This weekend was so FUN because two of my FAVORITE people were home for the weekend ~ Megan & Tiff!  We started out the weekend with a night walk together, then ended our weekend together today with an afternoon run/walk in the beautiful weather! It was great getting to spend time with them & fill one another in on our lives.  With all three of us being in different locations at the moment, it is hard to find a time when we are all home for a weekend at the same time!  I can tell I am in such a better mood after spending time with Meg & Tiff.  They definitely don’t realize how HAPPY they make me & how much I enjoy hanging out with them!  I already CANNOT wait until I see them again.  We planned another run at LHV for Easter weekend….and we also set a goal for a specific running mile & hills we plan to tackle then, as well!  Gets me motivated to start logging more miles so I’m ready for the Easter run with those two!


Mid-morning snack consisted of a cookies & cream protein shake after BodyPUMP & AM workout. Followed by Naner on my way home from the Y meeting I had & 1/2 toasted flatbread (pictured in previous post) with pizza sauce.  

Afternoon snack that I considered lunch-ish was a salad I whipped up, then took along with me to my grandma’s to eat while visiting.

saturday and sunch march 9 10 001 

The salad included:  Romaine, Broccoli slaw, Gorgonzola LF cheese crumbles, LF parmesan, Tomaters, and Onions.  A bit different from the salad I usually whip up, so it was pretty yummy! Dressing = Light Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Dinner last night was DELISH!  Check out what I whipped up:

saturday and sunch march 9 10 007 

Kabobs!  It was actually Mom’s idea.  But I made all of them up & Dad grilled them.  Mom and I included Red Peppers, Purple Onion, Zucchini, Potato, and Chicken (seasoned with Lemon Pepper) on ours.  My dad – who is the most picky eater I know – only included potato & chicken on his. HAH!  We actually had two plates full, but you can notice one of my dad’s is the second from the right-end.  How boring of a kabob is that?  I think my favorite pieces were the red peppers!  Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!  He missed out on the best part, the YUMMY veggies!  I didn’t even eat my potatoes, I just gave them to him because I don’t care for plain potatoes.  Had they been sweet potatoes, I would have eaten very last bite!

Dessert = Starburst Jelly beans…these I ate while visiting at my Grandma & Grandpa Feldmeyer’s house.  They were sitting out on the coffee table & were more than a bit addicting.  I definitely ate more than I should have.  I actually got a headache from them & I know it was because I was basically eating pure sugar.  Note to self = don’t eat any more of those. 

And here is Little Miss Sophie last night, enjoying her new toy (aka = toothbrush) that Mom gave to her…imagine that.

saturday and sunch march 9 10 013


Today was a good day that flew by.  Weather was perfect.  Sun was shining.  Friends were home.  And I was one happy gal!  Started out with church this morning, followed up by errands with Mom & Sophie play-time.  Had a Naner for breakfast & SHAKEOLOGY for lunch, which tasted AWESOME

saturday and sunch march 9 10 014

The run and walk with the girls took up the majority of my afternoon, but I wish it could have lasted even longer.  We could have talked for 10 more hours because we had that much to catch up on!  I did manage to spend a bit more time outdoors once I got home from LHV because I washed my Jetter.  It needed it, & now looks nice and shiny! WHOOP!

Dinner today was Wings-n-Rings with Mom, Dad, and Nanny. 

I got a Chicken Wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla & also a side of steamed broccoli (which was AMAZING!) instead of the saratoga chips it usually comes with.  It was okay.  But I have been eating out way more than I would like lately.  I used to eat out only RARELY!  Now living at home, it seems like I’m going out to lunch or dinner with people or my parents more & more.  Which I don’t like, because they are always finding ways to add extra calories to things that just aren’t necessary. 

Had I made my own wrap at home, I would have:

1. chosen a high fiber & whole wheat wrap that was LOW in fat (doubt Wing-n-Rings uses Low Fat Wraps). 

2. would have used Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese spread instead of full fat shredded cheese (I’m sure that is what I had in my wrap tonight, unfortunately)

3. used much less grilled chicken & way more veggies and lettuce .  

Home version = ALWAYS healthier…at least using the ingredients I have at my house. 

Hope you all had a FAB weekend. ~ Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already.

Tip of the Day = Plan out your meals if you are going to be busy this week (or even if you are not), so you know what you have to do in order to eat healthy. Then commit to making it happen.  We all have things about our diet we need to change, so taking small steps in order to see improvement overall is the best way to start! 

Also, make sure to plan your workouts into your schedule!  We plan everything else into our schedule, so work some GYM-TIME into it, too!  No excuses for not getting outside for at least a walk because the weather is supposed to be super warm this week! 

I will leave you tonight with a little Pinterest MI to help start off your week & get you PUMPED-UP!!

if you do

So make the CHANGE, to be able to see a CHANGE!

love this one! march 9 

I actually tore this exact AD out of a Fitness magazine.  Then it showed up on Pinterest.  I love it.


SMART Goal Setting – make goals & work hard to achieve them!

~ KT