Morning = gym time! ~ started the day off with a little Xe Energy & the ARC Trainer.  Then found my way over to the CYBEX Machine!  This huge machine is quickly becoming my favorite machine for strength/toning exercises that target the butt, thighs, and arms!  After the gym, I just went into the Group Exercise room and played around making up some exercise routines to new songs I downloaded on my pod last night.  Fun times, fun times! lol.  It was fun because the music was new beats and words that I hadn’t heard a 1000x already! I love when I download new tunes!

After gym = had a Naner & half a protein Luna bar on my way to Jasper.  Got my hair washed & cut by my college roommate & good friend today at her salon in Jasper called iCandy!  She did a fantastic job!  It was so relaxing and fun to chat with her while she cut my hair.

After hair appointment = LUNCH time! ~ it’s Friday & Lent, which means NO meat…Who needs it anyways when you can get awesome protein from egg whites?!  I used to hate eating breakfast foods when it was not breakfast. Now, I absolutely LOVE it!

I mixed together 3 eggs, keeping the yolk of only 1 of them for a little color.  Threw out the other two.  I also added in a little less than 1/4 cup skim milk when I was scrambling my eggs.  I think they taste better that way.  I also load them up with pepper! & eggs are seriously about the only food I add a little salt to. 

The triangle pita chips are home-made! I got the idea from Rachel last night at the YMCA.  She made some for our JumpStart participants because it was their last class.  Check out the awesome pitas I found in Jasper to make them & the nutrition facts of them!  Pretty healthy & delicious!  I’ve never bought them before today, but they were mighty tasty.  I just cut the pita into triangle pieces, sprayed a bit of olive oil on them & popped them into the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 350o.     SO EASY & YUMMY.  I dipped them in homemade salsa (not pictured), after first loading it on my eggs. HAH! friday blog march 9 003

friday blog march 9 008

friday blog march 9 006      friday blog march 9 007

I also had to have some greens with my lunch!  My mom hadn’t talked to me about what my plans were for lunch since I had been gone the whole morning, so she was super thoughtful and picked me up a little side salad at Wendy’s on her way home from running errands.  She knows me all too well.  However, the eggs and pita chips filled me up quite a bit, so I only managed to eat half the salad.  Other half is in fridge.  Probably will scarf it down tomorrow after BP.

friday blog march 9 004

Rest of the Day = made another batch of Powerballs (which entailed eating WAY TOO MUCH of the dough before it was rolled into balls).  We go through those balls like crazy at our house! 

Next, I let Sophie take a little excursion outdoors on her leash.  She sprinted all over the yard and rolled in the grass like crazy, too!  So next on the agenda was a bath for Miss Sophie!  She needed it big time after her trip outdoors.

friday blog march 9 015

friday blog march 9 017

Since her bath & blow-drying this afternoon I’ve been calling her ‘Miss Fluff & Stuff’  because she is SO fluffy! ~ I love it!

After bath-time came naptime.  Then did a few things around the house, had dinner at Arnie’s with my parents.  Consisted of:  small bowl of sweet & sour slaw, and a big chef salad (no chicken!). 

Ended the night walking with two of my best friends!  Megan, Tiff & I finally re-united at Lake Helmerich for a night walk & talk all around LHV.  We love walking there because of all the awesome hills you get to walk up!  Makes for a little extra calorie burn while we talk our heads off.  We had so much to catch each other up on because we haven’t seen one another in weeks!  Actually, we are planning another exciting day together tomorrow so we can pick up our chat where we left off.  Still so much to talk about.  I’m super pumped about it…and also pumped about BodyPUMP in the AM because Megan will be joining me!  SW-EET!  I better get to bed so I have some good energy for in the morning! 

Night everyone and happy Fritag (es ist Deutsch!)

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Can someone please pound the above quote into my head already! I just can’t seem to get that straight.

for thursday

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