Hope you all have had a fun-filled weekend thus far!   Mine has flown by.  I cannot believe it is Sunday already. 

I didn’t snap a lot of food pics over the weekend, and didn’t eat all that healthy over the weekend, either.  Let’s just say I had my fair share of ‘junk’ foods – for me, this mainly means chocolate and a piece of birthday cake (since we went to birthday party last night!)…oh, and some starburst jelly-beans. 

I am so ready to get back on track tomorrow.  I am going to start back up on SHAKEOLOGY tomorrow & I am super EXCITED about it!  I may even have it for supper tonight because my Mom is fixing something I won’t eat…hamburgers.

One food pic I wanted to share with you from this weekend was my late, late lunch I had yesterday at about 4:30 ~

march 25 blog pics 006

 Homemade Veggie Pizza 

I used a 1/2 a piece of whole wheat NAAN bread, topped it with Italian Herb sauce, added broccoli, purple onion, & red peppers, sprinkled it with a little blend of shredded cheeses & popped it into the toaster-oven for about 5 minutes.  When it came out I sprinkled some LF Parmesan cheese on top & WHA-LA!  It was DELICIOUS!

That’s about all I got for food-pics this weekend. 

I was in my room yesterday & decided to quickly scan through pictures on my camera (which I hardly ever use anymore since my iPhone is so much handier).  I can’t remember the last time I used my camera to snap a pic.  However, I found some ‘progress pics’ from years past that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at.  I was amazed by what shape I was in just one year ago. 

I think I was doing some sort of mighty good back exercise at this time. I think I snapped these about exactly one year ago.  March of 2011.

IMG_6379      IMG_6378


Crazy how much a body can change in a year, isn’t it? 

Here is one snapped two years ago I think.  It was the year I spent part of the summer up in B-Town taking Microbiology.  I spent a great deal of time in the gym those eight weeks I was there…& loved every minute of it!


My stomach looks so much flatter in this picture, which is something I am majorly struggling with right now!

These pics definitely make me miss my old apartment, the gym I had there, & the awesome memories I have with Kate and my other room-mates.

IMG_5499     IMG_5501

I’ll take that stomach & those arms back anytime now!

The point of posting these pictures is more for me than it is for you to see ~ I’m not happy about the fact that I no longer have the body in those pictures.  However, finding them has made me realize that I need to start working harder to get back to the body I was HAPPY with!  I remember being a much more confident & smiley person when I was at ease with how my body looked.  I felt great & energetic, and I want that feeling back!

Your daily diet & exercise are the two main things that have the ability to change a body’s shape.  For me, the exercise is there already.  I’m working-out plenty & I try to do an equal mixture of cardio and strength training.  However, my diet since these pictures were taken has changed.  Calories consumed = substantially increased.

When these pics were snapped, I was in control of all things found on my shelves in the kitchen at our apartment.  I never allowed myself to buy any junk food or keep any at the apartment, which is turn meant I never had to look at & was never tempted by it.  And frankly, hardly ate it.  Except on weekends that I would venture home.

Now, I live at home on a DAILY basis.  And like I’ve said before…the kitchen is not a great place to be at our house.  There are so many more options available than I was used to having, and not all of them are healthy ones.  I love eating healthy & do so most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted & do not get cravings for the chocolate and other sweets that my mom often keeps at our house.  I try to avoid the chocolate the majority of the time (and stick to my healthy XOCAI dark chocolate), but even still it is hard to control the PORTIONS of the healthy foods that I eat daily. 

I have noticed that I consume LOTS MORE from sun-up to sun-down than I used to.  Bad thing?  YES.  These pictures have made me realize that my daily eating habits are playing a large part in how my body looks right now.  My old habits = healthy, healthy, healthy.  My new habits = healthy, unhealthy, healthy.

My goal is to make some tweaks and changes to my eating habits & TRY HARDER so that I can get back to this beach-ready body by the start of MAY!

It is somewhat of an accountability issue here.  I’ve told you my goal, now I am more likely to work harder in order to achieve it!  So thank you for holding me accountable : )  Do you ever tell someone your goals in order to hold yourself accountable? If not, give it a try! Bet you’ll get better results.

I’m off for a R-U-N in this BEAUTIFUL weather today!  Thinking that I’ll shoot for about an 1.5 hours or maybe a little more!  A bit of walking will likely be involved also, but I have plenty of extra calories from the last two days to burn off, & I’m thinking that could help me to run a little further! LOL.

So, here is some PINTEREST MI for you (and me) — Hope it will allow us to start our week off on the right foot!

march 25 5

because you know that…

march 25 2

march 25