This morning I arose bright and early at 5:30 to be at work by 6:15.  It was kind of nice to start the day off earlier than 7, which is my normal rise and shine time!  After I finished up the orientation session at the Y, I ate an ACTIVIA Light Vanilla yogurt I had taken with me for my breakfast since I was going to stick around for BodyPUMP. I not my of an ‘eat right after you get up’ type of person, so I opted to take it with me.

tuesday blog march 13 004

I team taught with DeNae today, as I have been lately. And, it was a GREAT class as always!  We both pushed each other & gave our participants the motivation they needed to get through the tough tracks!  I didn’t PUMP on Monday & I could tell today ~ the chest & squat tracks were definitely more challenging than normal for me. 

After BodyPUMP I had a Cookies & Cream Protein Shake to give my muscles some ‘recovery fuel’.  Then a bit later in the day I went to my grandparents to enjoy a salad she mixed up for me with Fat Free Italian dressing & whole wheat croutons.  My grandparents always have something sweet to go with their meals, so today I got to enjoy some fresh strawberries with Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt on top after my salad!  It was delish!

vanilla bean

After Soph & I left Mama and Papa’s house, we went home and took a little run/walk/sprints around the house.  She did some exploring, too while we ventured around the house:

wednesday march 14 001     

You are looking at Miss Sophie’s butt, because she was taking a look underneath the shrub. Crazy pup. 

wednesday march 14 008     wednesday march 14 010

Next on the agenda was a Wal-Mart trip.  Not my ideal thing to do on such a beautiful day, but Dad was in need of some mailing labels & we I was in need of some groceries. 

The Wal-Mart Grocery Cart:

wednesday march 14 011

Can you pick out the most unhealthy item of all things in this cart?…look closely! ….Yep, you found it ~ the GHIRARDELLI 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips.  I love to use them as a dessert treat to add to my Puffins or to put on a piece of toast with a little Natural PB in order to satisfy a sweet craving.  Other than the dark chocolate chips, I’d consider the rest to be ‘healthy eats.’ 

Before work I had some of the fruit you see in the cart for a snack!  I had samples of the Blurps & the Blackberries…and both were DELISH!  I also had a XOCAI Power Square on my way to work to give me a little boost of energy! Getting up at 5:30 was AWESOME, until about 4:30 in the afternoon hit, then I kind of began to drag a bit. LOL.

After work, I did a short 30 minute AB workout at the Y that included the Oblique exercise on the CYBEX that has become my favorite!  I am sore from it, which tells me it is working-out my muscles! Yah! Rest of the AB work I used a core ball & also a weighted stability ball. 

Dinner tonight =

wednesday march 14 012

One of the new flatbreads I discovered the other day.  I cut it into pieces, drizzled them with a bit of Olive Oil & put them in the oven to give them crunch!  The ramekin has Tomato Basil sauce in it that I used to dip the home-made “pita-chips” in.  I also was craving some sliced deli turkey, so included a few slices of that tonight also.  A bit of a weird meal, I know. 

I also made up the ‘Fat Free Fiesta Ranch Dip’ recipe that is listed under the “Must-Make Recipe” page.  It’s only two ingredients:  Fat Free Sour Cream (I buy Kraft) & a packet of Fiesta Ranch dry mix.  I dipped my carrots in it to make sure I was eating a veggie with my meal!  I hadn’t had the dip in quite a while, so it tasty extra YUMMY to me tonight!

wednesday march 14 013 

wednesday march 14 014

Dessert tonight = a few more Blackberries (like 5), a SF Pudding (it was a Wal-Mart buy!) & my normal XoBIOTIC Healthy Dark Chocolate!…oh, and a huge glass of H2O because I was super thirsty!

Wish I could write more, but I need to spend some time thinking about my plans for this summer & what I want to do with my life.  Lots of options, but need to make some decisions so I can ~  1. start filling out applications & applying for jobs, or 2. start applying for graduate programs in Health Promotion & Nutrition, or 3. tell IUSO I will be returning in the fall/spring of 2012 to pick up where I left off.  Decisions, decisions. 

I’m also filling in for DeNae on Friday @ the YMCA for her morning “Get on the Ball” exercise class, so I have so preparing to do for that as well!  So much to do…my list just continues to grow. 

Here is some Pinterest MI to help get you PUMPED UP for an AWESOME workout tomorrow!  Get to it & you’ll be happy you did!

fri march 9


monday march 12

Happy Hump Day everyone.