Sorry about the lack of blog post last night.  Let me just give you a recap of my AWESOME weekend in Indy with the BEST SISTER EVER & a GREAT FRIEND!

Friday we chilled out at Ann & Ben’s house.

Saturday was exercise outdoors day with Megan!  ~ Approx. 9-10 mile run with a little walk (after discussing with Megan) and a fun afternoon bike ride.  I got a tan & I was pumped about it.  Then I look over at Megan and I still look like a ghost.  I wish I tanned that easy!

Saturday night was dinner & drinks out with the BEST SISTER EVER.  It was the most enjoyable night I’ve had in a long time.  My sister and I rarely go out to dinner by ourselves, so it was a definite change up.  But I LOVED it!

      My starter drink Ann made me…newest blog pics sunday march 18 001 I told her I only wanted a little one, so she went with a ‘juice’ glass filled with Three Olives vodka & a diet coke

We dined at Rick’s Boatyard & Grill by Ann’s house so we could sit outside and enjoy the beautiful evening weather.  It felt awesome on the deck!

I started out with a rum & diet at Rick’s.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an alcoholic beverage, so the few drinks I had on Saturday tasted mighty nice. 

We ordered an appetizer of baked goat cheese with marinara and seasoned baguette slices.  Scrumptious. 

Dinner was Greek Salads for both of us.  We both learned never again to forget to ask for dressing on the side like we did on Saturday.  Why?  Because both of our salads came out doused in Greek dressing.  Way too many added calories to enjoy.

Ben & Megan ended up meeting us at Rick’s a little later in the evening for one more drink & also to finish watching the HOOSIERS add another ‘W’ to their season!  It was a great game! Gotta LOVE those HOOSIERS!

Dessert Saturday night was a SF Active Chocolate Pudding I had packed & taken with me to Ann’s.  It was just enough “chocolate” to satisfy me.

Sunday the three Amigos (Ann, Megan & Myself) went to church.  Great way to start the day.  Churches in Indy are SO MUCH BIGGER than what I’m used to. 

I also managed to keep the breakfast streak alive on Sunday. 

Whipped this up before church:

newest blog pics sunday march 18 009

Light-n-Fit Yogurt, Skim milk, & 35 calorie toast with Spray Butter & SF Raspberry Preserves

By the time we got back home from church (since driving time was involved), Ann & I were ready for lunch.

newest blog pics sunday march 18 011 

newest blog pics sunday march 18 012

We each had a slice of left-over Quesadilla that was at Ann’s house & used our Mom’s home-made salsa to spice it up!  We also split a can of peas & munched on some POP-CHIPS (BBQ flavored) and carrots as well.

We needed a good meal to gear us up for the afternoon of cleaning and our trip to Meijer

My best buy at Meijer =

tuesday blog pics 011

Got these babies for half (!!!) the price of what I pay for them at the grocery at home!  SCORE!

Ann ran in the neighborhood on Sunday…I opted to pass.  Quads were put through enough on Saturday.  Megan & I got in on the AB workout after her run!  That was enough for me.  I considered Sunday my rest day since I only did ABS.

Sunday for dinner we grilled out.  Talk about perfect weather & a great meal.  That’s exactly what we had!

Outdoor Patio Setup newest blog pics sunday march 18 015

Dinner was grilled chicken tenders with BBQ sauce, rice, and roasted veggies! YUMMY!

After this plate full I also managed to eat another chicken tender & a few more veggies.

newest blog pics sunday march 18 025

Dessert was fresh fruit Megan brought for us to enjoy.  The perfect dessert for an outdoor meal.

newest blog pics sunday march 18 027

I wish every weekend could be as fun-filled as this past weekend.  I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead!

next lbog 7

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Check back later for my Monday post! I’ve got pics to share from today! WHOOP!