I’m guilty…I had a horrible eating day today.  Absolutely ashamed of myself.  As I recap the entire day tonight, I come to the realization that my eating habits today most likely are caused from the change-up in normal routine today.

I have been starting out almost EVERY morning with some sort of exercise routine.  Today, however, I did not.  I was going to go to High-Low Cardio class this morning (taught by the AWESOME Miss Ginny!), but I knew it was supposed to be a B-E-A-U-TIFUL day outside. I also knew that I needed to get my butt in gear and start logging some serious running mileage because I have 13.1 miles to run ~ AKA = the Indy Mini in exactly TWO months from tomorrow!  That means it is GAME time, my friends!  Anyways, knowing both those things made me decide to post-pone my workout for the afternoon, when I could take it outdoors & enjoy the lovely weather.  That was both a good idea & also a bad one.

Bad side = it caused my whole day to be off.  Good side = the weather was lovely & the workout was GREAT

I usually start my morning with an Xe Energy drink, which serves as my breakfast.  That didn’t happen this morning.  I stayed home & started the day with 1/2 of a Thomas High Fiber English Muffin with a little SF Jelly (the last left in the jar!).

 tues march 6 001

All went downhill from there.  Before noon I had eaten:  grapes, 3 powerballs, 1 Xocai Powersquare, Sliced Turkey from the deli, 2 pieces of 35 calorie bread (plain..I know, I’m weird) & a breadstick (left over from my Mom & Dad ‘s supper the other night). Talk about compulsive eating.  I just couldn’t feel satisfied. 

For lunch I wanted to have some Taco Soup my mom had whipped up last night, so I opted for that instead of Shakeology.  I had decided before eating the soup that I would have Shakeology for supper instead of lunch today.  Taco Soup is basically V8 Tomato Juice, Beans, Corn, Ground Beef or Turkey (mom used beef I think…eh. not a huge fan.) and some things to make it spicy!  It was YUMMY! I also managed to eat another piece of 35 calorie bread with this soup.  I think I had a carb-tooth today.

I left for work at 1:30 and went to use the outdoor exercise trail at the Y beforehand.  So glad I finally left the house after that morning of crazy-weird eating!  The outdoor workout was supposed to be a steady run, but turned into an interval workout instead.   I used the benches along the path to do dips, push-ups, step-ups, and some butt exercises (leg extensions to the back and side).  I also did lunges, squats, “dots”, jumping jacks, and planks all at different points between running and walking.  The weather felt so great that I just didn’t want my workout to end!

I should have worked-out another 2 hours to take care of the supper I ate tonight.  Mom ended up calling me at work & wanted me to meet she & my Nanny for dinner after I got off..So much for Shakeology.  I couldn’t say no.  And guess where they wanted to eat…Mexican. Seriously?! 

Supper = too many tortilla chips with salsa + a taco salad (I had them put it on the plate & not in the huge fried taco shell…spared myself those horrid calories at least!).  Taco salad was grilled chicken with cheese sauce (but looked pretty greasy to me) and lettuce & chopped tomatoes on top.  I added lots of salsa to my salad, also. 

For dessert…duh, I have to have something ‘dessert-ish’ at night! I had SF Pudding with FF cool-whip on top, but tonight I left off the dark chocolate chips.  I didn’t need those extra calories either!  Ended my horrid day of eating with a XoBIOTIC Healthy Chocolate square.  Hopefully the probiotics help me to digest the horribly high number of calories in my dinner tonight. 

Needless to say, I just spilled my guts to you all.  I don’t have perfect days either.  I am so much a ‘routine’ person & when my routine gets thrown off, good things don’t happen.  Today it ended up being that my morning workout was canceled, so my entire day of eating was OFF!  I wish I could go back and change my eating habits from today, but I can’t.  So instead of pouting about them & beating myself up, I’m going to learn from them and move on.  I want to remember the ‘yuck’ feeling I have at the moment from all I ate today & hopefully it will keep me from having another day like today for a good long while.

Eating healthy is something I strive to do on a daily basis, but NO-BODY said it was easy…I definitely didn’t say it was.  It is hard work.  Especially in today’s society when food is all around us & the majority of it is unhealthy, yet so tempting.  I know tomorrow is sure to be a better day, as I already have the right mind-set going tonight to make it one!  I’m ready to redeem myself & fill my body with the healthy foods that it LOVES tomorrow, instead of the crappiness it got today.

I hope you all had healthier eating habits than myself today & also got in a good outdoor work-out to enjoy the weather!  Tomorrow is HUMP day!  Ooooo, we’re half-way there : )


A little motivation from PINTEREST for myself & you all tomorrow…

hard is what makes it great

believe in yourself.

~ KT