This morning started off with BREAKFAST…again!  I’m getting good at this habit.

It was an ‘on the go’ option this morning, as I was running late & had to be at work by 8. 

thursday eats march 29 002

I went with 35 calorie wheat toast with Natural PB & SF Jelly.

Took the Banana with me & saved it for after I finished out the morning watching kiddos in Child Watch.  Before I left the Y, I decided to use the gym to focus on some AB Exercises, plus a few BUTT/Thigh Exercises.  I stayed for about 45-50 minutes, then finished my Naner on my drive home to see little Miss Sophie. 

Lunch today was SUPER YUMMY! Started with munching on a  few grapes + carrots and FF dip while I was preparing the main meal.

Check it out…

thursday eats march 29 006

thursday eats march 29 005

Veggie Pizza…again! Made with NAAN bread for crust, Organic Italian Herb sauce, Broccoli, Red Pepper & Red Onion, plus a little shredded cheese and LF Parmesan.  And Italian Seasoning to add some spice!

I also wanted to eat a little bit of that Southwestern grilled chicken I introduced to you last night, because it was so darn good.

Here is the “pre-toaster oven pic” of the veggie pizza, minus the cheese because do not add that til right near the end.  Looks mighty tasty, doesn’t it? – It was…and healthy, too!

thursday eats march 29 004

Snacking today before heading back to work included:  Powerball dough.  I had to stop by the store and buy Craisens for the dough on my way home from work today.  Mom mixed up the powerballs last night, then realized she had NO Craisens to add. She left ‘adding the craisens & rolling into balls’ on my TO DO for today.  Bad idea. Why? because I ate the dough before rolling it into balls. Who knows how many ‘balls’ I downed since I ate the mix straight from the bowl. Note to self…don’t do that again.

Supper was Shakeology! So simple & easy since I worked at the Y from 5-9.  It is definitely a convenient ‘ healthy take along’ meal…One of the many reasons I like it.

Work at the Y went well, until it came to the end of the night and I couldn’t find these important little do-dads…

thursday eats march 29 008

The keys to turn off the gym lights and lock up the Y. 

After searching and searching, I finally found them! Whoop! ~ With some help from another employee who drove to the Y in her PJs to get me into the office where I concluded they had to be.  We hit JACKPOT…that’s exactly where they were!

When I got home from the Y, I felt like I needed a little snack to hold me over til tomorrow morning, so I opted for a few grapes & multi-grain bread dipped in Italian herb sauce.  It was good & satisfying. 

Now I’m chilling with Soph & thinking about the day ahead tomorrow.  I didn’t get much workout in today, and have to work from 8:30-5 tomorrow, so I think I will be heading to the Y early in the morning for a workout before the ‘Butt & Gut’ class I teach to start my day. – OH, and super PUMPED about teaching class tomorrow because an AWESOME friend of mine said she will be home & attending it! SW-EET!  Anywho…a good 45 or 50 minutes on the ARC sounds wonderful about right now! Actually, listening to some good tunes sounds excellent, & my favorite way to listen to my tunes is during exercise!  So I can lip-sing like crazy & have everyone in the GYM look at me weird.  Hah, gotta love the looks I get sometimes ~ Can’t a girl have some FUN while exercising?!

I’ll be setting my alarm early in the AM, no doubt.

Therefore, I’ll leave you tonight with some EXTRA AWESOME PINTEREST MI

I was in need of some good ‘pick me up & motivation’ to get me out of this slump I’ve been in (eating habits and such), so I turned to PINTEREST to find some good Motivation & Inspiration

PS ~ I will be updating you on the GNC products I got soon, likely in my next post when I have a bit more time to write…so stay tuned if you are interested in my ‘thoughts’ about them!

Enjoy the PINTEREST MI & have a TERRIFIC Friday!

good for march 29 

march 29 yes


march 29, a good one

I really like this one!

march 29 maybe

Nope, you cannot ~ Unfortunately.

yes for march 29

My FAVORITE of the night.

Another day, another chance….make it happen.

I’ve got GREAT workouts planned for tomorrow since I slacked today & I will make them happen. Will you make yours happen?