Habit was broken today…No Breakfast before I headed to the Y. Darn-it

Got up early and went into the Y for a CARDIO Sweat Session before teaching ‘Butt & Gut’ class! I just had NO desire to eat at 6:30…Thanks, but no thanks. I had a nice, SWEATY 60 minute workout on the ARC Trainer this morning.  Best part about it…the MUSIC! ~ I was definitely lip-singing my heart out to every song that came on my pod! Bet I looked real cool…not!

Put me in a super good mood to start the day, though.  Plus the fact that Tiff came to my class…just totally made my Friday.

After ‘Butt & Gut’ class, I worked at Y Camp playing activities/exercises/games with kiddos of all ages who were enjoying their spring break, and ended the day at the Y working the front desk. 

Since I spent a full day at the Y, I took SHAKEOLOGY with me to enjoy for lunch.  I had about 5 kids want to TRY IT because it looked weird. And another 5 kids tell me it looked “so gross! how do you drink that?” – funny what kind of remarks you’ll get about a Shakeologyshake from kiddos!

I also asked the kiddos during one of the ‘healthy academic sessions’ I led about what each had eaten for breakfast this morning.

Responses they had: 

“Cinnamon Roll”

“Hershey chocolate bar”

“5 oreos”

“Buttermilk waffles”



Overall, I got some NOT SO GOOD responses for what the kiddos had for breakfast! I was AMAZED and somewhat stunned, actually.

Snacks today included: Banana & 2 chocolate dipped marshmallows the kids at camp made for me today ~ they were delish.

When I got home from working all day, I snacked on some grapes & took Sophie-butt out for a walk/run/play session around our house. 

friday march 30 002

Supper tonight was delish! I was hungry before it was ready, so started with an appetizer that consisted of a Pita dipped in a new Pizza Sauce I bought the other day at store.  It has 20 calories in 1/4 a cup and only 1 gram of sugar.  Pretty sweet nutrition facts….one of the best I’ve found thus far!

friday march 30 003

wednesday blog march 28 013

Once I finished off the appetizer, the meal was ready! Roasted Veggies and Crusted Tilapia.  Check out the Wedgies….don’t they look SUPER YUMMY?!

friday march 30 004

Roasted onions, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, red peppers, and a few potato slices – all topped with olive oil & Italian seasoning blend

friday march 30 005

A Delicious Meat-less Meal!

After supper I went with my parents & little Sophie in to see my grandparents at their house.

friday march 30 008

Here is Sophie, eyeing the candy-jar (the green-ish looking holder with the Bunny on it) on the coffee table, probably saying “MOM, give me those Jelly Beans, Pronto!”

She is crazy!

Megan and I tried to go for a night walk this evening, but got rained on.  Bummer.  We got about one lap in before it started pouring. 

Heading to BodyPUMP in the early AM to teach, so best hit the sack so I can roll out of bed in the morning, even earlier than I did this morning. 

Oh, Dessert tonight which I forgot to mention, was Puffins with some dark chocolate Cadbury eggs sprinkled amongst the mix ~ Perfecto. And also a glass of Skim Milk. Dairy = back in action!


Ended the night drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of colon cleanse psyllium husk mixed in.  Each time I have gulped it down, it seems to get a little less disgusting.  I shall persevere through a few more days and see if I begin liking the product.

I leave you once more with some PINTEREST MI for the weekend.  Keep your goals in mind as you venture on in to Saturday.

march 29

  march 29 perhaps

Most definitely agree with this one. Goal = don’t fall apart again, like in the past.

i want to

You hold your own future

respect your body



 Have an AWESOME Weekend & please try to enjoy the beautiful weather in store for us!