everyone & remember to get a good workout in tomorrow so you can feel HEALTHY, HAPPY, & ready for the WEEKEND!

Here is the good ‘ol PINTEREST MI to keep you pushing hard this weekend…

monday april 9 -2

ripped arms

This one is saved as ‘ripped arms’ on my computer! I think I picked an adequate name!

wed blog 4

I’ll agree to that…now just need to get the FIT feeling back!

monday april 9 -1

If you fail, don’t stop trying.  Failing just puts you one step closer to success. 

The next time you attempt it, you’ll have more determination & a greater will to succeed.