What a BEAUTIFUL day outside! However, I’ve become such a morning workout lover that I still opted for the gym at the YMCA this morning for my workout.  I shouldn’t have.  I should be outside at this exact moment running the back-roads of town because I LOVE that, too.  And because I seriously have to stop procrastinating runs since the INDY MINI is in nearly 2 months! Lately, running just hasn’t appealed to me.  I’m definitely one of those people who fall in and out of the running habit.  Once I start up and build my miles to about 6 or 7 I begin to LOVE it and can’t get enough of it – but once I take a break from it, I always find myself hesitant to return. 

Why? I think it’s because I don’t want to see how much of my endurance I lost during my break from it.  I think running is the best exercise to partake in that you can see results and changes in your body relatively quickly.  It is GREAT cardio and uses so many different muscle groups.  Ok, I’ll stop going on and on about it.  I’m just trying to PUMP myself up for the runs that await me, starting pronto! <—tomorrow would be excellent. But, you will notice your body shape changing after only about 2 weeks running, and it is a great change!  I was definitely in some of the best shape I’ve ever been in when I trained for the Indy Mini Marathon two years ago, so I’m hoping for those same results as I begin training this year! Whoop Whoop!

Speaking of working out…mine felt amazing this morning!  My new favorite machine is definitely the ARC TRAINER.

the arc trainer

I design my own Interval workouts & turn on my favorite tunes so I can lip sing the words to every song I listen to!  I bet the people in the gym think I’m crazy since I’m constantly mouthing the words to songs my entire workoutI just absolutely LOVE music, though! & cannot listen to a great song without singing along, EVER!

My Current “Let’s Get PUMPED UP!” Playlist includes these favs:

  • Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)
  • We Found Love (Rihanna)
  • Magic (B.o.B)
  • Raise Your Glass (Pink)
  • Super Bass (Nicki)
  • Where Them Girls At (David)

I also did some Elliptical today after eyeing the treadmill, thinking to myself “you should go run at least a mile or two to get back in the groove,” then turning the other direction and avoiding it.  I still managed to have a KICK-BUTT workout and felt so refreshed afterwards.  I’m guessing the total calorie burn would be about 850, give or take a few. I had these few things posted in my mind this morning in when I walked in the gym doors…and it must have helped! ~

Brings me to my next topic…what I added to my wish list today:


A watch that monitors your heart rate, calorie burn, and tracks your mileage for runs! I’ll hopefully be investing in one at some-point throughout my Indy Mini training.  I like to use things like this as “rewards” for when I meet a goal I have set for myself.  I find it motivates me to work hard daily so that I can achieve it and get the prize waiting for me!

Enough about runs and workouts…

Sophie and I decided to venture outside today for her first ‘leash experience.’   She loved it! I think we sprinted up and down the driveway 5 times! I snapped some pics of her first outdoor adventure to share with Gram and Graps tonight when they get home.

This is Sophie during the outdoor adventure:

granola and sophie 010      granola and sophie 006

And this is Sophie post the outdoor adventure:

pooped sophie 001

I think we may have done ONE TOO MANY SPRINTS! Hah!

I hope you all have an awesome Thursday and remember ~ ‘It’s all about being healthy!’ so make good food choices, get your exercise in, and feel good about yourself today & everyday.  We all feed off of one another, so when people see you making the change towards HEALTHY, they will be more likely to make a change, too! 

I will leave you with this little Pinterest find to keep in mind:

love the burn~ KT