This morning came too quickly!  I slept like a baby last night. So tired that I don’t think I even moved in my bed.  How do I know? because this morning I rolled out from under the covers & all I had to do was pull the one corner back into place & my bed was made.  And I woke up on my back, in the same way I started last night. A move-less night.

I opted to not eat breakfast this morning before leaving for the Y, because like I’ve said before – I’m not a fan of having something in my stomach before a sweaty workout.  I taught ‘High-Low Cardio’ class this morning at 8:30, but wanted to get to the Y about 7:30-7:45 to review & get warmed-up. 

Class went well.  I was a sweaty mess by the time we finished. Good thing, because that told me I’d managed to get in a good morning workout!  Hope the participants got a nice workout in as well…I think the majority did from what I gathered.

I left right after teaching because I was shot. Felt super tired & needed my BREAKFAST

Got home & whipped up this recovery breakfast…

tuesday april 3 001

Scrambled eggs – how I make them:  Take three eggs, keep one yolk & throw out other two, scramble & add just a bit of skim milk. Spray skillet with a bit of Olive Oil, too before dumping in the scrambled mess!

I decided this plate looked too boring (and plus, I wanted a few carbs), so I attempted something…

tuesday april 3 002

Took a half of a Pita & toasted it slightly, then put my scrambled eggs inside & topped them with LF Parmesan and home-made Salsa.  — created a ‘breakfast pita!’

Oh, it was PERFECT ~ Hit the Spot after High-Low Cardio!

This was the pita I used…

wednesday blog march 28 013

There is only 60 calories in a whole one of these, and I only used half…I was pretty pumped about that!

After breakfast and getting the sweat off me, Ann and decided to go visit our Nanny for a while.  We took Lilly & Sophie out to see her. 

tuesday april 3 004

Soph decided to take a little nap while we visited.

Then the other two decided to take one when we got home! ~

tuesday april 3 009

I made a little SHAKEOLOGY to enjoy when we got home from the visit to Nanny’s & when I snapped the pic of it I realized what I was seeing in the background…tired Ann & Lil!  I caught them taking a ‘resties’ as Ann always calls it.  I call it a 20 minute power-nap!

I forgot to mention to you that before I decided to make a SHAKEOLOGY, I munched on a few pieces of peppered jerky because as we left Nanny’s I was beginning to feel very tired & low on fuel – that low blood sugar feeling.  I think my body must have burned through the breakfast rather quickly today due to the ‘interval-ish’ workout this morning.  They say interval training torches way more calories AFTER the workout is over than a steady paced workout.

tuesday april 3 006

Peppered beef jerky is my ‘Go-To’ snack when I can afford to buy it! – I always try to pick it up on SALE at CVS when it is two bags for $7.  I use it as a snack because it is HIGH in protein & low in FAT, and keeps me satisfied for quite a while.  My only complaint is the sodium content.  It IS definitely a far-cry from good.  But, I honestly don’t watch my sodium intake that much since I down water like it’s my job & I sweat during my workouts on almost a daily basis. 

Anyways, I was hungrier than I thought, so I decided that instead of eating the entire bag of jerky, which I easily could have  – I just ate a few pieces & then opted to whip up a ‘mini SHAKEOLOGY’ to accompany it & get in WAY MORE nutrients that way!

The rest of the day has been a slow day.  I think my workouts yesterday + today have got me feeling a bit SORE & TIRED.  A good thing, I suppose.  But I can tell my body just needed a ‘take it easy’ kind of day – a little rest and recovery for my muscles. 

Tonight I believe my Dad and I are going to whip out the sticks again & head to the H-Track for nine holes after I get finished with a training session.  It will be a nice evening for a round of golf! – I’m quite excited about the golf, not so excited about the ‘walking nine holes’ part.  — which is very unusual for me!  I usually love walking the course…there, a little indication to you about how my body feels at the moment. Beat. LOL.

Here is a recap of last night’s dinner salad since I did not blog. 

My mom picked up pizza for she and my dad, but Ann & I opted to go the MUCHOS healthier route instead.  The pizza didn’t even look appealing to me.  However, I thought to myself ‘I’m just going to try a small piece & see what it tastes like.’ – My curiosity had set in with it sitting right in front of me, so I put a tiny piece on my plate, took one bite & then got up about two seconds later to pitch it – Did NOT even taste good.  Plus, my ‘healthified’ pizza that I make quite often lately is so much better. I just couldn’t stand the thought of wasting even one more of my discretionary calories on such unhealthiness.

monday 4-2 004

While I was up pitching the Homestead piece of pizza that I opted NOT to eat another bite of, I popped some NAAN bread in the toaster oven & warmed up a bit of Pizza Sauce in the microwave, then sprinkled it with LF Parmesan.


monday 4-2 002

This is what I call ‘healthified pizza in a hurry’

Decided I’d just dip the piece of toasted Naan bread in the pizza sauce – maybe I should just call it a ‘healthified breadstick’ instead??

Whatever you call it, it was YUMMY & HEALTHY ~  So I enjoyed it!

Let’s just change the topic for this last bit…

Here is a question for anyone out there who has done their research on supplements ~

I was reading an article & it said something about how Dr.OZ recommends taking a ‘Raspberry Ketones’ supplement to help your body utilize storage fat (aka= fat stored in your adipose cells!).  Has anyone ever heard of ‘Raspberry Ketones?’  — in all the readings and research I’ve done in the past, I have never come across that. It was a first for me.  I wondered if it is a legit natural product that could help your body tap into your excess fat (aka = what I can’t seem to get rid of around my waistline and elsewhere) or if Dr. OZ is just nuts.  If you have any good info you’d like to share, I’d be delighted to see any comments with info. that you are willing to leave me! 

Well, hope you all had a great Monday & are off to a splendid start to Tuesday. 

Since I didn’t blog last night, I spent a little time last night on PINTEREST hunting down some good MI to keep us PUMPED UP for healthy eating habits & ‘go hard or go home’ workouts this week!

im just a happier person...

As I’m sure you are, also!

watch me

I thought of my INDY MINI goal when I found this one!

you are far too

I liked this one as well.  – I think sometimes my ‘All or Nothing’ attitude stands in my way of success.  I’m working on changing that. 

Don’t stand in your way! – Move aside so SUCCESS can happen!


I normally don’t pick & save BUTT pics from Pinterest, but this one was an exception. 

Super toned butt + flat tummy = in our future, perhaps?  Open-mouthed smile