Wow, I am worn out right about now!  Too much work-out & play (at work) today!  I had a great morning full of working out:  Taught BodyPUMP, then did BodyPUMP 81 for practice with the other gals at the Y, & followed it up with a Run/Walk on the outdoor trail with DeNae in the B-E-A-U-TIFUL weather!  I didn’t eat any breakfast before I left this morning (I usually don’t), just took my Xe Energy with me!  After BodyPUMP round #2,  I was in need of some extra energy, so I took a few bites of a Banana I had taken with me just in case.  I ate half of it, then headed out to the trail with DeNae for a run/walk!  Needless to say, by the time I got home at around 12, nothing sounded better than an icy SHAKEOLOGY!


So that made my decision on what I had for lunch! and it was Oh So Good!

After lunch Sophie and I ran over to Jasper for a quick errand, then stopped by my Nanny’s house for a visit.  I took a String Cheese Light along with me because I figured I’d have the munchies while I was at my Nanny’s & wanted to be sure to have something healthy on hand.  It’s always a good idea to think ahead & plan ahead when it comes to snacks and meals.  Especially when you are ‘on the go.’  It can make all the difference between a healthy choice or an unhealthy food choice. 

I also savored a XOCAI Power Square healthy chocolate on my way over to Jasper! And as I sit here writing this I realize I still have my XoBiotic left to eat today.  Yes!! Another piece of chocolate awaits me!

At work tonight I was in charge of Youth Fitness & the kiddos and I decided to spend most of the evening playing TAG!  The kids loved making me the ‘IT’ one and I was constantly running my butt off after all of them!  I was sweating bullets by the time we finished!  Bet we played for a good 50 minutes or so. It was a great additional calorie burn for the evening…and so much FUN at the same time!  I felt like a KIDDO again.  We also played some dodge-ball, which was a bit like reliving my high-school gym days! LOL.

After work, I came home & whipped up yet another yummy salad for dinner because it was quick and easy.  It was delicious, but I was still hungry.  Went for the next thing that sounded good:wednesday feb 29 001

A piece of 35 calorie wheat toast with a little Natural PB (brand = Peter Pan) and loaded up with SF Jelly.  It hit the spot.  Still had room for dessert, though.

Dessert was sugar free chocolate pudding with FF cool whip on top.  —  Hah!…I needed more than that. I was hungry tonight.  The next dessert was granola (Love Crunch), a few Puffins and some dark chocolate chips all mixed together.  Now, THAT hit the spot!

 Man, I am getting SUPER PUMPED for this Sunday!  The other YMCA Instructors and I are going to a LesMills quarterly event that gives us the opportunity to try out ALL the LesMills Programs they offer.  I am super excited to try out CX-WORX, a 30 minute intense AB/core workout & also BodyCOMBAT, which is a cardio workout that seems similar to TurboJam/Kick-boxing.  It is going to be one crazy day of working out because I think we are taking a total of 6 or 7 difference classes, but it will be SO MUCH FUN & an AWESOME experience!

Well, I’m sorry the post is kind of blah tonight, but little Miss Sophie isn’t allowing me to think much because she is requiring ALL of my attention.

Hope that you all got in your Wednesday Workout & kept the eating healthy!  If you did, I’m sure you are feeling pretty accomplished about now.  I’ll leave you with a few Pinterest finds I have saved to my ‘Motivation and Inspiration’ folder on my computer.

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~ KT