Started out the day with a little HIGH-LOW Cardio class at the Y, which was led by an AWESOME instructor (Miss Ginny)! The class is somewhat based off of the Insanity workout & uses a combination of moves that keep your heart rate fluctuating!  After class ended I wanted to do a little more workout before I left, but felt too tired for anymore cardio.  I opted for a toning workout instead that included:  Tricep exercises (mine need some work), Leg curls (targeting hamstrings), AB work, and a glute exercise or two.  It was a nice additional 30 minutes of toning exercises. 

The title “Tasty Tuesday” comes from my lunch today!  I had to pass up Shakeology because I was invited out to lunch.  We ended up at WINKLER’s Health Foods Store in Jasper…a great choice!  They offer salads over lunch hour.  I wish I would have snapped a picture of my salad, but the co-worker I was with would have probably been wondering what in the world I was doing!  It looked so pretty & was super delicious!  ~ Fresh Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, celery, and walnuts with a Feta Cheese (definitely went light on this, because it was way to good to even be close to reduced fat or low in fat!) dressing.  I mean WOW! Tasty Tuesday is exactly right!

After lunch I ran errands & made a pit stop at Wal-Mart for a new Five-Star notebook to use as a Fit Journal. 

Five star notebook

I used to keep a food/fitness journal everyday when I was in college. I wrote down everything I ate and kept track of my all my exercise routines & weigh-ins.  It helps SO much for accountability.  I’ve done it on and off since I’ve graduated, but I want to get back to doing it full time!  I’m planning on dividing it up into sections that include:  Daily Food Journal, Exercise/Workouts, Goals, Weigh-ins, and anything else, such as Inspirational Quotes. The pocket I’m planning to use to keep motivational pictures or exercises that I find & pull from magazines like Shape and Fitness.

I needed a few groceries at Wal-Mart, but managed to add a few extras to the basket that weren’t on the list…as always.  Here are some of my buys from today:

tuesday blog pics 002

Red Grapes (seedless) – munched on these on the drive home! Lol

tuesday blog pics 003

Whole Wheat Tortellini Pasta…this is a first-time EVER purchase for me!  Inspired by a restaurant I ate at with my family this weekend!

tuesday blog pics 005      tuesday blog pics 009

I use this on most of my salads…but I only use a few crumbles to flavor up the salad, not an over-abundance because it is a bit higher in fat than I like to eat…yet such a GREAT addition to salad.

But just remember…Moderation is KEY!  So eat what you enjoy & what you like, but just make sure to keep it in sensible portions!

tuesday blog pics 006      tuesday blog pics 007

String Cheese LIGHT!  — a GREAT snacking option because it is HIGH in protein, so that means fuel for your muscles and it will take time to be digested by the body…therefore = FULLNESS factor!

Non-pictured wal-mart buys included:  Bananers, Blurps, Frozen Strawberries (for Shakeology Shakes), Tomato basil organic sauce, and Almonds (for salad topping).

My friend Megan introduced me to these scrumptious Puffins on our Christmas break trip to Tennessee!

tuesday blog pics 011     tuesday blog pics 012

 They are an AWESOME snack that have a GREAT P.B. taste!  Nutrition facts are pretty good on them…I posted it so you could check it out!  I hadn’t been able to find these anywhere since I left Bloomington, until I walked into Winkler’s today and spotted them on their shelf!  I was PUMPED!  So, they were definitely incorporated into my dessert snack tonight! 

I had supper with my Grandma & Grandpa tonight after I got off work at the Y.  Grandma always has salad for me because she knows how much I love it.  I also had some green beans & a piece or two of white meat rotisserie chicken…oh, and some handfuls of fresh strawberries & grapes!

When I got home, I wanted to try out the new Puffins I had bought, so I made up this concoction:

tuesday blog pics 014  A little Puffins Peanut Butter cereal, a tid-bit of ‘Love Crunch’ Granola & some dark chocolate chips!  Talk about a great way to end the day’s eats.  Hit. The. Spot!  Delightful.  I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

It has been another quick day & tomorrow will be here before we know it!  I want to spend some time organizing my Fit Journal tonight before I head to bed, so I will be back to fill you all in again tomorrow!  Keep an eye on the ‘Work-it Outs’ page tomorrow, as I’m planning a pretty good outdoor workout for the exercise trail behind the YMCA if the weather permits! And I hope it does!

It’s almost HUMP Day!  Whoop!

good one

I like this quote! …make exercise important to you & find a way to stick it in your day! You’ll be so HAPPY you did!