Happy Hump Day everyone! 

Wow, I cannot believe today is already Wednesday!  Why is this week going by so quickly?

I’ll start by showing you all my (and Ann’s!) AWESOME supper last night…can you guess what it was?


YUM!  I LOVE this place…especially the one in my home-town.  It tops out as the BEST Subway I’ve ever eaten at.  Always.  You seriously cannot beat its freshness!

wednesday april 008
The side salad is courtesy of my Grandma Feldmeyer.  — I’ve told you before, she always has salad for me when I eat dinner there on Tuesday nights!  And it is TASTY salad, too.  I used Fat Free Italian dressing on the top, and those are whole wheat croutons you see…she knows what I prefer!

My sub is the usual – A six inch on wheat, with turkey, no cheese, & toasted.  Veggies = Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, green pepper & banana peppers, onions, jalapenos, pickles & LF Honey Mustard sauce.  Mmmm!

For dessert I had a 3 Robin Eggs (malted chocolate balls) out of my Grandma’s candy dish that she has sitting on her coffee table.

On to Wednesday…

BodyPUMP this morning at 8:30.  No breakfast before I left.  I packed an ON Cookies-n-Cream 100% Whey Protein Shake for after I ‘pumped my BODY.’

Went back to my room to find Soph & take her to Grams room before I left, and this is how I find her…

wednesday april 009

Sitting in Ann’s Thirty-one bag on our bedroom floor.  What a crazy pup!

BodyPUMP was AWESOME this morning! DeNae (the other instructor who I team-teach with often) had been gone on vacation all last week, so we were re-united to teach together this morning! Made such a difference.  Even though we had a small class size today, we made it super worth our while to be there by pushing one another! It was the best workout I’d got from doing BodyPUMP in quite a while!  Felt so GOOD!

After we finished class, I wanted to hit the gym for a while longer to do more ARM exercises & focus hard-core on ABS for once (since I usually push Ab exercises until the end of my workouts, & by then I talk myself out of doing many of them).

So today I focused on my ABS for a good 35 minutes, then did various ARM/Shoulder exercises for the remaining 25-30 minutes.  It was a good gym workout.  Probably going to be a bit sore tomorrow since it followed BodyPUMP.

After I left the Y, I finished my protein shake & ate a Naner on my drive to Jasper.

thursday march 22 001   thursday march 22 005

Went to Jasper to pick up more of this stuff…friday march 30 003

  BUY-LOW in Jasper is the only place I’ve found this yumminess.  Best nutrition facts on Pizza Sauce I have yet to discover.  & it is Oh. So. Good!

Afternoon snack before heading back over to work =

wednesday april 013

A pita (like I showed in yesterday’s post) which I sprayed a bit of olive oil on, sprinkled Italian seasoning over top, & popped in the toaster oven for a few minutes to get crispy.  Ramekin is filled with the ‘just bought’ pizza sauce & topped with LF Parmesan

Dipping toasted pita into pizza sauce =  A YUMMY snack, for sure!

Then my sweet tooth hit & I reached for a Powerball…then went back for another.  Oops! – Oh well, at least they are all natural and filled with pretty healthy ingredients that would keep me full till supper.

tuesday blog march 13 003

Before I left for work, I grabbed a handful of Cashews & put them in a small container to take along in case I needed a ‘pick-me-up’ energy snack before I got off of work. – I knew I wouldn’t be back home to have dinner until 7:30 or 8, so wanted to be on the safe side.  I ended up eating them at about 6 tonight.

wednesday april 016
On my break at work, I had a few visitors who came over to walk with me…

more pics for april 4 004

more pics for april 4 002

My Mom, Ann, and the pups came to visit!  We took Soph & Lil on a walk at the trail behind the Y!  They were so funny to watch the whole time!  It was a great way to spend my break between working sessions.

When I got home, I helped the fam finish whipping up dinner.  Our meal tonight was SO DELISH!  Check it out…

more pics for april 4 009

Herbed Chicken my Dad grilled & Roasted Wedgies!…oh, and BBQ Sauce for the Chicken.

The Wedgies included:  Broccoli, Cabbage, Red Pepper, Onion, & Asparagus tonight. We nixed the taters. 

I also munched on 1.5 Hearty WASA Crackers while preparing the meal. 

For dessert tonight…

Mom bought mallows from the store so we could whip up one of these for each of us for dessert tonight!

chocolate mallows 002

Four mallows (one for each: Me, Ann, Mom & Pops) dipped in melted chocolate, then sprinkled with crumbled LF Graham cracker crumbs.

It is NOT a ‘healthified’ dessert by any means.  But just eating one surely won’t ruin us!  I actually got the idea from the Y because the kids made them last week during their spring break camp.  They shared one with me after making them….wish they wouldn’t have.  Hah!

Now, on to do some summer planning & figuring out what I want to do with my life…aka = move to Indy or another semi-big city & get a job, or go back to school at Btown for masters in Health Promotion & Exercise Science. Decisions, decisions. Ugh, just don’t know what I want to do.

I’ll leave you with some PINTEREST MI so that you can go into your Thursday with a ‘kick-A’ mindset.  My goal tomorrow is to do what my running buddy did this evening, RUN nine miles.  I want to do mine in the morning when the weather is perfect for a nine-mile run/jog!  I kept the cardio to a minimum today, to that I would be good and ready to tackle major mileage tomorrow – I’ll keep you posted if it did me some good after the run tomorrow!


This one was good for me, going into tomorrow!

right! 4

  I will need to remember this tomorrow, probably at about mile 7 or so!

ripped arms

Yes, this picture would be in the dictionary under ‘chiseled bod’ if you care to know.


yes for march 29

This one has been previously posted, but I feel as if it deserves multiple appearances because it’s that good.

Remember to ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ on that workout tomorrow! 

Kick some A in the gym (or on the road if you’re running), k?