For starters, here is the finished roasted broccoli from last night’s dinner:

Tuesday blog march 26 001 So easy to make, plus Delicious & a nutrient packed veggie! It went perfectly with the baked Tilapia.

This morning I started out my day with a little BREAKFAST!

Tuesday blog march 26 002

Cut up 3 strawberries & topped them with fat free plain Greek yogurt.

I used…

Tuesday blog march 26 004

Tuesday blog march 26 005

Notice the SUGAR content of this OIKO’s Plain Greek Yogurt!  Only 6 grams in the whole container vs. the others I had bought which had about 15 grams! — Therefore, it needed a bit of sweetening for taste, so I whipped out my Agave Nectar and drizzled about 1 tsp. or less onto the yogurt.  It worked wonders & tasted awesome!

Thursday blog pics 012

I ran a few errands this morning & one of them included GNC. I bought three products…

l carnitine

L-Carnitine is taken with meals & helps to raise metabolism plus regulate sugar levels


Chromium Polynicotinate is taken at meals also & is supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels.

colon pure

Nature’s Brand Colon Pure: Purified Psyllium Husk – taken between meals & helps to cleanse the colon on a daily basis.  A friend of mine takes this & I also read about what a great product it is in the book “You Are What You Eat”  so I decided to give it a try!

After errands came lunch

Tuesday blog march 26 006

Cajun Turkey on Multi-wheat bread (from IGA) that I toasted & topped with LC Light Swiss Cheese and Mustard.  Added some Blackberries to sweeten things up!

That wasn’t enough.  I needed more sweetness

Tuesday blog march 26 007

Light n Fit Strawberry Yogurt with more Blackberries & a few Strawberries

This afternoon after I washed my grandma’s windows I found myself munching on these not-so-healthy sweet chocolates…


I think I had about 3 handfuls (about 15 eggs).  OOPS!

I said I was going to try harder.  I don’t think that qualifies as trying harder! Sheesh!

They were just so good, it was hard to quit munching.

Followed by the Cadbury eggs was a much needed Run/Walk in the lovely afternoon weather!

Remember that 2nd hill I told you I would tackle on a different day? Well, today was the day!  I tackled it….after tackling the first one again. Let’s just say, I HIKED up them both (definitely didn’t tempt to run up them)…pumping my arms the whole time!  That, my friends, was one heck-of-a-hill! WOAH.

Tuesday blog march 26 009

Post run/walk came cleaning up for work, then heading to the Y to Personal Train a new individual & then do some gym deep-cleaning!

When I got home I started preparing my DINNER

Tuesday blog march 26 010

Sweet Potato slices! YUM!

Tuesday blog march 26 011

Small Salad with Broccoli Slaw, Tomaters, Onions, a bit of Grilled Chicken, crushed Flax Seeds & a little LF Gorgonzola cheese

Dressing = Light Balsamic Vinaigrette

The entire meal tasted great & hit the spot. 

Dessert tonight was SF Chocolate Pudding cup with a bit of FF Cool Whip on top!  Figured I better keep it as light as possible considering I’d already had my fair share of Cadbury Eggs today. Ugh.

I shall try to do better tomorrow. Promise.

Well, I hope you all had a SUPER Tuesday & were able to get in a workout, or an ‘outdoor activity’ of some sort.

The routine PINTEREST MI awaits you…


3 26 march

I like this one!

blog pic for march 26

blog pinterest mi

…and never say “I can’t!”