Tonight I first have to share with you this pic I found on Pinterest last night while viewing the Fitness page for a little MI [aka = Motivation & Inspiration]. 


Talk about FIT-SPIRATION!  I am a far cry from looking like this, but I hope ONE DAY that hard work & dedication will allow me to have a body similar to this one.  Her body looks so FIT & STRONG…exactly what I am striving for!  I think the best part of the pic is the definition in her arms!  Holy-Cow!…If I knew who this girl was, I’d be in contact with her A-SAP to find out what her workouts consist of & what in the world she eats on a daily basis! I think it boils down to determination, the right mind-set, a little bit of genetics, and a whole lot of HARD WORK!

Needless to say, after seeing this pic I was all for getting back to my healthy eating habits today (especially after the horrible day yesterday!) & having some kick-butt workouts to make myself one tiny step closer to this strong image!

Started off today with 1/2 a Naner before BodyPUMP this morning because I woke up hungrier than normal.  I also took my Xe Energy with me! BodyPUMP was a great workout with DeNae & our class participants!  We all got into it and worked super hard!  I stayed a bit after and did a little cardio & AB workout before I had to leave to get ready for lunch.

Today I had lunch with my Aunt at a local restaurant called Fat & Sassy!   The ‘Fat & Sassy Salad’ they serve ranks right up there with Winkler’s!  That’s what I ordered and it was delicious!  Bed of greens with Grilled Chicken, a few craisens, Gorgonzola cheese (my favorite), a few Granny Smith apple slices, and walnuts.  Their house salad dressing comes on the side, which was some type of sweet vinaigrette.  I used it sparingly because it seemed awfully sugary!  None-the-less, an AMAZING salad that hit the spot.

Afternoon snack consisted of a few thin slices of turkey I picked up the other day from the deli & 2 Powerballs to gear up for work!

I used the afternoon to create & practice a High-Low routine for group exercise class tonight at the Y.  The instructor who usually teaches the class had to stay home with her sick little girl, so she asked me to fill in for her!  I was SUPER PUMPED, but spent the afternoon putting different exercises with counts of songs I wanted to use! It was so worth it….the class was FUN & Challenging!  I was sweating after just the warm-up!  I hope the individuals who took it enjoyed it & got a good cardio workout in from it.  I would love to start teaching a class like that more often!

After that workout, I went to work Youth Fun Fit!  Doesn’t sound like it would be much of a workout, but HAH! You got it all WRONG!  Those kiddos & I played hard for the whole hour!  We played tag, freeze tag, relay races, and a few other fun activities!  They had me running the whole time, which was FINE-BY-ME!  A little extra calorie burn to end the evening at work…not to mention, it was a FUN way to burn calories!

Knowing I had worked out my fair share today, I decided I could enjoy a little more for dinner than just a salad or some other lower calorie option I usually stick to.  I wanted something with a little more consistency than just veggies.  I whipped up:

wednesday march 7 004

wednesday march 7 001     wednesday march 7 002

Some Whole Wheat Tortellini (I introduced to you in a previous blog…I used about 1/4 –1/3 the package), a few pieces of steamed fresh Broccoli (hidden under the sauce, and mixed in with the tortellini) & topped with organic tomato basil sauce (pictured with nutrition facts) +  some LF parmesan.  Talk about SCRUMPTIOUS! I hardly ever make pasta, so this was a definite treat! And what meal is complete without a few added greens? So I also made a bity salad to go along with it!

wednesday march 7 005

I used to hate tomatoes, but as you’ll notice my salad tonight has chopped tomatoes on it!  I bought 2 Roma tomatoes the other day at the store because they looked SO darn good & I’ve grown to like them on my salads now!  My mom added the croutons you see.  I put my salad on the table & when I walked back over to it I see two big croutons! Not joking!! ~ She decided to liven mine up with them when she added some to her own salad.  I usually don’t include croutons in the mix of things, but tonight they tasted pretty good.  However, that is one thing that you should always opt to leave off your salads.  Just extra, unnecessary calories right there!

Dessert = XoBIOTIC Healthy Chocolate Square.  YUM!  & lots of WATER because I am one thirsty girl tonight!

That’s all I have for today!  I have other things I need to tend to tonight, and also get organized for a productive day tomorrow.  I’ll leave you with a few MI Pinterest finds to get you geared up for another good day tomorrow!


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