April Fools Sunday = A FUN Day!

This morning I went to church with Megan instead of going to mass at St. Henry like I normally do.  It was ‘bring a guest day’ at Megan’s church & she invited me.  The service didn’t start until 10:30 AM (I normally attend mass at 9:15 AM), so I woke up & was able to take my time eating BREAKFAST before getting ready! It was a GREAT feeling.

sunday april 1 001

This morning I went with Sliced Strawberries & 1/2 a plain Greek Yogurt, sweetened with just a bit of AGAVE Nectar.  I also decided to add some grains by toasting a piece of 35 calorie wheat bread & loading it down with SF Strawberry Jelly.

After church with Megan, she had invited me to go over to her house to enjoy lunch with her family & celebrate her B-day a bit early.

Lunch was delicious! – Her Mom definitely knows how to whip up a good (and HEALTHY!) meal in the kitchen. 

sunday april 1 003

Fruit Bowl ~ Mmmm! Strawberries, Pineapple, Blackberries, & Kiwi

sunday april 1 004

All the fixings for salad ~ Cucumbers, Tomaters, Carrots, Green Peppers (and I avoided the rest)

sunday april 1 005

Mixed Greens + Spinach = Perfect for today!

sunday april 1 006

Deviled Eggs = YUM! ~ I ate TWO.

My lunch plate included Salad with Light Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette, 2 very small pieces of baked Turkey Breast, delicious baked Butternut squash (had 2 helpings) , deviled eggs (x2), a multi-grain roll and Fresh fruit. 

Since we were celebrating Birthdays, obviously you know what comes next…dessert.

I tried to keep to VERY SMALL servings —  I had Megan cut me a tiny piece of Carrot Cake (home-made by Martha —Meg’s mom) & I sampled one bite of a lemon bar because I have never eaten one.  Both things were very tasty.  I kept the portions small because I knew a run was in store for Megan, Tiff, & I after the birthday luncheon.

That is exactly what came next! Meg & I left her house to meet Tiff to enjoy the afternoon outdoors running. 

It was a FUN run!  Tiff and I took turns playing our TUNES from our iPhones out loud for all of us to hear & sing to —  I feel sorry for Megan & Tiff because they had to listen to me belting out my ‘workout tunes!’ while we ran! – There was no lip-singing today because I was outside in the open, not in a gym! 

The tunes really made our run so fun & entertaining.  We also chatted about this and that, so the time flew by.  Not to mention it was a gorgeous day outside & I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way!

I think we went about 8-8.5 miles total, all over Huntingburg – both in town & on back roads.  This mileage included some walking, as Megan and I needed a walking-warm up to allow our awesome lunch meal a bit more time to settle in our tummies. 

Once we finished out our run, I got home & left again. This time I loaded up the golf clubs & was off to play my first nine holes of the season at HCC (aka = the H-Track).  Dad and I walked nine holes & it felt so good to get back out on the course again.  The weather this evening was perfect for our round of golf.  Made it even more enjoyable!

After a long run & walking 9 holes, I was pretty ready for another meal — DINNER.

It was another awesome meal, followed up by a ‘sweet treat’ as always!

sunday april 1 008

Roasted Wedgies, a very small bit of Southwestern grilled chicken (same as from past meals) & Toasted NAAN bread dipped in Pizza Sauce

The Wedgies were absolutely delicious!

The SWEET TREAT tonight (even though I had a sweet at lunch….just couldn’t resist):

sunday april 1 009

I had a serving of Special K cereal (bc still no PUFFINS…insert another sad face, please) & some dark chocolate chips

Hit the Spot!

So…last night I added the teaspoon of Psyllium Husk to a glass of ice water & drank it down before bed.  It surprisingly went down much easier and the texture didn’t seem so weird to me.  I have discovered if you add it to ICE Cold water, it doesn’t get so ‘goopy’ while I’m drinking it.  Think I’m going to be able to handle this after all! YES!

I have also been taking the L-Carnitine & Chromium Picotinate during my meals.  I can’t say I’ve noticed any huge differences yet in the stabilization of my blood sugar, but I have noticed that one of them is causing my face to get rosy red & warm to the touch after I take it. 

Here is my thought – the L-Carnitine is supposed to ‘raise your metabolism.’  I’m thinking that maybe the slight raise in metabolism causes more heat to be produced while your body is working to digest the meal, therefore causing the body to warm up slightly…hints the red, rosy, warm to the touch face a short while after taking it.  So, I suppose it is doing it’s job in my bod.  Whoop!  – Just my thought, who knows. 

Well, I’m off to work on some summer plans & do a bit of reading in ‘Made to Crave’ to bring an end to this evening!

I hope you all had a FAB weekend & are ready to hit-it-hard again tomorrow! It’s Monday and that usually means back to routine for most people & also back to healthier, more balanced eating habits!

Here is a little PINTEREST MI to get you (and ME!) psyched up for your Monday workout & healthy eating habits!


I can definitely relate to this.

you must be

This hits home for me. I want to see others change their ‘unhealthy & work-out free lifestyles’ to more HEALTHY Lifestyles with great workouts.

Therefore, I must show healthy changes in my life & diet, & also keep exercising, so others may follow as I continue to lead.

march 29 yes yes

ABS…Summer, why do you keep creeping up on me? I need to get BUSY & work on this!

tuesday march 13

You may take steps backward, but push through & you’ll begin to see yourself take even more steps forward! – Keep going & DON’T GIVE UP!