I’m having a bit of trouble posting all of my eats from yesterday, so as of now you won’t be seeing them.  If I can get the blog-writer to cooperate, then I will post them in tomorrow’s post! SORRY! – I had some good eats to share.

For now, let’s stick with today…

Slept in this morning.  Didn’t mean to, but my body must have needed the ‘rest and recovery’ time because I slept right through my 7 o’clock alarm, something I have not done in quite a while!

Managed to have BREAKFAST this morning.  It was a bit of a weird combo, but hit the spot quite nicely.

WED APRIL 11 005

Cashews (for the MUFAs), Deli Turkey, 35 Calorie Wheat toast with SF Jelly

Random, I know…but tasty?  You bet

Spent the morning getting things together for the Health Fair in Indy that Ann & I are going to.  We are having a SHAKEOLOGY and XOCAI stand to help spread the word about these healthy supplements.

Lunch today was out the Y gals!  We dined at Fat-n-Sassy on 4th street.  I got my usual, which I forgot to snap a picture of.  Crap.

I ordered the Fat-n-Sassy Salad, which is mixed greens topped with grilled chicken, gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts (these are super yummy! but probably not very healthy after you get done with the ‘candied’ process because that = tons of extra sugar!), craisens & Hendricken’s dressing.  I highly recommend it to anyone who dines there!

Afternoon Snack

thursday april 5 015

XOCAI Healthy Chocolate NUGGET

and also was craving more chocolate, so dipped into the DARK CHOCOLATE DOVE BUNNY I received as an Easter gift from my Aunt & Uncle.  I chopped off a couple pieces, then put it AWAY! I easily could have eaten the entire thing because it tasted SO GOOD! But, I knew better. Lol.

Went to the Y this afternoon to practice STEP for an hour, then Ginny taught STEP tonight instead of her normal HIGH-LOW group exercise class, so I took a half hour of the class before I had to go play with some kiddos in Youth Fun Fit!  Got a GREAT step workout in today, just like the last few days! Then went to play kickball & line tag with about 8 Y kiddos.  Fun time!

Before I left the Y, I decided to do about 35 minutes of AB exercises because my stomach badly needs it. – It is a far cry from any of those PINTEREST pics I post!  However, the PINTERST pics are the goal!

Dinner tonight…

WED APRIL 11 008

Turkey, Wheat tortilla toasted with Olive Oil & Italian Seasoning – to dip in Pizza Sauce

WED APRIL 11 009

Baked Asparagus – also drizzled with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Italian Seasoning

It was a very YUMMY supper, but I still had room for a ‘sweet treat’…of course.

Dessert ….

WED APRIL 11 010

Special K Cereal + some Puffins…put a hold on the chocolate chips.

Today I weighed myself, and the scale showed two pounds more than two weeks ago when I decided I was going to whip out the scale again.  — thought was ‘SERIOUSLY! Something has to be wrong with this thing!’ I started thinking about all the workouts I’ve put in since then, but also began thinking about my eating habits the last couple of weeks.  Majority of eats have been healthy, but throw in Easter weekend & all my nightly ‘sweet treats’ that incorporate chocolate chips & carb-e cereal, and I guess I can explain things myself.

But that is why I dislike scales. UGH. – However, seeing the lack of improvement makes me want to work harder – hence the ix-nah on the chocolate chip-a s tonight.  I mean, I love the phrase ‘Muscle Weighs more than Fat.’ However, there is no way I could gain TWO pounds of muscle.

So, where is my fault at here?  I believe it is from eating habits.  So I am going to work on changing things up a bit.  However, I also know the saying ‘Over-exercising can hinder weight loss’ and I have never believed it…should I start to? I’m currently doing some research on that topic – I’ll get back to you on my findings.  Until I discover otherwise, I’m taking my additional pounds to be due to my daily eating habits, so I am going to have to DISCIPLINE (sometimes I hate that word!) myself while living at home. 

Summer is just around the corner, and I’m a far cry from the weight I was at the beginning of summer last year.  Therefore, my goal is to find the happy medium & figure out a daily calorie intake and exercise regimen that is going to get me results! – Summer is ON MY MIND!

With that being said, let me give you (and myself) some PINTEREST MI to get us motivated for another EXCELLENT workout tomorrow!  We will help ourselves take one step closer to our goals & get ready for SUMMER-TIME!

wed pic 2

wed pic

wed so true

WoW abs!

Look up ‘six-pack’ in the dictionary & I bet you’ll see something similar to these!  Holy Cow W-O-W!

Any suggestions on how to go about getting these Abb-ies?

pic for wed

Can you answer this? If not, make the change tomorrow!