This morning came all too quickly.  I remember falling asleep while saying my prayers last night because I was SO tired!  But, woke up this morning rested & ready for an EXCELLENT Friday workout at the Y!  Brings me to the meaning of this posts’ title: 

Before I left for the Y, my Mom asked me if I had a scale at home that I could use to weigh Sophie.  I had one…yet it was hidden away in a decretive box in my room that I keep exercise & fitness things in.  I hadn’t used my scale since I’d been at college.  And even then I had stopped using it because I had stopped working out (no time for it) & stopped caring about what my body looked like all together.  So there was no use to step on the scale (that was my horrible mind-set at the time). 

Sophie was too light to register on the scale herself.  So, mom said “weigh yourself, then pick up Soph and weigh again.  The extra pounds we will assume as Soph’s weight.” 

weight scale

Note:  This is the SCALE I use, but not my weight (just took pic off the net)

Hah!  I was BLOWN AWAY by the number I saw on the scale!  Wish I could say it was the number I saw WITH Sophie in my hands, but unfortunately it was the number I saw with just myself on the scale.  It was WAY higher than I had remembered it being the last time I used that dumb thing.  I was upset & bummed after seeing the number…until I left for the Y & thought out the situation in silence on my drive.

I came to the conclusion that the SCALE means NOTHING anymore.  I used to think it meant everything.  I’d weigh-in almost daily when I was an undergrad at IU.  I loved watching the number on the scale go down, down, down!  Meant I was working-out HARD & eating Healthy! Yet, I am doing so much more Strength Training exercise than I ever did while I was in college.  I still do my cardio, but I almost prefer strength exercises these days.  Totally opposite of how I used to be in college. I used to be a CARDIO-AHOLIC!

I also take a few different medications that I didn’t always take & they unfortnately have ‘weight-gain’ as a side effect.  Stinks. 

And, BodyPUMP (my all-time favorite exercise!) is about lifting heavy weights for several minutes at a time & hitting all the major muscle groups.  I think it builds more muscle than any exercise I’ve ever done in the past.  Right now I’m doing BodyPUMP three times a week, plus other strength training exercises on top of it, so I’m undoubtedly gaining muscle mass.  Or at least that’s what I talked myself into believing on my trip to the Y this morning.  Muscle weighs more than Fat, I kept telling myself. 

After having those thoughts cross my mind, I also started thinking of how I felt about my body these days & came to the conclusion that it feels STRONG.  I still have several problem areas that I want to work on & I want to lose more fat from my arms and core area (my goals!), but we all have things we want to improve on!  That’s why we continue to exercise!!

Overall, I’m happy with the changes I’m seeing in my body & how strong it feels at the moment.  I hope it only continues to get stronger, whether that means the number on the scale goes even higher, goes down, or stays the same I really don’t care.  Why?  Because what matters is how I feel about myself, not what the number on the scale reads.  Needless to say, the scale is going back in the decretive box & will probably stay right there until Miss Sophie-Pants needs to be weighed again. 

Now on to something more interesting…making POWER-BALLS! I made a batch this morning after I got home from the Y & decided to snapped some pics for ya all.  You can find the recipe under ‘Must-Make Recipes’ page!  They are so EASY to make & SO darn DELICIOUS!

But first, here is my post-workout breakfast pic I snapped.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted PB & Banana on my toast or just SF Jelly, so I decided to do a little half & half action ~  Yum!

Thursday blog pics 009

Now, the Powerballs ~

First = Peanut Butter  ~ A LOT of it!

Thursday blog pics 010            Thursday blog pics 011

Second = Agave Nectar + Local Honey

Thursday blog pics 014

Thursday blog pics 012


Third = OATS ~ Old Fashioned or Steel Cut are the BEST types

Thursday blog pics 015


Thursday blog pics 016


Fourth = Dark Chocolate Chips, Craisens, Almonds & Crushed Golden Flax Seeds

Thursday blog pics 017


Fifth = Mix it all up, taste a few bites of the delicious-ness & roll them into little balls!

pics from jan 30 and 31 029


pics from jan 30 and 31 032

Put them in the freezer to harden & WAHLA! You have a delicious snack & excellent energy booster at about 75-100 calories per ball!

Make them your weekend project! 

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m off to Btown to pick up the BEST SISTER in the WORLD & meet up with the BEST BOSS I’ve ever had, Miss Laura!  Cannot wait to see them both!

~ KT

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