This morning I tried something new! Since I did not go over to the Y for an exercise class like normal, I fixed me some breakfast

Thursday march 15 002     Thursday march 15 003

Thursday march 15 001

Pineapple flavored Greek yogurt…which I loved, except for the sugar content.  There are 18 grams in one container.  So I opted to add a few Blurps & Blackberries to it & just eat half the container to cut the sugar value a bit.  I also needed some grains, so I opted for:

Thursday march 15 006

Half an English Muffin with SF Jelly.  I use Thomas Light because they are packed with FIBER!

Thursday march 15 004


Thursday march 15 005

Check out the Fiber content of ONE muffin! AWESOME!

Today I got to see my BEST FRIEND & COLLEGE ROOM-MATE who was home on spring break.   A shout goes out to Kate tonight, because she is my “other half” & is so important to me.  Even though we don’t see each other that often anymore because three hours separates us, we always just pick up where we left off each time we re-unite!  And not seeing one another as often makes the times we do hang out that much MORE special! My day was SO GREAT after seeing Katy, because she just brings out the best in me.  I LOVE her like my sister….and always will! 

Katy and I took a walk at the exercise trail in Ferdinand behind the Y around 11 this morning.  We had such a great walk outside catching up & enjoying the lovely weather.  After our walk, we headed to my house to continue our chat, eat some lunch, & introduce her to Sophie. 

Sophie got SUPER EXCITED when she met Katy…she got a little too excited ~ she pottied on Katy’s new workout top! Crazy Soph.  I felt so bad, but Katy didn’t care in the least bit.  She just laughed about it.

After that episode, Katy & I whipped up some salads for our lunch.

Thursday march 15 007

Soo YUMMY!  Spring mix lettuces, broccoli slaw, red onion, tomaters, & LF Gorgonzola cheese crumbles with Light Balsalmic.  — this is becoming my normal salad fix now.  We also munched on some carrots & FF fiesta ranch dip.

Thursday march 15 008

Salad held me over for a little while, then I needed some more grains – if I haven’t told you yet, I’m a bread fan!  Love it! which isn’t a good thing, but I have to live with it. – I toasted two small pieces of whole grain bread I got yesterday at Wally-world & heated up a little Italian Herb sauce to dip my toasted bread into. It hit the spot. 

Afternoon snack consisted of throwing together some healthified oatmeal raisin dark chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t know why, but I just felt like throwing some kind of goodie together quickly before leaving for work.  I ate some quite a bit of the dough, so I only had room left for one cookie! But it was SCRUMPTIOUS!

cookies 001

Dinner tonight was a delicious SHAKEOLOGY (Greenberry flavor!) that I took with me to work. 

Dessert (post-work) was Peanut Butter Puffins & a XoBIOTIC Healthy Dark Chocolate square.

Thursday march 15 009

Now on to the topic of the post…Change takes TIME.

I have upped my daily exercise in the past three months & have only been seeing the smallest/slightest changes in my body appearance.  I have also been trying to keep a healthy diet overall, with only the occasional cheat day.  However, for all the work I’ve been putting in, it seems the results are only minor… but, change takes time & I know that.  I think back to my college days and realize that it took me from the time I started school in September up until about spring break in March to get my body to a point where I felt I was reaping the benefits of my daily hard work (aka = good work-outs + healthy eats).  That means it took me 7 months to get to a point where I was content with my strength level and body appearance.  I’ve been giving it a good go since January, so I suppose I’ll keep up the work ethic for a few more months & hopefully I’ll begin to see even more changes. 

Point of this talk = DON’T GIVE UP!  Change seriously takes time.  So many people throw in the towel after a few weeks because they aren’t seeing results.  It doesn’t happen over night, people.  Keep your head up & keep trucking and you will (slowly, but surely) begin to see change in your body & also most likely in your mood and self confidence.  Some days I look in the mirror & pick out every flaw I see, but that gets me no-where.  A good friend of mine told me recently that I need to start pointing out the positives.  Start looking harder for the little changes & you will find them…and you should identify them & allow them to keep you going back for that next workout, or that next healthy meal option!  Stay strong, & change will come!

So, here is your Pinterest MI for Friday! End the work week with a bang, people! 

yes yes yes


~ KT