Today had its ups and downs. 

I thought I had a great workout this morning…until I got on Pinterest for a bit before writing this post and looked at all the pics & workouts posted under the ‘Fitness’ page. I constantly found myself thinking:  “Will I ever get to that point?”  Then, I snapped out of it & I reminded myself that everyone is created differently…in both MIND and BODY.  Even though I may exercise harder and eat healthier than others, I may never have the body that some women posted on Pinterest do.  And, I am finally learning to be OK with that!  They look awesome, I’m not going to lie…but, I’m having great workouts, eating healthy on a daily an almost daily basis, and I am feeling GREAT about it! 

Even though I don’t have the six-pack abs, or the smoking guns to show off, I think I have a healthy body that I’m dedicated to making stronger.  It’s a work in progress & it’s work that I LOVE!  I workout each day because I crave the feeling I get after an awesome workout.  Some people hate to sweat…I  freaking LOVE it!  If I’m not a sweaty mess when I leave the gym, I don’t think it was worth my while to be there. 

If you ever struggle with the First Step = Getting to the GYM…just think of how you will feel AFTER you finish the workout.  It has me going back each and every day!


After the workout this morning, I decided to change up my meal plan since I had a little extra time today for lunch. I opted for 3 scrambled egg whites with 1 yolk & a little skim milk mixed in.  I topped them with LF Parmesan cheese and made an egg burrito with them using part of a whole wheat tortilla shell & homemade salsa! YUM!! – I also made some Asparagus my Mom picked up at the store, just by popping it in the oven with a little Olive Oil spray on it & some Garlic Powder. 

Check out the eats for lunch today:

friday night blog pics 001           

friday night blog pics 005   

friday night blog pics 003 

It was a great change-up to the SHAKEOLOGY routine, but I just feel like Shakeology makes me feel so much better the rest of the day.  I have more energy, less cravings for mid-afternoon snacks, & just feel so much healthier if I just make a quick shake to drink. 

Looks like I won’t be having any more ‘change-ups’ in my lunch anymore any time soon!

The afternoon was spent running errands with my Mom.  We stopped at CVS and I noticed a sweet deal that I could not pass up:  Jack Links Peppered beef jerky on sale 2 for $7.  So $3.50 a bag.  Pretty good price for beef jerky, which I like to snack on when I can find it on sale since it is LOW in FAT & HIGH in PROTEIN! 

jack links jerky

However, there was one problem…couldn’t use it as my snack today because it was Friday & it is Lent, which equals NO meat. So, the two bags purchased got put in the cabinet for later use!

This evening I attended a ‘Chocolate Tasting & Informational Social’ that was at a friend’s house.  I have been taking XOCAI Healthy Chocolate on a daily basis & also use the Xe Energy Drink produced by the same company.  I went to the social tonight to tell others who attended how I feel about the products I’m using.  You can find more information on the chocolate  or the drink by clinking the tab at the top of the blog, but you really need to read through everything to fully understand the reasoning & science behind the Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  It definitely isn’t like any chocolate you would ever by at a store.  It is so much healthier and has so many benefits!  It does NOT compare to store bought chocolate.  Even a healthy individual will benefit from taking this stuff!  The Anti-oxidant count is sky high…and anti-oxidant research is BIG right now in the nutrition world & has been for the last several years because of the IMPORTANCE of them in our bodies.  When our bodies lack adequate amounts of Anti-oxidants, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll know it.  They fight of Free Radicals, the ultimate cause of any sickness of the body.  Just listening to others speak of the even greater impacts Xocai has made on their lives makes me want to continue to share the product with everyone I know because of it’s many benefits. 

It is so hard for people to understand the true science behind the product unless your major in college revolved around nutrition, metabolism, chemistry, or some type of exercise/fitness related program that may have involved some nutrition.  Bottom line, EVERYONE needs to be consuming ample amounts of Anti-oxidants each day in order to feel as healthy as possible!  It’s amazing what the body can feel like & what kind of energy it can produce if you just fuel it with the right nutrients!!

I currently use three of their products everyday & LOVE them all!  I take 2 Powersquares (at least) + 1 XoBiotic (before bed) + 1 Xe Energy (each morning during my workout!) practically daily.

Powersquares help with inflammation, which I get from daily workouts because it’s part of our bodies ‘repairing routine.’  The squares also are packed with Anti-oxidants & give me boosts of energy!  Oh, and curb my chocolate craving of course!


XoBiotic I only take once a day before bed.  It is filled with Probiotics for my colon to keep the good bacteria plentiful where it is needed most! 


And of course, you all know I am hooked on the Xe Energy Drink!  I absolutely can’t tell you how much I enjoy this product.  It is caffeine free and made straight from the ACAI berry & blueberries.  You won’t find a healthier energy drink on the market…at least not to my knowledge!

energy drink

Sorry to ramble on and on, but this company and its products truly has benefited me and so many others.  I wish everyone could just TRY it out for a month or two & I guarantee that they’d experience a type of health & energy they’ve never had before.

I’m off to bed, but probably won’t be able to sleep because I am too excited about Saturday morning BodyPUMP @ the YMCA!! I already know the energy in that group fitness room tomorrow is going to be crazy! Ahhhhh, so PUMPED!


I’ll leave you once again with a Pinterest find that is absolutely so true

simple rules

~ KT