Today started out…early!  Especially for a Saturday!  I taught BodyPUMP this morning at 7, which meant being at the Y by at least 6:50 – therefore, Set my alarm for six this morning & surprisingly jumped up and out of bed pretty easily & got going. 

BodyPUMP was FUN this morning!  It was a small group, only about six ladies today, but they had ENERGY! and we pushed each other.  I could tell how much they were trying by their facial expressions.  They had the “I can DO THIS!” look plastered on their faces ~ Loved it.

After BodyPUMP I went into the  gym to do another ARM & AB workout that I had found in a magazine recently borrowed from a friend at work.

saturday blog 004

It had some great Triceps exercises I wanted to try, amongst other exercises that targeted the biceps, shoulders, and traps.  It was an AWESOME arm workout & it involved using the CYBEX, which is a machine I now LOVE!  The few AB exercises I tried out of the magazine worked great also.  They focused on the lower abdominals – where I need to target most!

Megan had some fun on the ARC Trainer while I experimented with my new strength workout, then we hit the trail behind the YMCA because Megan had not been on it yet & wanted a tour. We just made one lap, then had to get on the road home.

After all that, we were still home by 10 this morning.  – And I felt so accomplished!  It was a GREAT feeling!

Once I got home, I made a Cookies n Cream Protein Shake to give my muscles some replenishment from the morning workout.  I made it with skim milk & it tasted YUMMY. 

saturday blog 001

Now, however, my belly is bloated & I’m beginning to think I overdid the DAIRY when I did both the protein & the skim milk together.  May need to use just water next time. Bummer.

Next on the agenda was taking little Sophie to get a tidy at the groomer’s – She looks so lovely now.  What a sweet-toot!

I will snap a pic of her and post it tomorrow!

Snack/Lunch =

         1/2 a Naner sliced & topped with Natural PB 

         1/2 Pita with my ‘new’ Pizza sauce I introduced to you last night & LF Parmesan on top.  Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm.

 Thursday Blog pics march 1 010

grocery pics 003

saturday blog 002

I spent all afternoon outdoors walking trails with friends!  First I went to Lincoln trail & followed it up with the new trail at Huntingburg.  Both were so pretty for this time of year, & made being out in the beautiful weather even better — Definitely was a gorgeous day in southern Indiana. 

The great outdoors spurred my appetite! LOL.  because when I got home I was ready for another snack.  This time I went with GRAPES & 2 freshly made POWERBALLS – hit the spot!

tuesday blog pics 002

pics from jan 30 and 31 029

Freshly whipped up Powerball mixture before rolled into balls

This evening I went to Evansville with my parents to check out a vehicle and then went out for a little dinner –  dined at Long Horn Steakhouse tonight!

My meal consisted of: 

     1.5 slices of wheat bread (Plain…NO BUTTER!)

longhorn bread

    Side Salad with onions, cucumbers, tomaters, and Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.

longhorn salad

     I ordered two sides for my meal: 

Plain Sweet Tater…had them hold the butter & cinnamon, sugar.

Fresh Seasoned Veggies…included:  Broccoli, Pea Pods, Squash, and Carrots

sweet potato       veggies

    I also ate a very small strip of Parmesan Chicken from my Mom’s plate to sample it because it looked SO GOOD!…and, it was!

The entire meal was very tasty & satisfying.  I would definitely recommend that restaurant to anyone.

Heaven forbid I go an evening without a sweet treat. Just got home from Eville a little while ago & already reached for my nightly Dessert:

saturda march 31 003

A bit of Special K – bc I ran out of PUFFINS (insert super sad face here!)—with a few Dark Chocolate Cadbury Eggs and some Ghirardelli Chips.

Onto next topic…GOALS

    I’ve decided that my goal (as well as Tiffany and Megan’s goal, since they are running the INDY MINI with me in May) is to complete the 13.1 without any walking, which I know I’m capable of because I did it two years ago in the 2010, & in 1 hour 58 minutes or less.  Why that time?  because when Megan and I ran it in 2010, we finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes.  — I’m hoping to knock 5 minutes off my time this year!

With setting goals & then achieving them, a REWARD should follow! Therefore, I’ve made my REWARD for when I accomplish this goal a NEW GPS watch & Heart Rate Monitor since Ann and I currently share one she bought a few years back.  I need to start setting aside a little from each pay-check NOW so that when the time comes & the goal gets accomplished, I get click the ‘Purchase’ button on Amazon! 

Check out the sweet watch:

garmin watch

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Pink)

Therefore, because of this goal, I am even more PUMPED about running the MINI…Bring it on 13.1 – we will dominate you without a doubt.

pic of 500 festival

Do you ever set goals for yourself?  And reward yourself when you achieve them?

I usually try to write mine down if I have my notebook handy when I think of them because it allows me to refer back to them in my ‘tempting’ times of skipping out on a workout or eating something super unhealthy.  I also write them down because I am Miss Forgetful, so if I didn’t write them down I would never even know if I accomplish them.

Here is some PINTEREST MI for you today!  Hope everyone had a product Saturday and was able to fix in some exercise and/or an ‘outdoor activity!’

tuesday march 27

Picked this one because have a run & bike ride planned with two of my favorite girls tomorrow! – Tiff and Megan

abs in the kitchen

And I will not get swimsuit ready ABS if I keep adding Cadbury Mini Eggs to my evening ‘sweet treat!’

So, I NEED to remember this! ASAP

very nice

These ABS would be nice for SUMMER!


I am going to make this one of my goals as well!

sat march 31

Yes, it sure does.

march 31

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!