Last night was supper at Ann & Ben’s!  Ann and I opted for salads & split a whole wheat every-seed bagel.  I put Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese on my bagel & then dipped it into some pizza sauce.  YUM

saturday march 17 007

saturday march 17 005

Note the croutons on my salad.  Yes, I bought them.  Impulse buy!  They are WHOLE GRAIN, though.  So that’s a plus.

Dessert was 2 healthified Oatmeal cookies I brought along & a XoBIOTIC.  Ann also made a piece of toast topped with Peter Pan PB & SF Raspberry preserves to try because I’ve only ever had the Strawberry.  I will definitely be buying the Raspberry next time for a change up!

I ate breakfast this morning for the third day in row! WHOOP! 

saturday march 17 013

I kept it light since I was heading out for a run with Megan shortly after.  A little Light-n-Fit Strawberry Yogurt & a piece of 35 calorie toast with spray butter, cinnamon & splenda

I also filled up my NEW water bottle that my sister surprised me with when I arrived last night!  It is great because it keeps the water cold & doesn’t sweat! Perfect.

saturday march 17 014

Megan & I spent the morning running & walking all over Indy.  Thank goodness she knew the streets and where we were going, because I sure didn’t.  We both wore our watches and total time ended up being right at 1 hour and 50 minutes!  Some good prep for the Indy mini coming up in May.  I would say roughly 8 miles or so, maybe a bit more.  I’ll have to ask Megan for sure!  Granted, we kept it to an easy run so we could have small conversations, but even then it was still a GREAT long run for me!  And the weather was absolutely gorgeous! 

Once we got back to Meg’s we did some stretching (because my legs were cramping up quick!) then snacked on a new item I bought from Wal-Mart my last trip.  An instructor at the Y had introduced the product to me at our Quarterly Event with LesMills a few weeks back.  Talk about healthy & satisfying!…It’s a good combination of sweet and salty, for sure.

saturday march 17 018

The mix included:  Craisens, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, and Pistachios.  The perfect combo.

We opted for SHAKEOLOGY for lunch today!  It tasted extra scrumptious to me today because we used a new recipe than I’m used to with Megan’s ingredients!

saturday march 17 016

The pic definitely doesn’t do it justice.  Looks gross, tastes AWESOME!  

Ingredients for our shakes included:  Pineapple Coconut Light-N-Fit Yogurt, Strawberries, 1/2 Banana, Flax Seed, a little added organic protein, a scoop each of Greenberry Shakeology, and Light Strawberry Banana V8 Juice…oh, and ICE!

I think I found a new favorite recipe for my shake! Delish.

I also ended up eating the other half of Naner with some Natural PB that Megan had bought and wanted me to try!  It was sooo good!

After we let our shakes digest, we got ready for round two:  Bike riding!  I used Megan’s roommates bike and we went on an afternoon bike ride to enjoy more of the beautiful weather.  It was just so nice outside today that we couldn’t stay indoors for long.  The bike ride lasted about 1.5 hours & Megan once again took me on so many unknown roads/paths that I had no idea where I was for pretty much the whole ride; but, the scenery was nice & conversation was flowing the whole time…so I was content!

It was a great day of outdoor fun here in Indy!  Now Ann, Ben & I are trying to figure out our plans for St. Patick’s night.  What, if anything, we are going to do.  I would be pretty content just staying home at Ann & Ben’s to watch the IU game because my legs are pretty worn-out from the day of festivities.  Oh well, I’ll rest them later!

I really hope all of you got out today to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze!  If not, tomorrow is supposed to be just as pretty, so get out and take a walk, run, bike, hike, whatever!  Just do something outside!

st. pattys day

Hope you all have a safe and fun St. Patty’s tonight!  Don’t forget to wear your green…or better yet, wear your IU gear because the HOOSIERS are going to dominate tonight!



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