Mondays fly by! Sheesh! & I just have to comment on the weather today because WOAH, it was GORGEOUS out all day today! Absolutely perfect weather for ‘outdoor activities!’

Fill you in on last night’s YUMMY Supper =

IMG_0879  Above pic is the pre-roasted red pepper & cabbage


This pic is post-roasted red peppers & my homemade veggie pizza…delish! I ate a roasted cabbage slice also, but hadn’t put it on plate yet when snapped the pic


Here is the label of the Whole Grain NAAN Bread I have been using for my veggie pizza crust…DELISH!

This past Friday I went to Pier 1 Imports with my Mom and my purchase of the day was 2 new little ‘dessert’ bowls to put my desserts in so I can have pretty bowls instead of using small Tupper-Ware containers!

Aren’t they so PRETTY?!


So to fill you in on Dessert last night…


About 1/2 a cup of Puffins PB Cereal and 6 or 7 Dark Chocolate Cadbury Easter Eggs ~ Oh, did that ever Hit. The. Spot!

I love my bowls so much that I decided to put my Breakfast in one this morning, also!  I managed to have my Breakfast BEFORE BodyPUMP this morning, which usually never happens! Trying to make some changes, let me tell you!


blog pics for the weekend and monday 004

Breakfast was 3 strawberries sliced & topped with the rest of the strawberry Greek yogurt I had in the fridge (1/2 the container). Scrumptious.

I taught BodyPUMP this morning & it was a great workout!  After BodyPUMP, I hit the gym to do more strength training exercises.  Mainly focused on the ARMS and ABS today — Wanted to give my legs a rest so they could be ready for another GREAT R-U-N tomorrow! I’m already looking forward to my run.  I knew I would get back in running mode, it would just take a little time!

I sipped on a Cookies-n-Cream Protein Shake after BodyPUMP and while I did my strength training.  I made it with skim milk and a scoop of my normal Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate.

optimum nutrition

Since I had a protein shake after doing BodyPUMP & other strength exercises today, I opted to NOT have SHAKEOLOGY – even after being so pumped about enjoying it. One, because I wasn’t hungry for another meal at lunch or anytime before work.  And TWO, because I am having to watch my DAIRY intake & gradually work my way up to eating more dairy instead of less.  So, I will no longer be having a protein shake & SHAKEOLOGY in the same day for a little while.

Snacks this afternoon included:


A half a Naner…I cut it in two, and ate both halves at two different times today — Made one Naner serve as TWO Snacks! Whoop!

I had a can of Diet Dew (just sounded good to me today!) & about 100 calories worth of Oyster Crackers (little soup crackers) while I was visiting my Grandma Dittmer.

Also had a XOCAI PowerSquare on my way to work this afternoon.

xocai power square

After I got off work I snacked on a tiny bit of Trail Mix (almonds, craisens, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds) on my way home to hold me over because I knew I’d be having a rather late supper tonight.  I chose nuts in order to avoid getting the munchies before supper was ready.


Supper tonight will be…Tilapia & Roasted Veggies! Super Excited about this meal.  

IMG_0901To make my tilapia, I just spray it with olive oil & sprinkle lemon-pepper dry seasoning on it, then bake it in the over on 385 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  And it tastes SOO GOOD!

Now, on to another topic besides EATS… My Current ‘Dear Diary’ and my Blast-from-the-Past ‘Dear Diary’. 

Guarantee you are wondering why I call it ‘Dear Diary,’ when any normal person calls it a Food & Exercise Journal. 

Allow me to explain ~ When I was in high school, several of my girl-friends and I each had our own ‘Dear Diary’ as a Word Document on our computers in computer lab at school.  We all sat by one another, and each day we would all pull up our “diaries” and write about pointless things in them instead of doing Mr. Oxley’s computer assignments.  So, ever since then I call my food & fitness journals ‘Dear Diary.’  Just another weird habit of mine!

Current ‘Dear Diary’


Decided I need to start keeping a WEIGH-IN log, so I can track my progress.  Seeing a change in weight helps motivate me & allows me to see my progress more easily.

I know I said that scales were a thing of my past, but I’ve decided to whip mine out again for the time being.


I set up each day’s page like this.  So I can keep a running track of the foods I eat, and my different meds.

The circled ‘B’ means BREAKFAST.

At the Bottom I write my moods for the day & if they changed before/after eating.

Blast from the Past ‘Dear Diary’…

Here are pics I snapped of my journal from parts of 2010.  I can’t seem to find my one from 2011 at the moment.  I’ll keep looking because I want to remember the back exercises I was doing at that time when I snapped those pics in March.

I included a few pics of my Workout Log & a few Food Journaling days.  I love looking back at my old journals.  I always find myself thinking ‘Man, I wonder how I ever did that.’  Then think ‘I’ll get back to that point again….I hope!’

 Well, I hope this motivates you to start your own ‘Dear Diary!’  I know if you’ve never had one, you will find it much help.  Once again, it’s an accountability tool.  The more you use it & write down everything you eat plus the exercise that you do, the harder you will work to write down healthy meals & snacks, and good workouts!  Seriously, try it and see what you think. 

And from the Weigh-In stand point, use that tool only if you’d like.  There is just something about seeing the number go down even the slightest bit that motivates me to keep trying and not give up!

So, without further –ado…here is your PINTEREST MI to get you geared up for a good Tuesday filled with healthy eats and hopefully a nice workout if your schedule allows!

a good one!

(I’ll let you define your own ‘INSANE!’)

abs! march 25

Hello ABS.  I hope I can see you appear on my body sometime before swimsuit season! Hah!

march 26 blog photo

Enough said here.