Today I planned to have Shakeology for my lunch after my morning workout (which you can check out under the WORK-IT OUTS Tab of the blog!) at the Y.  Plans changed.  Mom went to Noble Romans to have lunch with a co-worker today and brought home breadsticks!  They smelled so good and was exactly what I was craving after my workout since I had used up my carb stores.  Not that all bread is bad, because Whole Wheat bread is GREAT for you! but, Noble Roman’s breadsticks are NOT good for you.  They are made from white, starchy flour which has NO benefits for your body & causes your blood sugar level to sore or ‘spike’ quickly, then cravings follow when it begins to drop back down to normal.  Even though I know the breadsticks are not a healthy option, I still managed to eat THREE of them for my lunch today.  I made a little salad to go with them though, so I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty. 

Then, as if THREE breadsticks didn’t fulfill my carbohydrate needs for the day, I opted for quick and easy SUBWAY for dinner tonight when I got off work, since it 8:15 by the time I got off.  SUBWAY = a 6” turkey sub on Nine-Grain Honey Oat bread…yep, MORE bread.  I definitely ate more bread today than I normally do each day, and I also missed out on my Shakeology.  I didn’t experience any cravings tonight like I had anticipated.  I figured I would be craving sweets/chocolate since I didn’t have my Shakeology at lunch & because I had the white, starchy breadsticks.  I don’t feel very well tonight, so that may have something to do with the lack of cravings. 

I know I promised a GOOD post tonight, but I just feel so crappy and just want to crawl in bed and get better so I can have my energy back and not have such a sore nose from all the tissues I’ve been using.  So, the
“come-back” post will have to be delayed until tomorrow night.  Tonight, Sophie and I are off to bed early so I can get over this stupid sickness!!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Tuesday and KICK-BUTT workout at some point today!  If you didn’t, there is always tomorrow…which means another day to start a plan of action that involves EXERCISING on a regular basis. 

Believe it or not, but EXERCISE really is the BEST medicine.


~ KT