Well, this morning started out as ‘one of those days.’   I contemplated going to the gym at all because I just felt so tired & not in a good mind-set to have a decent workout.  Then I thought things through = Thought process:  1.)  I can skip the gym today, and then have an excellent workout tomorrow 2.) I can go to the gym today & get on the treadmill or arc for 20 minutes, and if I’m still not feeling like a workout then I will leave.  3.) I could go to the gym, get warmed up, do some strength exercises & listen to my tunes & bet I’ll get fired up for a good workout.  ~ Yep, you guessed it…number 3 happened.  BUT, had I not sat down with Little Sophie on my lap this morning to think about those options, I wouldn’t have made it to the gym because my initial mind-set was “N-O workout today.” 

I just wanted to share this with you because many people think I WANT to workout EVERYDAY….and, most often I do!  However, I have days just like you that I just say to myself, “eh.”  Getting to the gym is the hardest part, seriously.  Once I’m there, I know I will have a good workout, or at least a mediocre one.  And any workout is better than ZERO workout!  Mine started off kind of slow this morning, but by the end my muscles no longer felt fatigued I had managed to get in a pretty lengthy workout that included both some good cardio & toning exercises. 

After I got home I’m not gonna lie, I I felt pretty tired…especially in my legs. So, I opted for a Protein Shake vs. Shakeology for lunch today.  I mainly use protein shakes as a recovery fuel only after BodyPUMP or a really good strength work-out, but today my muscles felt like they needed some extra protein ‘fuel’ to repair & replenish themselves! They were beat.

Thursday Blog pics march 1 008    Thursday Blog pics march 1 007

I use Optimum Nutrition protein that is 100% Whey protein isolate.  The best type of protein on the market is whey protein ISOLATE & it should be the only kind you consider using when taking a protein supplement.  I love this brand because it is loaded with protein, is low in fat & sugar, but still tastes GREAT!  Not kidding! 

 I had Cookies-n-Cream today mixed with Skim milk.  YUM! ~ I don’t use quite the whole serving amount since I usually mix it with skim milk & that, too, has protein in it!

Shake held me over until about 12:30, when I was ready for a little something I could actually CHEW!  — I went with:

Thursday Blog pics march 1 010

Half of a Naner

Thursday Blog pics march 1 011

And 2 pieces of 35 calorie Healthy Life Whole Wheat Bread.  I didn’t do anything to it, just ate it plain.  I know that’s weird.  I just love bread.  I can eat it plain anytime, anywhere!  No need to spice it up for me. 

Notice on the label it says ‘No High Fructose Corn Syrup’you should definitely be cautious of what you buy these days because it seems like every manufacturer wants to add in High Fructose Corn Syrup to their products, which is why I’m constantly checking the food labels on products to make sure I avoid it.  It is basically very highly processed sugar that doesn’t have to be included in the sugar content displayed on the Nutrition Facts label of foods.  Basically, a hidden weight gain ingredient in SO many products! Note to self…BEWARE!

Well, Sophie and I are off to visit the Grandparents and do some cleaning before work tonight!  Be sure to get a good workout in today, or at least a workout…out-doors would be the ideal location since it just super gorgeous out there at the moment.  You will be glad you did.  I know I am.

Sophie says:  “Mom, seriously, are we ever going to go visit Great Gram & Gramps?! Let’s GO already!!”

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~ KT

Oh…a little motivation for you: 

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