* Half an Xe Energy Drink on my way to the Y

Friday Blog Pics 006

     * Cookies-n-Cream Protein Shake during & after intense UPPER BODY and AB workout with a little ARC Trainer involved, also!

My Lunch…

thrusday april 12 004

Sweet Potato (with NO HFCS Ketchup) & Veggie Pizza

Veggie Pizza consisted of:  Whole Wheat Tortilla folded in half & sprayed with Olive Oil, then topped with Pizza Sauce (the YUMMY kind I can only find at BUY-LOW in Jasper).

Veggies = Broccoli, onion, red pepper

at the end I added a bit of Shredded cheese…just a bit.

I did a little baby-sitting today for a friend while she went to the dentist, & her little girl arrived just in time for lunch.  Hah! She wanted NOTHING to do with Veggie Pizza or Sweet Tater.  I made her try the Sweet Tater, and her response – ‘that tastes yucky! I don’t like anything orange!’ …so much for that idea.  So I opted for a bit more of a ‘kid friendly’ meal for her…

thrusday april 12 003

Turkey Sandwich with American Cheese (take note…the cheese is ORANGE & she LOVED it! lol) made on 35 calorie wheat bread (also note the ‘circle’-ish appearance of the bread.  She insisted I cut it into a circle because she refused to eat the crust…my favorite part! haha)

Low Fat Raspberry Yogurt, which she also LOVED.

Kids are just too funny.  The whole lunch we talked about what food she liked, or more like DOESN’T like.  Hardly any veggies. Oh, she’ll eat peas though! Cha-ching!…and said she’d never touch green beans! I LOL-ed on that one.  Said she likes most fruit (I think most kiddos do).  And knew what beef jerky was (or at least what a bag of it looks it) because I had a package of it laying out on the table & she commented on it.  Pretty smart for a 4 year old! It was great day in the baby-sitting world.

Yet, made me realize how far down the road kids are in my future. NO WHERE NEAR READY for that adventure yet! NO WAY!

Snacks included…

    * Cashews

     * XOCAI Healthy Chocolate NUGGET

Snack at work included…

tonights april 12 001

Carrots (more than 4 shown…more like 10!) with FF Ranch Dip

Made a Shakeology to take for dinner at the Y while working, but I was too cold at work, which made Shakeology not sound too appetizing.  I had goose-bumbs & chills I was so cold.  Need to dress warmer next time. Note to self…wear pants to work, not shorts!

When I got home @ 9:30ish, I was kinda hungry because the carrots had worn off…imagine that!  Shakeology still didn’t sound appealing because I was STILL COLD. Decided to save my shake for lunch on the road tomorrow.

Dinner ended up being late & consisted of…

tonights april 12 002

Salad with broccoli slaw, red pepper, onion, and LF Parmesan

topped with FF Italian dressing


tonights april 12 004

Special K…couldn’t resist the chocolate chips tonight.  It’s been a long day. (I know, I know…no excuse.)

And I still have this to look forward to before bed…

WED APRIL 11 002

Psyllium Husk …it isn’t as bad as it looks or sounds.  Promise.  The first dose is the worst. Grows on you from there!

Workouts today consisted of…

           * Morning ARC Trainer – 20 minute warm up to get the body moving    

           * Morning Upper Body & AB workout – 1 hour

           * Evening BodyPUMP class – taught it! and taped it for critiquing by Les Mills

Here is some awesome PINTEREST MI to take you into your Friday…

april 12 i like this one

oh yes april 12

This one has definite potential to make a second appearance.  Maybe even a third.

Read it over.  Again, and again, and again.  Because it is 100% right!


Here — I’ll be my own motivation tonight! – Only because I want that toned back back! PLEEEASE! Summer-time goal..whoop!

wow. can i get like this

Love her oblique muscles!!…I’ll take those too while I’m at it.

Hit it hard tomorrow, it’s Friday! Gear up for the freakin’ weekend : ) – I’m Indy bound tomorrow & PUMPED about it.