So much to be done in one day.  This morning (Monday…clock just turned twelve as I was posting, so it shows up as Tuesday, ugh) I over-slept at Ann’s.  Crap.  Turned off my alarm that was set for 7:40.  Slept until 9. Wow. So much for the morning run.  The plan for Monday I had worked out in my head on Sunday night had to be thrown out the window. 

I thought up a new game plan-of-action over my BREAKFAST!

blog pics for the weekend and monday 002

35 Calorie Wheat Toast with SF Raspberry Preserves

blog pics for the weekend and monday 004   A different brand of Greek Yogurt that has ZERO Fat, 13g of Protein, & 16g of Sugar blog pics for the weekend and monday 003

I added 1/2 Naner & few pieces of Pineapple, then only ate half the container of yogurt to cut that sugar content in half.

I will be buying this Greek yogurt from now on, unless I find an even better one! Any suggestions??

I re-worked my game plan for the day, then packed my things up, showered & hit the road towards BTOWN.  I had a doctor’s appointment there & then planned to have lunch with a close Optometry school friend I had made last semester.  I hadn’t seen her since before Christmas.  Talk about a long-overdue reuniting. 

Driving back through Bloomington & campus made me miss it so much.  When I saw IUSO, where I was picking up my friend, I couldn’t stop the tears that swelled up my eyes.  I missed it so much.  I tried to quickly figure out what it was about the school & Bloomington I was missing.  Was I missing the classes & the ‘optometry’ part of the school?  A little I suppose.  Yet, what I was missing way more than that were the friends, “big-sib,” professors, room-mate, co-workers, and the wonderful boss that I had to leave behind when I opted to take a break from the program.  I missed them ALL so much today & wanted to just pull into the parking lot and say HELLO to everyone I hadn’t seen in so long, but I knew that would only generate 100 questions I wasn’t ready to answer. 

So, I wiped the tears from my eyes, pulled it together & instantly started smiling when I saw one of my best friends I’d made in school sitting outside waiting for me to pick her up!  I COULD NOT WAIT to finally get to catch up with her after so many months apart.

We dined at Panera today & sat outside in the lovely weather.

My lunch:

blog pics for the weekend and monday 005 Garden Salad with Grilled chicken & I asked for Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side! I also munched on small part of a whole wheat baguette that isn’t pictured. 

Lunch tasted AWESOME.  But, spending time with Ashlyn was the highlight of my day.  We are so much alike & just understand one another so well.  We talked for as long as we could, until both of our schedules interrupted and we had to get going in order to move onto our next tasks at hand.  Mine was getting back home in time for work.  Ashlyn’s was getting back to her apartment to tackle some studying. 

Saying good-bye to both Ashlyn & to Btown was harder than I expected.  Bloomington is so pretty this time of year & that what makes me miss it even more.

Today made me realize all the relationships I had made in the short time I was at IUSO…and how many I had left behind.  I love Bloomington & miss it, as well as all my friends/class-mates. 

love iu 3

love iu

love iu 2

IU is just an AMAZING place where so many memories are created for so many college students.  The COLLEGE YEARS are most definitely ‘the best years of your life.’  ~ so all you college peeps out there…LIVE IT UP!

I had planned to get in touch with my previous boss from the Optometry School Library & another optometry friend for a visit after finishing up lunch with Ashlyn, but work called & needed some help tonight. I wanted to help them out, so I decided to head on home & visit B-Town again soon. 

Snack before work…

blog pics for the weekend and monday 007

When I got to the Y, I ended up not being needed in Child Watch.  They sent me a text, but I didn’t get it before I headed that direction since my phone decided to go dead on my way home from Bloomington.  Turned out to be A-OK because I was able to get in the workout that I thought I had given up this morning by over-sleeping.  I hopped in on the BodyPUMP session & helped Ginny teach it!  I was excited because my Mom was in it & because I was able to get a workout in that was unplanned!  Made for a good night!

Post BodyPUMP supper:

blog pics for the weekend and monday 009

Spring Mix Lettuce, Broccoli Slaw, Tomaters, Onions, LF Gorgonzola cheese with FF Italian Dressing

Not pictured = very small piece of pizza my Mom & Dad were having for supper tonight, so I had to sample.  I think it was Homestead. It was ‘eh.’ A small piece was enough. It wasn’t tasty enough to go in for more.

Dessert =

blog pics for the weekend and monday 010

My current ‘Go-To’…35 calorie wheat toast with SF Strawberry preserves

 A bit later & not pictured = 1/2 Naner, few Blackberries & Strawberries on top of 3 little bites of angel food cake (mom made).

Satisfied me.

A great Monday knocked out.  Bring on Tuesday!

I have to go to the hospital for a little blood work in the morning, then planning on an outdoor long run before NOON so I beat the heat! 

I got some good PINTEREST MI to keep you (and myself!) working hard…Check it out ~

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