This morning started at 5:30 AM for me (a little different from my normal 7 AM)!  I had to be at work by 6:15 this morning for a Fitness Orientation, so had to leave my house at 6 AM.  No breakfast this morning before I left…I can’t eat that early! I packed a handful of Nut + Craisen trail mix

I munched on tiny bit of it after the Fitness Orientation ended & before I headed to Morning Energizers.

I had to sit in on Morning Energizers today because I teach it on Friday.  It is a one hour class offered for mainly senior citizens.  Even though it is for senior citizens, we used weights on our ankles and wrists & I got a little bit more of a workout than I expected.

When I got home from the Y, I made some real breakfast/early lunch at about 10:30…

wednesday march 21 001

3 Eggs (all whites, only used one yolk & threw out other two) scrambled with Salsa & LF Parmesan on top

1 piece 35 calorie wheat toast with Natural PB & SF Jelly

Not pictured = Pineapple & Blurps

It was so nice outside & my car was so dirty that I decided it needed a good washing!  So I put on my tank top & shorts to get a little sun & went out start scrubbing. 

After I finished, Soph and I took a power nap on the couch for about 35 minutes. 

Next meal-ish

wednesday march 21 003

1/4 Whole Wheat Bagel w/ tiny bit LC Light Swiss Cheese & Italian Herb Sauce

Not pictured = about 5 Whopper Chocolate Eggs from good old Easter Candy Jar on our the best of me today.

Spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for a HIGH-LOW Cardio group exercise class I had to instruct at the Y tonight.  I filled in for Ginny, the normal instructor.  I’ve only taught it one other time, so had more work to do getting down the counts to the ‘pumped-up’ tunes I chose!  Since we go through about 10 songs in one class, it takes quite a while to practice because I have to run through things over and over.  I basically got a workout in before the workout (the class) because once I left the house for the Y, I spent even more time there going over the different choreography before the participants arrived. 

The class went great!  I was a SWEATY MESS when we finished.  I’m hoping they enjoyed taking the class as much as I enjoyed teaching it!

I went from teaching class to being Youth Fun Fit instructor.  I had one kiddo tonight, so we played soccer, Dance Dance Revolution on the Kinect, Air Hockey, and Kickball outside.  What a night! I was pooped by the time I left work.

Supper tonight after work:

wednesday march 21 005

Leafy Greens (spring mix) with Broccoli Slaw, Onion, Tomaters, Slivered Almonds, Whole Wheat Croutons, a tiny bit of LF Gorgonzola cheese

with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing  

wednesday march 21 004

Whole Wheat Tortellini with Italian Herb Sauce, Italian Seasoning, & LF Parmesan sprinkled on top

Not pictured = more Pineapple & Blurps

Dessert tonight at about 9…

wednesday march 21 006

Peanut Butter Natural Puffins with a little handful of Dark Chocolate Chips


A couple more snacks I munched on through-out the day that I failed to snap pics of = 2 powerballs & deli style turkey

I had quite the appetite today (UGH!)…I think it is because my day got thrown off by my getting up early & not eating breakfast. 

Well, I wish had more energy to write some fun & interesting things, but I am worn out & ready for a little relaxation.  I do believe I will be hitting the sack much earlier tonight than my normal 12:30 or 1 AM.

I will say one thing…I am definitely missing my SHAKEOLOGY about now.  I’m ready get back to ASAP on Saturday! It sounds SOOO good right now!

Until tomorrow night, I shall leave you with another bit of PINTEREST MI to keep you going strong into your Thursday!

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The above quote pretty much describes how I feel about the workout I got from teaching HIGH-LOW Cardio tonight!

Happy HUMP Day everyone!  We are half way to the weekend! Whoop : )