Tomorrow I am going to start trying super hard to get back into the swing of daily blog posts.  The last several weeks have been somewhat crazy around here, as I have a new member of the family now to take care of…Little Sophie (pics will be coming in tomorrow’s post).  She is a puppy & she is a HANDFUL!  I finally seem to have a little routine down, so incorporating blogging back into it will hopefully work out for me.  I have so much to fill you all in on & so much to keep you up to date on.  Example = the INDY MINI TRAINING has begun!  The race is the first weekend in May, so I best be gearing up for 13.1 miles over the next 2 months.  I’m super excited about it! and I’m also excited that this year another good friend of mine has decided to join Megan and I ~ which means Tiff, Megan & I will all be running side-by-side this year!! and many other friends I know are also going to be there for the excitement, so it should be an AMAZING mini-marathon experience!

I’m going to try to start up-dating my workout page daily so those of you who want to can keep track of the workouts I’m doing to prepare myself for the 13.1.  I’ve finally got a workout routine/schedule down, although a few change-ups will need to be made in the upcoming weeks to incorporate more running!  But still, I’m so happy to be back to WORKOUT mode full-time (almost a daily basis)!  However, this weekend was BREAK-time mode because I was super sick with zero energy.  Didn’t attend BodyPUMP on Saturday…and that says A LOT.  Ask anyone who knows me & they’ll tell you that I had to have been feeling pretty crappy to not go to Saturday morning BodyPUMP class! 

Well, I’m off to make my ‘TO DO’ list for tomorrow, and on it I am going to be sure to include “blog post.”  I’ll try to fill you in about the last several weeks in my post tomorrow. 

Sorry I’ve been away for such a long time….but I definitely hope to start writing on a regular basis ASAP!!


Speak Soon.