Today started out with teaching Morning Energizers (hour long senior citizen fitness class) at the YMCA.  Followed that up with a 40 minute ARM workout in the gym.  Targeted Triceps, Biceps, Traps, Shoulders, and Lats. ~ Solely arms/back/chest exercises that were much needed after the Easter weekend.

I sipped on my protein shake during the workout, then finished it up after.  I used my usual Cookies-n-Cream Whey Protein…

optimum nutrition

In all protein articles I’ve read, this has ranked as one of the best protein mixes on the market.

After the gym workout, I headed into the group exercise room to practice my STEP routine.  I was on the schedule to teach ‘Step it up’ tonight, & still didn’t feel too confident in my moves, since I’m fairly knew to the ‘step aerobic’ world.  I practiced for about 2 hours (could be a bit sore tomorrow!), then called it ‘break time’ because Sophie needed some attention at home.

Lunch when I got there…

moday april 9 014

Perfect Ripeness Naner

moday april 9 011

Fresh Wedgies with FF Ranch Dip

moday april 9 010

Small portion of Pasta Salad left from Easter…YUM!

These have also become a regular part of my meals…

moday april 9 012

L-Carnitine & Chromium Picolinate supplements

These supplements are supposed to help regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism. – I have definitely noticed an increase in ENERGY since I started taking these.  I wake up in the mornings & seriously just JUMP out of bed because I am ‘ret to go’…ready to get moving with the day.  I have noticed also that my blood sugar levels have been more consistent, with less spikes.  Therefore, less cravings for ‘sweet treats.’  – but, I was telling Megan the other day that even though I haven’t had the evening cravings for a ‘sweet treat,’ I’ve still been having a snack pretty much nightly because of the habit I have created.  I feel like I need to have the snack, even if I’m not craving a ‘sweet treat.’  This is something I am going to start working hard to change, starting this week!

My treat after lunch was DELISH

moday april 9 017

XOCAI Dark Chocolate Nugget

This particular type of Xocai Healthy Chocolate is beneficial for people with allergies or sinus problems because its specific contents (in addition to the anti-oxidants) help open the sinus cavities & allow for better breathing!! How sweet is that?!  And it really does work!  Who needs an allergy pill? Just eat the XOCAI Nugget & you’ll be good to!

After lunch came some various tasks at home I needed to accomplish.  One of which included getting this out of it’s package…

monday april 9 003

BodyPUMP Release 81!

I am pumped to start a new BP release!  For anyone interested in checking out BP, the new release is coming to the Y next Monday night!  You should come try it out…I’ll bet you will be hooked after only the first few tracks!  And after listening to some of the songs on my way to work tonight, I can tell you the MUSIC is ROCKIN’!  It will PUMP YOU UP!

I went to the Y this evening to take the STEP class I was supposed to teach. Confidence wasn’t quite there yet, so I asked Ginny (step pro!) if she would mind taking over for me one more week.  I was a participant in her class tonight & it was SO FUN!  She had me sweating good by the end. After STEP came BodyPUMP!  I taught & filmed myself instructing class tonight (did this on Saturday as well) so I could have two videos to choose from for sending in to LES MILLS to be critiqued. 

All that exercise made one thing in particular sound super tasty for supper….can you guess what?!


Yes, it was SUBWAY…and I talked Mom into getting it for supper! YES!

Dinner pics from tonight —

monday april 9 001

Subway Turkey on Wheat toasted with NO Cheese & loaded with Wedgies

Plus 1 deviled egg & raw fresh veggies with FF Ranch dip!

Tasted Excellent.  Hit the spot!

The Sweet Treat was still part of the plan tonight.  I decreased the quantity I gave myself, though.  It’s the first step! Tomorrow night my goal is to take away the chocolate chips, or change my sweet treat back to what it always used to be…SF Active Chocolate Pudding with a bit of FF Cool-Whip.  I think I’ll shoot for this second option!

monday april 9 005

Small amount of PUFFINS with a little handful of chocolate chips.

Megan sent me a devotion today and I wanted to share parts of it with you.  We were chatting with one another the other day about how we need to rediscover the ‘ healthy’ feeling again by eliminating the ‘crappiness’ from our diets.  A comment of mine to her was:

“Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around food.  I’m always planning out my meals to get in the adequate foods I need to hit all the food groups and keep things spaced out.  I’m constantly concerned about the amount of time between my meals & this, that, and other thing.   I know this comes with being health conscious, but sometimes I wish I didn’t care about food at all.  I know some people who could care less about when they eat.  They’ll go 7 hours without a single bite.  I fret if I pass the 3-4 hour mark with no snack.  I need to start changing my focus away from food. Gear my thoughts elsewhere, and let my meals fall into place on their own.”

Here is exert from the devotion (take it or leave, but I’d read it if I were you!), which we both decided was quite adequate for us today after our chat…

Day 15: I’ll have what she’s having

Thought for the Day: Just because a woman is skinny doesn’t mean that she’s healthy. The struggles are similar, just in a different size package.

One problem with trying to eat healthy is when you sit down next to a skinny girl who wolfs down everything on her plate. It makes me want to say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” A similar frustration pops up when Ms. Petite picks up her kids in a cute tennis outfit that I could never wear.

The paradox of comparing ourselves to other people is that we become blind to what we already have in the face of what we don’t have. Our hearts are drawn into a place of assumption. We assume that everything is great for those who possess what we lack.

But here’s the kicker. Everyone has not-so-great aspects their lives, things that they will have to learn to surrender or sacrifice. Sure, my size-two friend could eat all the snacks she wanted, but she’s got other struggles for which she has to depend on God. For instance, consider that skinny girl in your life who eats whatever she wants and makes you think, “How unfair.” Yet listen to what she might say in return, as someone once shared with me: “I am one of the skinny girls, but don’t mistake skinny for healthy. I battle depression, self-esteem issues, and verbal abuse. The list seems endless. Being little doesn’t make a person any more happy or faithful or joyful. The struggles are similar, just in a different size package.”

Life as a Christ follower will always be a learning process of depending less on our own strength and more on God’s power. James 1:3-4 says,

The testing of your faith develops perseverance, and perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature, complete, not lacking anything.

Why not make this a daily prayer, first thing in the morning: “God, I recognize that I am made for more than the vicious cycle of being ruled by food, body image, and comparing myself to others. I am thankful that You made my body unique in ways that I can serve You and in ways that turn my reliance upon You. I need to eat to live, not live to eat. So I keep asking for Your wisdom to know what to eat and Your indwelling power to walk away from things and thoughts that are not beneficial for me.”

The prayer at the end really hit home.  I need to eat to live, not live to eat.  Yes, I do.  I also need to stop the cycle of being ruled by food & comparing myself to others.  This prayer, friends, is going to be added to my prayers in the morning. It was created for me, no doubt.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!  Hoping you all got back on track with healthy eating habits and workouts after this Easter weekend.

You all know I wouldn’t leave you without first giving you some PINTEREST MI to keep the motivation flowing into tomorrow.  No matter how many steps back you took this weekend (I took at least one or two with all the unhealthy foods I ate) keep your head up & keep working hard.  You will be back on track before you know it!

Hope this helps…

april 9 monday

This one cracked me up last night when I found it!  I sure hope everyone recognizes the man!

It’s Willy Wolka (from the Chocolate factory!)

monday april 9

She got it exactly right.

april 9 - 4

Good AB workout! & Good ABS!

monday april 9 -1

If you fail, don’t quit…Pick up & try again.  Failure will put you one step closer to success if you stay determined!