Today I started out the morning by helping Mom with some cleaning around the house.  Sweeping, picking up all of Sophie’s toys, etc. etc.

Breakfast = 1 piece 35 calorie wheat toast with spray butter & cinnamon/sugar (just a bit) and a few pieces of sliced turkey from the deli (random, I know)

Next on the agenda was a RUN in the sun.  It was AWESOME!  A bit of walking was also involved.  I had some great tunes on my pod that just made me want to keep on going.  

New FAV song to pump me up = Starships by Nicki Minaj…only listened to it about 12x today! LOL


After run, I got cleaned up & made some lunch to take to my Nanny’s & eat while Sophie and I visited for a bit.

tuesday blog march 13 002

A Yummy Salad with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. ~ My salads look so much prettier now that I’m adding tomaters to them!

When I got home from Nanny’s I needed a little sweet snack, so I opted for:

tuesday blog march 13 004


tuesday blog march 13 003

One Powerball & an Activia Light Vanilla Yogurt.  I am usually a Light-n-Fit yogurt lover, but I picked these up the other day when I needed vanilla for the ‘healthified brownies’ I made for JUMPSTART class participants at the YMCA.  So I decided I’d finish off the 3 I have left before returning to the regular Light-n-Fit by Danon. 

After work & another mini-workout, I snacked on half a Naner & a handful of Cashews before my dinner was ready since I was UBER hungry! 

Supper was a flashback to my undergrad college days with roomie Katy.  She introduced me to Sweet Potato Healthy fries when we lived together, and they are still one of my favorite things to make!  I LOVE eating them!  I also had a craving for Tilapia, so I whipped up some Tilapia with Lemon Pepper seasoning in the oven.  Super easy, but very YUMMY!

These are the pre-baked sweet tater fries sprayed with olive oil & sprinkled with low sodium seasoning salt:

tuesday blog march 13 005

Tonight’s Dinner:

tuesday blog march 13 008

The ramekin is filled with Ketchup (not the greatest condiment, but at least it is the Hunt’s kind that does NOT have high fructose corn syrup in it).  I use it for my sweet tater fries.  

tuesday blog march 13 009 

The second picture is the rest (aka = second helping) of the sweet tater that wasn’t totally done baking in the oven when the fish was ready, so I left them in longer to make sure they got a little ‘crunch.’ I always spray a little olive oil on them because it helps give them the added crunchy outside!  I ate every last one of them…oh, and shared just a few bites with Soph!  

Tonight’s Dessert:

tuesday blog march 13 010

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding + XoBIOTIC Healthy Chocolate

I tried the exercise on the CYBEX tonight that I posted yesterday…and it was an AWESOME exercise!  Talk about working out the oblique muscles!  Try it out if you have a CYBEX at your gym.  It is definitely getting added to my gym routine! 

I left you yesterday also with a pic about goal setting, & today I thought about that pic while I was running.  I haven’t been taking too many long (ish) runs lately.  I’ve been slacking in the running department. Made me very happy with myself to get out there today & pound out some consecutive miles!  While running, I devised a ‘GOAL RUN’ that I plan to be able to accomplish in three weeks from now without stopping.  It’s between 7-8 miles, so should be perfect for in a few weeks time.  Until then, I have some running to do in order to build a bit more endurance. 

Set Goals!  Then set out to acheive them!

Until tomorrow, here is a bit of Pinterest MI to keep you (and myself) going strong ~

march 13 a good one

I liked this one…A LOT!

march 13

Looks similar to one of the roads I ran today!