Yesterday was AMAZING!  I attended the LesMills Quarterly event with 5 other instructors from the YMCA. 


We took SEVEN LesMills classes in one day, with not much break between! It was challenging & and I was worn out by the end, but it was SO WORTH IT!  It was so motivating to see all the other exercise fans at the event giving it their all.  I looked like one of the most out-of-shape people there because so many of those attending the event were ‘chiseled!’  Very defined arms, super toned legs, and six-packs!  That part of the experience made me kind of bummed at first because I think about all hard work I do (exercise and eating healthy wise) & the body I still don’t have.  HOWEVER, it also was very inspiring to me at the same time because I hope that if I keep working hard in the gym and maintain the healthy eating habits, one day I will be in that kind of shape & have others looking up to me like I was looking up to them!  A girl can dream, right? 

The LesMills instructors themselves were the most motivational & inspirational part of the event.  They were AWESOME!  Especially two girls in particular that we met and talked with.  I would love to have their job at some point down the road.  Traveling the U.S. putting on Quarterly events & being on stage leading a LesMills fitness class in front of more than 100 exercise fans who are there to enjoy a day jam-packed with hard work! A girl can dream, right?

Overall, the experience is one that I hope I will get to do over again down the road…multiple times!  Not only was it a great day of workouts that taught me my limits & introduced me to different types of workouts, it was also a fun-filled day of ‘Y instructor bonding time.’  The 5 other individuals who went with me made the trip SO MUCH FUN!  The ride to St. Louis and back went so quick because we talked and laughed the whole time. 

Today I woke up for BodyPUMP at 7 and felt surprisingly energized and ready to get to it! DeNae and I led an UPBEAT BodyPUMP class today!  I could tell we both still had the ‘exercise high’ from our experience yesterday!  I even had enough energy after BodyPUMP to hit the ARC Trainer for a little while, which totally surprised me.  The ‘LOW-KEY’ Monday came after I left the Y.  I ran to Winkler’s to get another AMAZING salad to enjoy for lunch, then went home for the rest of day.

I basically spent the day doing…ummm, not a whole lot.  I NEVER take naps..well, today I did.  I laid down for an hour & a half nap today!  Soph and I slept like babies on the couch together.  I set my alarm to wake up after an hour, but that just didn’t cut it.  After nap, I ran to the store to pick up a few things Mom needed, then got ready to head to work. 

After work came supper!  YUM! Grilled Chicken with BBQ, Asparagus made in the oven, and a little Taco Soup (not pictured)

monday march 5 012

Then came dessert!  SF Live Active Chocolate Pudding, FF Cool-whip, plus a few Dark Chocolate Chips.  Delightful.

monday march 5 013

I had some snacks throughout the day that I didn’t mention, such as Grapes, 2 Xocai Power Squares Healthy Chocolate, and 2 Power-balls. I seemed a little extra hungry today after burning all those calories yesterday, so I allowed myself to eat a bit more than I normally would on a Monday. 

I will be back tomorrow with another post of a specific topic…not sure what exactly yet, but hopefully something interesting & one you’ll enjoy!  Until then, stay positive and keep up your hard work & work-outs!  They will pay off!

Here is a pick from Lillian’s visit to see Sophie this weekend.  Aren’t they so cute together?  You can just call them the sock thieves.  I’m pretty sure that is a pair of socks in front of Miss Sophie!

monday march 5 002 


~ KT