This morning got off to slow start.  Went to hospital to get a little blood drawn, and ended up spending an hour & a half there.  The doctor forgot to send the lab order in from Bloomington, so I was the lucky one who got to sit in the waiting room for a good hour while they called her & waited for her to fax it.  So glad I had a book with me to read!

you are what you eat

A great book that I’ve read and tabbed about 3 times now.  Still learning things from it.  Love it….You should get it!

I was about starved by the time I was done at hospital because I had to fast in order to have the blood drawn, so I was in need of some energy!

Breakfast this morning post trip to hospital —

tuesday blog march 20 003

A small handful of mixed nuts & craisens

tuesday blog march 20 002

tuesday blog march 20 004 

1/2 of Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin (Goldfish style!) with Spray Butter & SF Jelly

Major room cleaning took place after breakfast.  Then a major RUN/Powerwalk that felt sooo good!  The temp was perfect & I even managed to gain a little more tan!

Check out this hill I ‘hiked’ up today….

tuesday blog march 20 010

This pic doesn’t do it justice!  It was one GREAT hill.  Got to the top (note, I was walking! not running up this!), and there was an even bigger one up ahead – decided I’d tackle that another day. Hah!

The total run/walk time was 1.5 hours…roughly 7 good, sweaty miles.  So sweaty that I decided I better not stretch on the carpet, so I pulled out the beach towel to stretch on!

tuesday blog march 20 012

Soph was curious about the crabs!

 After run/stretch was sweeping & dusting time — I like to help Mom out when I can. 

Lunch today was more like afternoon meal.  Didn’t eat until I got hungry, which was 2.

tuesday blog march 20 014

 Steamed Broccoli – seasoned with Italian seasoning

Deli Turkey – plain…no sandwich for me!

1/2 Whole Wheat Bagel from Panera toasted & topped with TINY bit of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese & Italian Seasoning – dipping the bagel in Organic Italian Herb sauce.

tuesday blog march 20 017

Finished off meal with Pineapple & Blurps

Hit about every major food group on this meal…and it tasted so GOOD!

Snack before work = Xocai Powersquare + 1 healthified oatmeal cookie (made last week, but kept refrigerated).

Have you noticed that I did not have Shakeology today? Or my new normal breakfast of Greek yogurt & fruit.  — I have to go the rest of the week with ZERO dairy.  Meaning no milk, yogurt, cheese — oops, I slipped a bit when I added just a tad of Light Swiss LC cheese to my bagel at lunch – Shakeology (because it has dairy in it as its protein source & I also because I use yogurt when I make it), milk chocolate candy (I’m not cutting out the XOCAI healthy chocolate/XoBIOTIC), and anything else dairy related.  Harder than I expected.

I have to do this through Friday to determine if I could be Lactose Intolerant, due to a few issues I’ve been having with my abdomen in the past weeks.

It’s weird how you crave what you cannot have.  Today I open the fridge and the two things I wanted were a glass of skim milk & a greek yogurt.  Couldn’t have either.  UGH!

Before I left for work tonight I moved gym bag from room to living room & told Soph I was going to have to go to work for a little while. Two seconds later I turn around and find this:

tuesday blog march 20 018

Sophie knows I always take that gym bag with me when I leave for work, so she decided she wanted to go with me today!…Sorry Soph, the Y doesn’t allow pups, not even cute ones like you!

Taught ‘Get on the Ball’ class tonight at the Y!  It was a great class.  Awesome Glute & AB workout that had me sweating.  Also played kick-ball & tag with Youth Fun Fit kiddos after.  It was fun time.  Once again felt like a kid.  What a great feeling.

Dinner tonight was at my grandma and grandpas house after I got off work…

tuesday blog march 20 019

Salad with Tomaters & FF Italian Dressing

tuesday blog march 20 020

Green Beans & Rotisserie White meat Chicken (no skin)

I helped myself to a second serving of yummy green beans that is not pictured.

Dessert tonight…

A few Grapes, a handful of Jelly-beans (at grandparents house) & XoBIOTIC

Today was a productive Tuesday!  Was yours?

Here is a little PINTEREST MI to take you into your Wednesday MOTIVATED & Ready to tackle an AWESOME WORK-OUT!

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Have a great Wednesday everyone.  Try to enjoy this amazing weather if you can!