Many of my weekday mornings include these three staples:  1. Xe Energy Drink for the workout 2. Banana ~ for post-workout 3. Blurps ~ also for post-workout snack when I get home.

feb22 022

When I get home from the Y & my workout, I always feel like snacking on something cold, so I’m usually reaching for a banana and eating blueberries straight out of the container.  I LOVE Blurps (what my sister and I call them).  Ann bought me that huge container from Costco and brought it to me this past weekend! A special thanks goes out to her, for sure!

Lunch consists of SHAKEOLOGY most days! Which if you haven’t tried yet, you should…because it is just pure AWESOME-NESS!

feb22 024           feb22 025  

Pre-mixed shake & Post-mixed shake pictures are above from today.  Isn’t that single serving Hamilton Beach blender just sweet?!  It is the most convenient piece of kitchen equipment I own!

Oh, and check out this pic…even Sophie likes SHAKEOLOGY! I sat my shake down on the floor at lunch today and she started licking my straw. Hah!

feb22 034

Silly Sophie eating SHAKEOLOGY


Since today was Ash Wednesday, I opted for mass tonight after I got off of work instead of staying there for my pre-planned cardio workout that.  I’m still not feeling the greatest (went to the doctor today, actually…to get some medicine to clear this mess up), anyways.  I am SICK & TIRED of being SICK! So probably best I didn’t go for an evening workout today anyways. 

Tonight = rest and recovery mode.

Today I spent all my driving time to and from the Y in silence thinking about the 40 days of Lent and what I would sacrifice and/or add to my life during these next forty days.  My sister and I must think alike, because I did not read her blog or talk to her before deciding on what I would sacrifice.  Then, I open my computer tonight and find that she is giving up snacking between meals!  I had decided during my drives today that my sacrifice should be NO snacking between meals / eating for reasons other than for needed nutrition or real hunger

I know I am guilty of doing so much mindless eating for no reason.  Which makes me SO MAD!  I’ve tried to get in the habit of asking myself, are you really hungry? or why are you eating this or that?  I can’t say I ask myself that every time, though.  However, that is going to be what I try to improve on over the next 40 days.  I know I made some comments on this in a previous post, but it has now become my sacrifice for lent. I will not eat or snack unless I am doing it for nutritional purposes (such as a post-workout recovery snack) or because I am truly hungry (meaning it is a designated meal-time). 

In addition, I am going to ADD in 5 extra minutes of extra prayer each day & 5 minutes of reading HIS WORD each day…something I don’t do on a daily basis, but feel I should to help my faith continue to grow.  Instead of putting extra “down time” into eating a snack that is un-necessary, I will put that extra time towards prayer. 

I had a wonderful co-worker bring to my attention a great point the other day ~  If 1000 people were to add in 5 extra minutes of prayer each day for 40 days, that is a total of 3,333 extra hours of prayers sent up for others in need.  Isn’t that AWESOME?! I think so.  I’ve decided to be one of those 1000 people, and I think you should decide to be one, too!

I’ll leave you with this pic of little Miss Sophie…so much for getting any computer work done!

feb22 009        feb22 010


Happy Hump Day & Hope you all have a Fantastic Thursday!